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Chaos Patch (#48)

(Open thread + links)

Absolutely right. Spandrell on babies. The price of wealth. NRx — and ethnonationalism, as heresy, excessively Nietzschean, needs to learn from Opus Dei, is too negative (for instance!), but it’s still interesting. A Frankensteined future. Compromise is surrender. Apology for collapse. A miscellany of Moldbug quotes. Fragged Friday. Meta (1, 2, 3, 4).

Clash of civilizations. The sneaky Chinese plan to avoid world war. Mining bitcoin in China (video). Don’t give up on America (it’s not Venezuela or Greece).

Two paths to civilization. Really, g is “substantially heritable”. What inclusive fitness means. Gene-culture coevolutionary theory. Collectivity and contagion. Some gentle transhumanist satire.

Cockroach personalities.

Emergent AI. (It needs to be saved.)

White flight in Cyberspace. Derb on white ID. Delights of diversity in France. Africa is the future.

Introducing Revolvr. Darkleaks.

A defense of hyperinflation phobia.

The coming crack down (bring it on).

Dugin and Heidegger.

Silicon Vally should listen to losers (and serve them). Queering agriculture: ” … the people running the humanities today are no longer the guardians of our culture, but its nemesis.”

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