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Chaos Patch (#64)

(Open thread + links)

Order is hard (plus). The Camp of the Saints gets real. P2P blogging. SoBL coming to Social Matter. Are you open-minded? Unwanted agency. Small government. What if it doesn’t happen? Anomalies. Too much good stuff at The Future Primaeval to list (it’s also now looking almost unbearably cool), plus relevant audio. Friday frags. Weekly round ups.

Narco-socialism. Islamic Vortex gnaws Saudi Arabia. SA is toast (plus). Ireland leads the way. Security commercialization in Nigeria. Shale oil’s deep momentum. Huntington versus Fukuyama.

Web security is broken. Democrats don’t get Silicon Valley. Automation.

Ideological oddities in the UK (plus). Also, some mainstream insight.

WASP rule. Re-Colonization and Future Orientation. Where public policy misses biology. Where Pinker got lost. Religion and morality (topologically related). The death of trust. America’s secessionist DNA.

How to disagree.

Murray on David Hackett Fischer. Steves reviews Every Cradle is a Grave. Gottfried on Lind on disintegrated America. Clark on Mad Max. Latest excerpts from the Latter Day Pamphlets.

The Chinese Strategic Tradition (1, 2).

Hare Krishna founder was a Hindu shock.

Salon bursts a blood vessel.

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