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Chaos Patch (#63)

(Open thread + links)

Possibly an ‘Order Patch’ this week (we’ll see). The function of filters. Diasporic social capital. The role of the remnant. Fear of endarkenment. Hail harshness. Madmen melancholy. On inclusion. All publicity is good publicity (hmmm), relevant, plus monarchy stuff. Future Primaeval gets going. Friday fragments. The lightning round.

Murray is starting to scare people. Just wrong.

America’s mad Frankenstein foreign policy. The desert grows. Why the left loves Islam. Imprisoned assets. South Africa’s slide into the abyss. What sound government looks like.

Warring trendlines. Doomed Britannia.

Raspail’s vision.


Meta-processed twin data. Galactic collisions.

Alexander on AI risk and concern representation.

The history of racism. Black ice.

RIP John Nash.

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