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The Monkey Trap

How did we get into this mess? When neoreaction slips into contemplative mode, it soon arrives a question roughly like this. Something evidently went very wrong, and most probably a considerable number of things.

The preferred focus of concern decides the particular species of doomsterism, within an already luxuriant taxonomy of social criticism. What common ground exists on the new ultra-right is cast like a shadow by the Cathedral — which no neoreactionary can interpret as anything other than a radical historical calamity. This recognition (or ‘Dark Enlightenment’)  is a coalescence, and for that very reason a fissile agglomeration, as even the most perfunctory tour across the ‘reactosphere’ makes clear. (The Outside in blogroll already represents a specific distribution of attention, but within three clicks it will take you everywhere from disillusioned libertarians to throne-and altar traditionalists, or from hedonistic gender biorealists to neo-nazi conspiracies.)

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Quote notes (#25)

Ace calmly brings a sense of proportion to a racialized IP controversy:

… let’s all take a deep breath: While Robin Thicke may have ripped off a single Marvin Gaye song, it’s not as if he dug up Marvin Gaye’s corpse, raped it, videotaped himself raping Marvin Gaye’s corpse, and then sold that rape-tape to the world and became a millionaire.


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