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Sentences (#12)

ZH notices demographic self-abolition. The problem is construed more narrowly and economistically than is typical in the reactosphere (“There are consequences to conjuring money out of thin air. There are consequences to destructive policies. […] So destructive in fact that …”), but still:

central bankers and politicians even have the power to make a population disappear.

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The Black Gate

Rod Dreher writes in The American Conservative:

I hope Christians will read the Kahneman-Harari interview closely. This is the future. If you are not part of a church community that is consciously resisting this vision, then your children, or at best your children’s children, will be lost to the faith. There is no thought more corrupting to the human soul than the Serpent’s promise in Eden: “Ye shall be as gods.”

Here‘s the thing itself. Among much thought-provoking material:

[Hariri:] … generally speaking, when you look at the 20th century, it’s the era of the masses, mass politics, mass economics. Every human being has value, has political, economic, and military value, simply because he or she is a human being, and this goes back to the structures of the military and of the economy, where every human being is valuable as a soldier in the trenches and as a worker in the factory. […] But in the 21st century, there is a good chance that most humans will lose, they are losing, their military and economic value. This is true for the military, it’s done, it’s over. The age of the masses is over. We are no longer in the First World War, where you take millions of soldiers, give each one a rifle and have them run forward. And the same thing perhaps is happening in the economy. Maybe the biggest question of 21st century economics is what will be the need in the economy for most people in the year 2050.

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Twitter cuts (#12)

Inaccurate, sadly, but still probably worth stealing. (Also meriting a quick glimpse.)

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Quote note (#152)

Blasts of sanity on immigration from Ed West (snippetized):

Even if the number of British emigrants equals the number of newcomers, there is a social cost to migration. Few argue about the social aspect because opponents of change know it feels unpleasant and racist and supporters understand it’s widely unpopular; so instead the former and latter both focus on economics and European immigration, a proxy debate of lesser importance in the long term. […] Migration statistics therefore do not necessarily reflect what people fear about migration. Firstly the question of net migration is partly irrelevant, since in one sense Britain has a problem with emigration, and the large number of highly skilled Britons leaving the country is disturbing.

… there are significant differences in migration from rich and poor countries. It would be far more useful if immigration statistics were broken down into movement from developed, developing and less developed countries. As I have previously stated, there is no such thing as an ‘immigrant’, and lumping them together makes no logical sense. […] … Immigration from Germany is an economic benefit and brings virtually zero social cost, and the flow of movement runs both ways (more Brits are on benefits in Germany than vice versa); so why bother lumping migration from Germany in with, say, Pakistan or Bangladesh where migration is almost entirely one-way and the risk of ghettoisation and other social costs is high[?]

… the social cost is underplayed because much of the Conservative Party belongs to a sort of Utopian Right on migration, believing what matters is whether an immigrant (economically) contributes to the country. […] Actually what matters is what his or her children and grandchildren do, since this is where the problems of alienation really begin. …

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Dark Darwin

If this isn’t the best thing Sailer has ever written, it’s right up there, close to the summit.

Darwin’s ascension in recent decades to his current role as the saint of secularism might raise obvious questions about liberal dogmas, such as the impossibility of hereditary differences having evolved among human races. But those seldom come up, because progressivism has evolved a bizarre yet apparently reassuring theodicy reminiscent of Zoroastrian dualism, in which Ahura Mazda represents all that is good and Angra Mainyu all that is bad. […] Similarly, Charles Darwin has come to epitomize everything that a proper progressive should believe, while Darwin’s younger half-cousin Francis Galton embodies crimethink.

The stream of thoughts and information that then flows from this initial insight is truly remarkable.

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War of the Worlds

I’d hold this back until Frightday if I had more impulse control. Via VXXC, the original (Halloween 1938) Orson Welles War of the Worlds radio broadcast. As an experiment in abject public submission to media reality construction, it takes some beating.
“There’s really nothing they won’t believe, is there?”
“Apparently not. Carry on …”

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Zombie Sim

Be prepared.


(Some commentary.)

ADDED: Mathematical modelling of zombies.

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JayMan chips in (succinctly and lucidly) to a familiar topic (or, perhaps, two):

“New England was not swamped with immigrants because these people were particularly simpatico with the original Puritan settlers.”

Post Civil War New England, no. But assortative migration has been powerful (see previous link) and continues on to this day.

You know, your general trope of modern SWPLs not being the descendents of the Puritans doesn’t actually hold water. A simple comparison of both genetic and self-reported ancestry (again aforementioned link, partially supplied by you) shows that Democratic voting Whites are only found in areas Puritans settled. British ancestry backs it up. See also The Myth of the Expanding Circle or You Can’t Learn How to Be an English Vegetarian | Staffan’s Personality Blog.

Now, in New England, some of that genetic British ancestry is Scottish, as opposed to English ancestry. I think we can be fairly certain the Scots aren’t the ones pushing things Left.

Sure, today’s SWPLs are heavily admixed with other groups in addition to their Puritan roots. And sure, small numbers of liberals are found everywhere. And sure, not all Puritan descendants vote Left (e.g., Mormons – but they have been specially selected). But today, the consistent Blue states are found only in areas which have Puritan (as well as Scandinavian, and possibly Quaker) descendants. It does limited (some, but limited) good to compare their attitudes 200-400 years ago with current ones – all groups have undergone considerable change during that time (the moral circle expanded to fill its genetic potential). You also can’t blame it on the Jews because A) there’s not that many of them B) their putative influence resonates with some and not others, putting us back to the original problem.

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Sentences (#11)

Alrenous (here):

Interpret America as damage and route around it.

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Chaos Patch (#51)

(Open thread + links)

City-state innovation and its obstacles. Zioreaction? (Also relevant.) VDare does Spandrell. Venezuela lights the way. Can’t NRx be a little nicer? (See also.) Doing the impossible. ‘Kill the Kulaks’ (audio version). Sexual divisions. “… the so-called Neoreaction” (was well introduced). Fleeing distraction. Round ups.

Left auto-cannibalism watch. A far superior kind of cannibalism. How liberal and conservatives differ. Dark policing. Biafra and the left (from 1969). Long and short of the Greek mess. War readiness. Culture clash. The Dragon rises.

Alan Greenspan: Horrorist. The theater of fiat.

Who lost the Internet? The blockchain is Bitcoin. Subtleties of the Firewall.

The problem with ethnic genetic interests (don’t miss the comments). Malthusianisms. The Seneca cliff. The S (or socioeconomic) factor in China (some background). Historical speculations on Ashkenazi kinship. More on wheat-versus-rice farming (gateway drug to HBD crime-think?). Tribe building. African genetic diversity. Cliodynamics.

Puritan roots of republicanism. Old style Confederate Austrianism. Strossian futurology. Medieval modernists.

A (wide-ranging) West Hunter reading list (from December). Kek.

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