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Reaction Points (#8)

Some odds and ends, semi-randomly assembled, and not necessarily new:

“As I adjust to blogging, I find that I’m struggling with time management,” Handle discovers, but he’s still running one of the liveliest places on the web. “Why has society become so incredibly inaccessible?” he asks. “Because it is hiding something. It is hiding the fact that you really don’t have any say or input or power in most of your affairs.” (A lot of opacity is strategic — and gratuitous — complexity. As if life wasn’t inherently complicated enough, the Brahmins have chosen to set up and run a truly brutal conspiracy against dim people.)

The shutdown challenge for the GOP: “The republican party has a big problem: How to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.”

‘Moderated’ to death: “… the opposite of creative destruction is stagnation. The ‘Great Stagnation’ is the logical consequence of an economic environment where both job creation and destruction are falling.”

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