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Age of Independence

Don’t be distracted if (like me) you find the PUA antics ridiculous. Clarey’s argument here is important — and even an essential jigsaw-puzzle piece.

Maximally compressed: Left Mind-Control strategies depend upon the persistence of certain socio-economic realities that they are themselves profoundly subverting. It’s impossible, at one and the same time, to threaten people with expulsion from the mainstream economy and also destroy this same economy. Yet that paradox is where the SJW army makes its home. The consequence: the perverse production of a type of “man who has nothing to lose, and therefore nothing the SJW’s can threaten.”

The SJWs aren’t doing this on their own. A range of technological and economic developments are converging on the creation of a new, collapse-phase rugged individualism. The Left call it the ‘precariat‘ and insist that ‘neoliberalism’ is to blame. It doesn’t really matter, as far as Clarey’s point is concerned. The essential thing is the the hostage-holding presumption of SJW activism is not a reliable social fixture, and their own activities are hastening its disappearance.

The final irony Clarey points to, is the creation of a new entrepreneurial sector that lives, precisely, from the depredations of the SJWs. Their attacks constitute the basic pipeline of cultural raw-materials off which this little group survives — at once a source of content and a publicity machine.

While those on the dissident right discuss the Exit question, SJWs are busy pushing us off the gangplank. There’s only one attitude that makes any sense to those already bobbing among the waves: “Come on in, the water’s fine.”

Note: ‘SJW’ is not being used here as a slur, but only in its technical sense. It means something like ‘a Red Guard of the Cathedral’.

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