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Sentences (#20)

remember that emotion, however righteous, can be the enemy of analysis.

(The wisdom of the analysis in this case confirms the maxim.)

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Villarrica @ Wikipedia.

(Via (Via))

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Rough Triangles III

Déjà vu time at XS, courtesy of the Mesopotamian death spiral, and Fernandez’s strategic framing. The background is important, and relates the topic to a wider question of conservation laws.

The collapse in the Middle East feels like Black April, 1975, the month South Vietnam fell [*]. And it should, because just as the collapse of Saigon did not happen in Black April, but in a political American decision to allow South Vietnam to fall after a “decent interval”, so also is the ongoing collapse rooted, not in the recent tactical mistakes of the White House, but in the grand strategic decision president Obama made when he assumed office. […] This is the plan. It would be crazy not to acknowledge it.

A humanitarian foreign policy is as much a hostage to dark humor as any other affront to Gnon. Hell doesn’t go away just because you don’t like it. So instead it slides diagonally in the only direction left open, from bloody (and incompetent) hegemonism into radically cynical catastrophe tweaking:

Deep in their hearts the Washington Post and the New York Times must realize they endorsed Obama precisely because they knew that when this moment came he would harden his heart and refuse to re-engage, except for show. Since this is the plan, the only effective strategy, the only sane thing to do is to accept the liberal gambit and continue it. […] The obvious continuation is not to dampen the sectarian conflict, but to exacerbate it to the greatest degree possible. America, like Britain in the Napoleonic age, should adopt the policy of supporting first one side then the other, or preferably both at once, so that the combatants inflict the maximum degree of damage on each other. […] … To a cynic, what follows next is quite simple: to be the winner stand back and watch while the Arabian peninsula, Levant and North Africa destroys itself. Take every opportunity to make it worse. Clearly a humanitarian catastrophe of unprecedented scale will result. Hundreds of thousands are already dead and millions of displaced persons are on the road. That will only grow in scale and number to millions of dead and tens of millions of refugees. Therefore steps like preparing to sink the people smuggling boats, as the EU is doing, are in order. […] If you can stomach it, it can work like a charm. […] The main problem with this strategy is that Obama may not be able to contain its effects. …

(For the Rough Triangles XS log, see 1, 2, 3.)

* Cited over-excitedly here, with walk-back here.

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Extreme Games

Greece’s Varoufakis doubles down on the Bart strategy.

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Chaos Patch (#62)

(Open thread + links)

They just can’t stop. The egalitarian end game. Neoreactionary achievements (0, 1, 2, 310). Insanity and nihilism. Jacobin dreams. Rights and rites. Against conservatism. Against antinatalism. Against economic ownership. Against the Gnostics. Against Kant and consumerism. (What a contrary bunch.) Contribute to the commons. Friday fragments. The weekly round.

Eugenics is coming. Climate dissidence.

A report from China. Who lost China (again)?

Gold rush (see also this).

Turf wars, and see also (1, 2, 3). Derbyshire on the UK circus (plus, fingers crossed). Knives out for Harper (1, 2). Well, this is embarrassing. Satanic materialism. Women forge ahead. Ancient Rome’s rotten elites.

The shadow of Szabo. Grizzle-punk. Briggs, on Pew, on religion (related).

Deep state commercialization (via.).

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Ex Machina

Half way through, and there’s already more than enough for an enthusiastic recommendation. (The utterly despicable Her already left twitching in the dust.)


Will report back upon completion.

(This trailer is a cultural treasure for the quotes alone.)

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Twitter cuts (#19)

ClarkHat on Gnon provides some classic fright-night material:

Continue Reading

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Royal Blessings

Neoreactionary Royalism builds upon a tradition of masterful public relations that dates back over three centuries:

Unfortunately George I couldn’t speak English. He had rehearsed a little speech to make when he landed in England, to reassure the English that he had come for the good of all. He got the grammar mangled though, and proclaimed: “I haff come for all your goods!”

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Quote note (#166)

Elizabeth Price Foley @ Instapundit:

Pope Francis has been dogged by accusations that he is sympathetic to communism. The Pope doesn’t help allay these concerns when he meets with Raul Castro, reinstates a Marxist “liberation theology,” vocally anti-Israel Nicaraguan priest who won the Lenin Peace Prize, invites a Peruvian liberation theology priest to speak, and hosts the World Meeting of Popular Movements, where he said attendees must unite ”against the structural causes of poverty, inequality, the lack of work, land and shelter, the denial of social and labor rights,” and confront the “empire of money.”

At a minimum, it seems Pope Francis is becoming very cozy with liberation theology, which is essentially a progressive/Marxist vision of Catholicism. A top Soviet bloc defector recently claimed that liberation theology was created by the KGB.

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Reality Boxes

Acknowledgement of a conservation law is typically a reliable indication of realistic analysis. There’s a notable example here (embedded in an important article):

In the past, individuals could suffer death or disability due to small genetic defects, for example in their immune systems, for which modern medicine now routinely substitutes and which welfare cushions. But even modern medicine and welfare have their limits. W.D. Hamilton stated that when the misery resulting from mutations grows too great to bear — for medical, economic or humanitarian reasons — the load will be reduced, either naturally or artificially — painfully through elevated rates of mortality, or painlessly through eugenics.
[My emphasis]

The slogan It’s going to happen one way or the other is engraved upon the gateway to the Temple of Gnon.

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