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Lewis on NR

Matt K. Lewis, in The Week, shows that a critical appraisal of Neoreaction really doesn’t require hysteria. (The second half of the article is especially impressive.) If the custodians of Cathedral orthodoxy don’t find a way to punish him for his sobriety, this piece could set a new standard for public discussion of the anti-democratic right.

… these movements tacitly accept that conservatism as a political force is utterly incapable of slowing the leftward march of liberalism. By definition, conservatives, who want to conserve the good things about the past, are always playing defense. When you consider that many of my conservative views aren’t terribly different from John F. Kennedy’s views in 1960, this becomes self-evident.

Can this degree of honesty be allowable?

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Roughened Chan

To mark the dawn of the new Aeon, the Reactionary Koans of Master [*Unspeakable*] have been scrupulously collected by Nick B. Steves. The path to Dark Enlightenment has never been more exactly (or obscurely) illuminated.

My own favorite:

I walked to Master Moldbug but the road was too long. I visited master Jim and he hit me with a stick.

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Quote notes (#54)

While on the theme of finessing the ‘no enemies to the right’ mantra, some back-to-basics essentials from Angry White Dude:

Who does the Republican establishment view as it’s biggest threat? The socialist Democrats hell-bent on destroying America? A foreign power? No, the Republican establishment views the Tea Party as their enemy number one. It should. The Tea Party movement is the traditional, conservative wing of what’s left of the Republican Party. Which is why the movement is despised by the Repub elites. The only group that hates the Tea Party movement worse than the mainstream propaganda media or the Democrats is the wussypants Republican Party. The GOP establishment doesn’t want change in Washington. It wants the status quo. With them in power, of course.

… and the main conclusion, in a nutshell:

The only way America can survive and turn this sinking ship around is the total destruction of the GOP elite leadership.


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