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Some time fragmentation is wholly predictable until Wednesday, in Ningbo (Zhejiang), due to an end of summer family break with berserk offspring. That was to have been compounded by computer crisis until the excellent IT guy at the hotel here sorted out what had seemed an insoluble connectivity problem. We’re at a beautiful Park Hyatt out at the edge of the town, done out in an aesthetic that mixes Jiangnan elements with the company’s cosmopolitan minimalism (rough textures, earth tones, and intricate landscaping seem to be consistent themes.) Our explorations of the city isn’t likely to amount to much, but there are a couple of cool things to report on over the  next couple of days. My expectation is something like the Hong Kong activity slump, but on heavy tranquillizers, so I’m throwing in a Chaos Patch to keep the wolves at the door.

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Rough Triangles Redux

Is it conventional wisdom yet?

ADDED: Peter Bergen at CNN: “Doing nothing will not be treated kindly by future historians writing in the same vein as Power.” (Every time you read that sentence you’ll get more out of it.)

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Zombie Hunger

The Psykonomist forwarded an extraordinary essay on the topic of popular appetite for Zombie Apocalypse, considered as an expressive channel for loosely ‘anarchist’ hostility to the state. Given the failure of Right-pole democratic initiatives to roll back — or even check — relentless government concentration and expansion, catastrophic ‘solutions’ emerge as the sole alternative:

Films and television shows have allowed Americans to imagine what life would be like without all the institutions they had been told they need, but which they now suspect may be thwarting their self-fulfillment. We are dealing with a wide variety of fantasies here, mainly in the horror or science fiction genres, but the pattern is quite consistent and striking, cutting across generic distinctions. In the television show Revolution, for example, some mysterious event causes all electrical devices around the world to cease functioning. The result is catastrophic and involves a huge loss of life, as airborne planes crash to earth, for example. All social institutions dissolve, and people are forced to rely only on their personal survival skills. Governments around the world collapse, and the United States divides up into a number of smaller political units. This development runs contrary to everything we have been taught to believe about “one nation, indivisible.” Yet it is characteristic of almost all these shows that the federal government is among the first casualties of the apocalyptic event, and—strange as it may at first sound—there is a strong element of wish fulfillment in this event. The thrust of these end-of-the-world scenarios is precisely for government to grow smaller or to disappear entirely. These shows seem to reflect a sense that government has grown too big and too remote from the concerns of ordinary citizens and unresponsive to their needs and demands. If Congress and the President are unable to shrink the size of government, perhaps a plague or cosmic catastrophe can do some real budget cutting for a change.

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Capitalism vs the Bourgeoisie

John Gray makes some telling observations about the debilitating practical paradoxes of the late-20th century right.

Summing up Thatcher’s outlook, [Charles] Moore writes of her “unusual mindset, which was both conservative and revolutionary.” It is a shrewd observation, but Thatcher’s reactionary nostalgia and revolutionary dynamism had something in common: the sturdy individualism to which she looked back was as much a fantasy as the renewed bourgeois life she projected into the future.

Once ‘sturdy individualism’ is dismissed as a fantasy, a horror story of some kind is the only imaginable outcome. If people are really too pathetic to take responsibility for their lives, what else could we possibly expect?

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Quote notes (#22)

SPLC target and DHS infiltrator Ayo Kimathi (AKA The Irritated Genie of Soufeese) going seriously off-message on:

Barack Obama – The First Openly Gay President

Larry Sinclair’s story of his sexual affairs with the Magic Mulatto are finally beginning to resonate with our people. As such, the once deified figure known as Barack Obama is losing favor among Afrikans. We are beginning to see him for the warmongering, “homosexuality” in Afrika promoting, Black genocide in Libya causing, white-sex degenerate mulatto, enemy to the Black Race that he actually is. With our sobering view of this sexually degenerate homophilic, poor excuse for a mulatto, we are better able to see his wickedness and the danger associated with the current push for white-sex among Afrikan people worldwide. This is one of the primary reasons he was “selected” as president. One of his primary jobs is to usher in the most devastating eugenics (the science of racial genocide) breakthroughs in history – the cultural enforcement of white-sex anti-culture among Black people. If successful, the Black Race will be destroyed.  

Selecting Barack Obama as president of the jewnited States of amerikkka was one of the most sophisticated and successful war moves that whites have made in the history of the world. Forget about the impact he had on the minds of the everyday Black people. I am ashamed to say that the “Black Nationalist” community was just as profoundly immersed in smiling Negro shine koonery as any slap-happy Negro on the corner. I know more than one Nationalist Brother and/or Sister who lost “lifetime” friendships because they didn’t support this flaming promosexual, “homosexual.”  This was a true demonstration of who the real committed Racial Nationalists are and who the sympathizers are. The sympathizers are the ones of us who were duped. And now that the truth is staring us in the face, it’s time for our people to do the right thing and organize against white-sex.

Is this what the auto-cannibalization of the Cathedral looks like? It’s a riot (or something).

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Beyond Belief

Sean Thomas on atheistic insanity.

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A Department of Homeland Security employee prepares for the future (via):

The Black Race has made many mistakes throughout the course of history – the greatest mistakes involving our interactions with white folks. We have allowed them to integrate into our societies and destroy almost every powerful Afrikan empire in history. Even today, we foolishly trust this sadistic race of devils who only seek to exterminate us from this planet. In our passionate love for the white race (our historical archenemy) we are desperately naïve and suicidal.  We love the very race that murders our babies, destroys our culture, and commits countless acts of genocide against our people worldwide.

The mistakes and poor decisions regarding integrating with whites are numerous and obvious to the informed, intellectually courageous Afrikan who respects and acknowledges truth.  Integration with whites has literally enslaved and/or killed Afrikan people in every corner of this planet where we exist. As a result of this reality and mounting white racial military momentum, a Black vs. white Race War is inevitable. The 21st century will either mark the return of Black resistance to white domination or global white-on-Black genocide leading to our complete extinction. Warfare is eminent [sic], and in order for Black people to survive the 21st century, we are going to have to kill a lot of whites – more than our christian hearts can possibly count.

(There might be a slight kerfuffle about this site, so I’d catch it while you can. If anything, it goes even further off the deep end as it proceeds, but it’s sane enough for government work.)

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Numbo Zhongo

What’s the Chinese obsession with numbers all about?

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Abstract Horror (Part 1)

When conceived rigorously as a literary and cinematic craft, horror is indistinguishable from a singular task: to make an object of the unknown, as the unknown. Only in these terms can its essential accomplishments be estimated.

To isolate the abstract purpose of horror, therefore, does not require a supplementary philosophical operation. Horror defines itself through a pact with abstraction, of such primordial compulsion that disciplined metaphysics can only struggle, belatedly, to recapture it. Some sublime ‘thing’ — abstracted radically from what it is for us — belongs to horror long before reason sets out on its pursuit. Horror first encounters ‘that’ which philosophy eventually seeks to know.

High modernism in literature has been far less enthralled by the project of abstraction than its contemporary developments in the visual arts, or even in music. Reciprocally, abstraction in literature, as exemplified most markedly by the extremities of Miltonic darkness – whilst arguably ‘modern’ — is desynchronized by centuries from the climax of modernist experimentation. Abstraction in literary horror has coincided with, and even anticipated, philosophical explorations which the modernist aesthetic canon has been able to presuppose. Horror – under other names – has exceeded the modernist zenith in advance, and with an inverted historical orientation that reaches back to the “Old Night” of Greek mystery religion, into abysmal antiquity (and archaic abysses). Its abstraction is an excavation that progresses relentlessly into the deep past.

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The Shape of Time (Part 2)

Second-stage Greer-probing at Urban Future.

Tangentially related — Greer asks: Why don’t astronomical observatories sell horoscopes? (It’s his distinctive version of prog. trolling).

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