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T-Shirt slogans (#4)

My Dark Enlightenment / horrorist T-shirt suggestion:

You don’t want to see this

(Prompted by Alrenous)

ADDED: Alrenous suggests (in the thread below) — Dark Enlightenment. You just don’t want to know.
‘Know’ is definitely superior from a technical point of view, but I’m still caught up in the quasi-cinematic drama of media sensationalism.

(… and tinkering with the initial offering, I’m wondering whether it’s worth the extra word to go to: You really don’t want to see this.)

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Quote notes (#48)

Mass idiocy diagnosed at AoS:

Give a man a fish, and he’ll eat for a day.

Teach a man to fish, and he’ll eat for a lifetime.

Give a man a Cult of Fish, which talks a lot about the Wonders of Fish and the cult-leaders’ ability to provide fish to all who want them (despite not doing so), and then he won’t mind that you’re not giving him any fish or teaching him how to fish either.

Because you’ve given him something better. You’ve given his empty life a semblance of meaning, and you’ve given his incoherent and craven thoughts some structure.

And he’ll thank you for that forever. Even though, still, no fish.

He’ll blame the Cult’s list of approved devils for the lack of fish, and he’ll praise you for your wondrous intentions to provide fish.

Or at least your determination to talk a lot about fish.

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