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Chaos Patch (#74)

(Open thread + links)

More AnCap tit-for-tat. Don’t lie (really). A dialog on morality. Abrupt denormalization. Your advice was gratefully received. When SJWs attack (plus, and related (I think)). On Left and Right. Saying ‘no‘ to socialism. Limits to the individual. Liberal Christianity (an appreciation). Answering idiots. The occult right. A Canon update. Goodbye (damn). The weekly round.

ISIS analyzed. An outside view of UK education (but it could be worse). More on the Murray plan. A WN case against Brexit (predictably, not persuasive here). A little Singapore gloating. New York on the skids (plus). Overheated claims. Campus jokers.

“… fracking has transformed the [oil] industry into something much more akin to manufacturing than resource extraction.” (Drawing from here.)

The underwhelmed-by-Coates squad (1, 2). Ethnic spats. Stereotypical trolley problems. We want diversity back. “In some form, a Eurafrican future is on its way.”

Six-letter DNA. ‘OK, but IQ doesn’t really have anything to do with intelligence.’ Political argument is pointless. English Submission. Continuing cuckoo squabbles (1, 2, 3).

Reflections on the A-bomb (1, 2), and on Watergate (1, 2). On Ibn Khaldun. Nietzsche’s legacy. Revisiting the frontier. Three speeches by Henry Wallace (1, 2, 3).

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