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The diagnosis is the easy part:

A fundamental question has troubled European unification since the Treaty of Rome in 1957, writes Thornton: “What comprises the collective beliefs of and values that can form the foundations of a genuine European-wide community? What is it that all Europeans believe?

“Europe and its nations were forged in the matrix of ideas, ideals, and beliefs of Christianity, which gives divine sanction to notions like human rights, the sanctity of the individual, political freedom and equality. Today across Europe Christian belief is a shadow of its former self.

“Fewer and fewer Europeans regularly go to Church. … It is common for many European cathedrals to have more tourists during a service than parishioners. … This process of secularization — already well advanced in 1887 when Nietzsche famously said, ‘God is no more than a faded word today, not even a concept’ — is nearly complete today, leaving Europe without its historical principle of unity.”

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Hardcore trolling from Dalrymple:

It is time for positive discrimination in favour of the unintelligent. Why, after all, should the intelligent (give or take a few professional footballers) have all the best incomes? […] It would be easy to bring about social justice in this respect. All we should have to do is administer IQ tests to applicants for well-paid positions and grant those positions to people with IQs of between, say, 80 and 100. There is no need to go to extremes by sacking the intelligent, natural wastage will do. Positive discrimination in favour of the dim will eventually bring about a juster demographic profile of the elite. […] To those who reply that they would not want to be operated on by a stupid surgeon, I can only reply that social justice is social justice, and not good surgery. The achievement of such justice requires that we all be prepared to make sacrifices for it: a botched operation is a small price to pay for the satisfaction of knowing that surgeons are demographically representative of the population as a whole.

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