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Quote note (#172)

High-density insight from Sailer:

The core business of America, as historian Frederick Jackson Turner pointed out in 1893, has been settling frontiers, which he defined as regions of low population density. America’s relative lack of inhabitants was causally connected with its fame as the land of liberty. […] To this day, the same process goes on with Republican-leaning Americans constantly developing new terrain on the far edges of metropolises.

A vague but fundamental difference, noted at least since the Roman satirists, is that low-density locales see man striving against nature, while high-density cities encourage man to compete more with man for higher status. The former competition tends to be relatively objective, while the latter is more subjective. […] These distinctions shouldn’t be exaggerated, but they do map to some of the differences between red and blue America.

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Twitter cuts (#22)

Meta-clowning from the Duck:

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