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Chaos Patch (#53)

(Open thread + links)

Universalism can really mess you up (closely related). Celebrating intersectionality. The case for moralizing gods. On the separation of property from violence. Hurlock has had enough? SoBL searches for his spot. Alrenous trawls himself. Yuray on Nrx. Against usury. Google’s Left Singularity. Comfort kills. Peak peace? The chain of being. Metarounds.

“As a political system, modern bureaucratic democracy exists to suppress volatility, which is to say to suppress the flow of accurate information about real conditions in society, which must come through dynamism and variation.”

When depressions last cured themselves. The distributism debate. The golden rule.

A full 20% of Americans don’t even think there’s going to be an apocalypse.

Propertarian convergence continues. Will the Anglosphere eat Europe?

Churchill’s dark side. Racistest of them all. White-on-black violence. Why conservatives are scared. Millennials aren’t cooperating with the narrative. The Hitler brand.

Designer babies (and see this). PIE kinship. Pinker exposed. No awkward questions please.

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