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Twitter cuts (#22)

Meta-clowning from the Duck:

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Chaos Patch (#70)

(Open thread — while realizing that this isn’t really necessary, or justified, I’m putting it up out of ritualistic consistency.)

Forget Snakes on a Plane, how about twenty freaking hours on a train? Still, now we’re back on … (Feel free to remind me what we were talking about).

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Heading back …

… into some kind of triple cyclone system. Assuming that doesn’t keep the entire Outside in Supreme Executive Council locked-up in Doha for days, normal service will be restored in the near future …

As an aside: The political culture of the UK has deteriorated so absolutely into consensus socialism it’s scarcely comprehensible. The fact that certain automatic social mechanisms are keeping things (very approximately) on track only adds to the despair. This isn’t a society within a light-year of ‘waking up’. All memory of what waking up might be was burnt out long ago. Hitting bottom is the only imaginable way this ends.

ADDED: Probably should have noted, on the Zack front, that the whole of London was paralyzed yesterday by a tube strike. For UK residents that’s irritating, but understandable. Only a bizarre history of systematic capitulation to organized labor — i.e. communist social infrastructure — can make the situation intelligible.

ADDED: 14 hours on a standing-room-only train tomorrow should polish off one of the most delightful travel experiences in my relatively sheltered life.

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Crawling Roots

Even when you know they’re slow tentacles, seeing the video makes all the difference. (This simply has to be noted.)

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Chaos Patch (#69)

(Open thread + bring-your-own links)

Leprechaun Holocaust edition.

Suggested topics from this end (to be freely ignored):
* The second brain, fermented food, bacterial insurgency … (the China connections — soy sauce, stinky tofu, and congee pickle matrices — stand out). Bonus points for getting to Pickle Zombies.
* Crawling roots, which slither from the edge of Abstract Horror to the Mind of plants. Vegetable ‘intelligence’ appears to operate at a lower sentience frequency — which bounces attention across to the other end of the spectrum (into zones at least equally beyond us).

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Irish Disconnection

Internet access out here (somewhere so at the edge of who knows where that it doesn’t seem to have a name) is — unsurprisingly — terrible. The torn thread of continuity is going to depend upon scrounging bits of crummily-networked tech on an opportunistic basis. It’s more than likely, over the next few days, to get very dark.

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Quote note (#171)

Fernandez invests far too much confidence in conservatives, as usual, but this is still thought-provoking:

If the world that conservative Americans once cherished has diminished; it has not been as rapid as the shrinkage of the liberal universe. Both aspects of old world are dying never to come back. The post World War 2 era of Franklin Roosevelt has nearly run its course. The difference is that the conservatives are more aware of its passing and may become more active in building what replaces it.

A miniature representation of the crisis is being acted out in Greece where the left is embarked on a Battle Royale against reality. …

(Discussing the acute irony of Darwinian forces populating the world with creationists earlier this evening — it seems like very much the same thing.)

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