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On to 2014

If you’re reading this, you’ve strayed into my appreciation zone.

Massive thanks to everybody who has made the last year such a hotbed of occurrence. 2013 was truly extraordinary — I’ve never known a New Year birthed among such overflowing gratitude. If 2014 doesn’t shake the earth, we’ll be answerable to something. The boost-stage that set the trajectory was certainly working just fine …

I won’t make a serious attempt to express my delight in the last year’s visitor commentary here, because rapturous sobbing is unbecoming. It’s been simply dazzling, and everyone knows it has made this place. Whatever it is that leads people to think here, rather than to signal, I can only hope it continues.

I’m allowing myself up to (roughly) the Chinese New Year for some substantive 2014 prognoses.

May 2014 carry you beyond limits you never expected to traverse.

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