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Chaos Patch (#61)

(Open thread — just back from Xi’an, after delayed flight, and punchy as hell. I’ll plug some links in tomorrow.)

ADDED: What the DE is for. NRx vs. WN. Egalitarianism ruins everything. Triggered by Western Civilization. Untapped allies. Introducing Futurist Traditionalism, and democracy as disease. Dreams of right unity. Fragments. The weekly rounds.

At some point, Westerners will have to start recognizing that there’s less of a ‘we’ in this than we’re accustomed to thinking. Many Western countries aren’t going to make it. Many regions aren’t going to make it. Many religious groups aren’t going to make it. For small groups of men to solve problems, the problem space has to be shrunk down to a manageable level. Fixing the US isn’t possible; salvaging a portion of it is.

From general election to secession (1, 2, 3, 4). More Schadenfreude-flavored UK regime-continuity popcorn (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6).

Oil glut. Strategic alterations. Wall Street is broken.

Vox gets it (backwards). End-game for Assad?

Left auto-cannibalization watch. (The wholly intra-Islamic version is even more entertaining.) Boiling the Muslim frog.

Defending Wade in detail.

Fake depth.

A Gaudi appreciation. Beauty and fit. American beauty. Fear of the night.

Wolfe on the origins of Silicon Valley (classic).

A filtered future. Selective deregulation (left-style). Dindu Benankeism. Segregation and diversity. A fluffy take on polarization. Peak collapse (if the new millennium coughs up a more deteriorated story than this, things are even worse than I’d thought). Cry-bullies.

ADDED: A few links collected during the Xi’an trip, and today, have been spliced in.

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Quote note (#165)

The conclusion to a typically thoughtful, reality-infused Athrelon post:

Ayn Rand’s fantasy of Galt’s Gulch imagined a small number of natural aristocrats noticing that they kept the ungrateful world alive. Feeling their strength, they said “screw the peasants,” seceded from civilization, and the country began to collapse. The reality of the Weak Galt Hypothesis is that the peasants say “screw the aristocrats,” secede from civilization, and the country does not collapse.

(The ‘Weak Galt Hypothesis’ is shaping up as a remarkably solid NRx building block. See also this.)

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