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Chaos Patch (#62)

(Open thread + links)

They just can’t stop. The egalitarian end game. Neoreactionary achievements (0, 1, 2, 310). Insanity and nihilism. Jacobin dreams. Rights and rites. Against conservatism. Against antinatalism. Against economic ownership. Against the Gnostics. Against Kant and consumerism. (What a contrary bunch.) Contribute to the commons. Friday fragments. The weekly round.

Eugenics is coming. Climate dissidence.

A report from China. Who lost China (again)?

Gold rush (see also this).

Turf wars, and see also (1, 2, 3). Derbyshire on the UK circus (plus, fingers crossed). Knives out for Harper (1, 2). Well, this is embarrassing. Satanic materialism. Women forge ahead. Ancient Rome’s rotten elites.

The shadow of Szabo. Grizzle-punk. Briggs, on Pew, on religion (related).

Deep state commercialization (via.).

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