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Political Correction

It’s increasingly hard to find anybody of even moderate articulacy (other than professional propagandists / unapologetic communists) with a kind word for democracy these days. Marc Faber, it turns out, hasn’t. Here he is in conversation with the (re-animated) Daily Bell:

Marc Faber: I hope so, but this is one of the problems of democracy, that you have dynasties, and so I’m increasingly leaning to the question whether actually democracies function nowadays.
Daily Bell: Indeed, it would be hard to find a functioning democracy. Can you point to any at this point?
Marc Faber: That I don’t know but everybody thinks that every dictator is evil. In Asia, we’ve had very fast growth in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore under non-democratic regimes. Even today in Singapore you have some kind of democracy but not a true democracy. In Hong Kong we don’t have democracy; it hasn’t ever been there for the last 150 years. […] I don’t know. I’m just saying that to sit there and say democracy is the best system in the whole world is maybe not the correct view.

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