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This strikes me as exactly right:

The Labeling is sort of like using the magic word NI on “conservatives”, because after being called racist, sexist, or some sort of “phob”, the “conservative” starts groveling, and abandoning the debate at hand, proceeds to prove his street “social justice” cred to his leftist masters (Oh yes my most high and precious masters, I adore minorities and diversity, and worship at the altars of Womyn and Molok and Kaos and Demos and I fully partake in all the sacraments of Great Progressivismâ„¢, just remember how many times have you seen X apologizes for Y, or I’ve got nothing against Z, my friends/family members are Z, or H are the real Z-ists). On the other hand, leftist that meets a neoreactionary, whether online or offline is terrified (so much it seems, that word ‘neoreactionary’ has become a new label), despite actual power and influence of Neoreaction being less than null (and the power of the Left total). The scare comes from Neoreaction’s memetic immunity. Neoreactionary is immune to the Labeling, in fact, for a neoreactionary it is a badge of honor, and therein you can imagine the terror of the leftist when his weapon not only doesn’t work on his enemy, but actually strengthens his enemy.

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