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Scrap note #2

Nydwracu (twittering) describes the MSM’s recursive regurgitations of the previous week’s neoreaction creep-out as “the human centipede” — sheer genius.

ADDED: The Centipede.

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Scrap note #1

The Dark Enlightenment needs to keep its message to the mainsream ‘right’  as simple as possible, because it is dealing with people who have let chronic dishonesty lay waste to their powers of organized cognition. The point I would most like to see addressed is this: “Over two centuries of historical experience strongly suggest that you only exist to facilitate the triumph of the Left, have you any response to that? (And if not, do you seriously expect to dominate the right pole of the political spectrum indefinitely, i.e. to prevent anything from deterioration leftwards ever happening?)

I’m not holding my breath.

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