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Chaos Patch (#9)

Having received a request for a new Chaos Patch (“because ferrets”) I will immediately comply.

(Try not to go too insane. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law (roughly speaking).

I’ve got nothing right now, except to say that I greatly enjoyed Dallas Buyers Club, which might (hopefully) outrage some people.

… and one more thing, anyone looking for a hit of something seriously alien could take a look at this, from Planet Communism, recommended to me (by Javier) over at the nice place. I’m already hooked. A taste:

How can we justify the destruction of the capitalist mode of production by the proletariat? This cannot be done in a narrowly economic context. Marx never faced this problem because he was absolutely certain that the proletarians would rise against capital. But we have to confront this problem if we are going to emerge from the impasse created by our acceptance of the theory according to which the production relations come into conflict with the development of the productive forces (forces which were postulated to exist for the human being, since if this were not the case, why would human beings rebel?) If the productive forces do not exist for human beings but for capital, and if they conflict with production relations, then this means that these relations do not provide the proper structure to the capitalist mode of production, and therefore there can be revolution which is not for human beings (for example, the general phenomenon which is called fascism). Consequently capital escapes.

ADDED: Getting fangy with #Accelerate (just in case anybody here cares about communism today).

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Reaction Points (#10)

Dark Matter joins the stable of scarily professional NRx online journals.

This is still my candidate for the most important thing happening right now. (Unless you count this (or of course this))

John Derbyshire: “When I read news from the country of my birth, the emotions I experience (with rare exceptions) are disgust, horror, and despair.” + Sailer on Handle at VDare. ++ Singapore and HBD.

… and speaking of Handle: “… what do you call it when you have plenty of clever, motivated people who are pretty good at coming up with creative and novel ways of attacking the same impossible problem, and who can make fame and fortune for themselves regardless of actual results, yet are unable or unwilling to ever acknowledge that the problem itself is insoluble by its very nature because such acknowledgement is taboo? […] You call it, ‘America’.”

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T-shirt slogan (#9)

This is a little too long to put on a T-shirt, but it’s too perfect to leave off. (I’m going to be flogging it so hard.)

I will not hold valid what has been done because of fear

(via (via @waynecolvin))

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