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Chaos Patch (#54)

(Open thread + links)

Sovereignty and legitimacy (NIO’s Schmittian meditations continue). Neoreaction and nihilism. A necessary absurdity. Semantic communion. Selective warfare. Leftists of the right, and corporate leftism. Sustainable virtue. Questioning the Puritan thesis, and nationalism. Colonialism‘s bad rap. SRx stuff. The epistemic damage of distrust (and trust). On soft revolution. Diversity and social capital destruction. Yuray and Brinker on the Anissimov book. Fragged Fiday. Secession trawl (related). New blog (and also … this). Weekly round-ups.

Indubitably: “The truth is that the Dollar is strong this time around not because the U.S. economy is booming but because Europe and Japan (the [largest components] of the Dollar Index) are intent on crashing their currencies” (via), and more (on the “deflationary tide”).

“America’s Middle East strategy is what exactly?”

Alexander reviews The Machinery of Freedom.

The Razib Khan affair (1, 2, 3, 4). Hood on the ‘hood. Cathedral auto-cannibalization watch (1, 2, 3). Hate central. Facepalm fodder.

The meaning of Soumission.

An arms race to AI. Cybersecurity chat.

Patterns of Pi.

Critique. Elements of life. The Cathedral.

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