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Chaos Patch (#64)

(Open thread + links)

Order is hard (plus). The Camp of the Saints gets real. P2P blogging. SoBL coming to Social Matter. Are you open-minded? Unwanted agency. Small government. What if it doesn’t happen? Anomalies. Too much good stuff at The Future Primaeval to list (it’s also now looking almost unbearably cool), plus relevant audio. Friday frags. Weekly round ups.

Narco-socialism. Islamic Vortex gnaws Saudi Arabia. SA is toast (plus). Ireland leads the way. Security commercialization in Nigeria. Shale oil’s deep momentum. Huntington versus Fukuyama.

Web security is broken. Democrats don’t get Silicon Valley. Automation.

Ideological oddities in the UK (plus). Also, some mainstream insight.

WASP rule. Re-Colonization and Future Orientation. Where public policy misses biology. Where Pinker got lost. Religion and morality (topologically related). The death of trust. America’s secessionist DNA.

How to disagree.

Murray on David Hackett Fischer. Steves reviews Every Cradle is a Grave. Gottfried on Lind on disintegrated America. Clark on Mad Max. Latest excerpts from the Latter Day Pamphlets.

The Chinese Strategic Tradition (1, 2).

Hare Krishna founder was a Hindu shock.

Salon bursts a blood vessel.

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Quote note (#167)

Jack London on Gnon (from ‘The Law of Life’):

He had been born close to the earth, close to the earth had he lived, and the law thereof was not new to him. It was the law of flesh. Nature was not kindly to the flesh. She had no concern for that concrete thing called the individual. Her interest lay in the species, the race. This was the deepest abstraction old Koskoosh’s barbaric mind was capable of, but he grasped it firmly. He saw it exemplified in all life. The rise of the sap, the bursting greenness of the willow bud, the fall of the yellow leaf — in this alone was told the whole history. But one task did nature set the individual. Did he not perform it, he died. Did he perform it, it was all the same, he died. Nature did not care; there were plenty who were obedient, and it was only the obedience in this matter, not the obedient, which lived, and lived always. … He also was an episode and would pass away. Nature did not care. To life she set one task, gave one law. To perpetuate was the task of life, its law was death.

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Exit Pressure

It’s impossible to tell anything from this story about the effectiveness of exercising an Exit Option. It should be expected, anyway, that the option itself does the work, even if pulling the trigger has to contribute to the general credibility of virtual exodus.

As an exemplary case, however, it would be hard to beat. From the statement by Preston Byrne, of eris:

If [the Communications Data Bill] is passed into law, we are likely to see a mass exodus of tech companies and financial services firms alike from the United Kingdom. We are happy to lead the charge. […] In keeping with our promise in January to leave the country if the Conservatives were returned to power with this policy on their legislative agenda, we have promptly ordered all of our staff to depart from the United Kingdom and to conduct all future development work abroad. […] Additionally, with immediate effect, we have moved our corporate headquarters to New York City, where open-source cryptography is firmly established as protected speech pursuant to the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, until such time as we can be certain that the relevant provisions of the Communications Data Bill will be stricken from it (otherwise, we will reincorporate in America and continue our business here).

(To add a “Go eris” at this point could be reasonably criticized for redundancy.)

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Sentences (#21)

This paper, promoted by Bryce shortly before his mysterious disappearance, and now recollected by NBS, is definitely worth chewing over. In particular, this sentence generated a lot of Twitter excitement:

These children have IQs similar to Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo, etc., so the loss from unrealized potential is enormous.

There’s no society on earth that isn’t throwing it’s greatest resource into the trash, although the differences are almost certainly worth exploring.

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Great Decoupling II

The hushed question guiding the world:

“How much robotics escalation are we actually getting in exchange for those hamburgers?”

A (comparatively rare) XS prediction: The Great Decoupling is a transitional event that isn’t going away, and can be expected to accelerate. The ‘capital goods sector’ — today probably more reliably captured as B2B enterprise — has shifted to a permanently higher level of economic significance, indexing the secular decline in labor-power acquisition as a central resource requirement of automated capital. In strict reciprocal conformity with this, consumer goods production is steadily shedding its privilege as the ultimate justification for economic activity in general, and can be expected to undergo roughly continuous decline as a proportion of overall business activity.
Hail Mary Pass for status quo preservation: a basic income.
Cultural re-narrativization in compliance with the trend: the ‘new economy’ requires every individual to adopt a corporate identity. Tap into the B2B traffic, or drop out of the game.

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Labor Power

Squeezy: Getting on OK with the robot, Prolius?
Prolius: Totally. I’ve doubled my hamburger output for no extra work, and even a bit less hot-fat splashing.
Squeezy: Great. It looks like it should pay for itself in three months.
Prolius: The thing is though, Mr. Squeezy, as I see it, I’m due a substantial pay rise.
Squeezy: Sorry, help me out here a minute Prolius, why is that exactly?
Prolius: Isn’t it obvious? My productivity has doubled.
Squeezy: Your productivity?
Prolius: No doubt about that Mr. Squeezy. I looked it up. Labor productivity equals economic output over employment.
Squeezy: But I thought you’d just said the extra output is down to the robot?
Prolius: The robot doesn’t count, because it doesn’t have a labor contract.
Squeezy: There’s a bank loan.
Prolius: We’re in the Aeon of ZIRP. Debt is free forever now. So that’s irrelevant.
Squeezy: But what motive do I have to pay you more?
Prolius: Please, Mr. Squeezy, don’t be simplistic. I’m not just a worker with rapidly accelerating productivity. Far more importantly, I’m a consumer. If you paid me more, I could make a greater contribution to aggregate demand.
Squeezy: You’re saying, if I gave you more money, I could get some of it back by also selling you more hamburgers?
Prolius: You’ve got it. That’s how the economy works.

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Great Decoupling

Seen on Twitter:


What we’re seeing here is still open to a variety of very different interpretations. From the XS perspective (more Right Accelerationist than NRx on this topic) it is notable that escape-phase capital autonomization should look exactly like this. At a certain point, the machines are in this for themselves. It’s a complex maneuver to pull off within an Anthropoliced social history, but the break out appears to be unmistakably underway.

It’s important to note that ‘labor productivity’ is actually measuring machine auto-production within a legacy anthropomorphic metric. Correct for the complacent species vanity of that, and it immediately delivers far more informative signal.

ADDED: Directly on-topic.

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Chaos Patch (#63)

(Open thread + links)

Possibly an ‘Order Patch’ this week (we’ll see). The function of filters. Diasporic social capital. The role of the remnant. Fear of endarkenment. Hail harshness. Madmen melancholy. On inclusion. All publicity is good publicity (hmmm), relevant, plus monarchy stuff. Future Primaeval gets going. Friday fragments. The lightning round.

Murray is starting to scare people. Just wrong.

America’s mad Frankenstein foreign policy. The desert grows. Why the left loves Islam. Imprisoned assets. South Africa’s slide into the abyss. What sound government looks like.

Warring trendlines. Doomed Britannia.

Raspail’s vision.


Meta-processed twin data. Galactic collisions.

Alexander on AI risk and concern representation.

The history of racism. Black ice.

RIP John Nash.

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Derbyshire at the top of his game:

The whole climate change business is now a zone of hysteria, generating far more noise — mostly of a shrieking kind — than its importance justifies. Opinions about climate change are, as Greg Cochran said, “a mark of tribal membership.” It is also the case, as Greg also said, that “the world is never going to do much about in any event, regardless of the facts.” […] If we did do anything the effect would likely be puny compared to, say, a single major volcanic eruption. Mother Nature laughs at our climate change fretting. […] Consider ice ages for example, like the one we are currently living through.

Ice ages last for tens of millions of years. We don’t know how many there have been. Our planet is 4½ billion years old; we only have clear evidence of ice ages for the last billion years, in which time there have been four ice ages, covering a total of one-third of a billion years. In its “normal” condition — the other two-thirds — the Earth is ice-free all the way up to the poles. […] The present ice age started around 2½ million years ago. Our best guess is that it’ll continue for several million years more. […] Within this ice age there have been ups and downs. The downs are called “glaciations,” the ups — comparatively warm spells, like the one we are currently in — are “interglacials.” […] … The climatic changes here are sensational. At the peak of the last glaciation in 20,000 B.C., the pleasant suburb where I am writing this was buried under an ice sheet several hundred feet thick. It is possible that during one of the earlier ice ages, 700 million years ago, the entire planet was covered with ice, down to the equator.

The dwarfing of scientific concerns to media spin-cycle wavelengths has to be counted among the greatest vulgarizations of our age.

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As XS readers are most probably already aware, there’s an extremely intriguing experiment in authority taking place within the shadowy halls of NRx right now. The principal document, released by the Hestia Society, can be found here. It is succinct, sane, and merits careful digestion. Associated re-adjustments are noted in this More Right post, announcing a new home for “the Rationalist branch of NRx”, here.

In the absence of a formal foundation of sovereign property, a putsch is an entirely unobjectionable mechanism for the transfer — and in this case, more accurately, initial establishment — of social authority. The new inner council has been remarkably well-selected for sobriety and judgment (i.e., for what, in the English political parlance, is known as ‘bottom’). In both psychological and ideological respects, it incarnates a promise of sound government. The occasion for this development, as explained in the HS statement, is worth repeating here, due to the commendable lucidity of its diagnosis:

It’s become clear over the past year (mid 2014 to mid 2015) that “Neoreaction” is suffering a tragedy of the commons and lack of formal structure. Because no one has formally owned the #NRx brand, there have been a lot of territorial skirmishes, confusion about who’s in, who’s out, and who’s in charge, disruption of the interesting theoretical work, and bad behaviour lasting months or years that wouldn’t last days in a serious organization.

There are a great many, very interesting, theoretical questions remaining about the viability of any authoritative institution in the absence of definite disciplinary mechanisms. This blog will certainly be delving into such problems, in future posts. For the moment, however, something approximating closely to a declaration of fealty seems appropriate. From the Xenosystems perspective, the NRx brand has never been entrusted to safer hands.

ADDED: The Inner Council.

ADDED: Some background.

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