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Chaos Patch (#75)

(Open thread + links)

More on AnCap (referencing). Dictatorship and democracy. The future belongs to whoever shows up. Ironizing idiocracy. Waking up late (also, and). Degraded consequentialism. Chan island. Damn Yankees. Israel obsession. Occult thoughts, and ritual observations. Postage-stamp format Moldbug. An NRx reading list. Alt-right profiled (relevant). The weekly round.

Global economic chaos.

Culture wars in SF, the academy (viz), and Canada. Cuckoo droppings from the SPLC, NYT, with comment from SoBL, and a howl direct from the progressive id.

Why intellectuals hate capitalism. De Soto on Piketty.

Bitcoin lucidly explained (also notable 1, 2).

Delegitimation deepens. Urban polarization. Is a political crack-up coming? Euthanize the GOP.

Nightmare kids (really?).

The source of Europe’s refugee crisis. Black poverty is different. Death by altruism. The (crazed) case for rage. Far gone.

SA follows a Moldbug reading recommendation (SSC has been on a roll 1, 2, 3). Sarah Perry talks egregores (audio). Timing the end of humanity. The stimulus of mass extinction. Probability doesn’t get to causality (video). Guilt and the bomb (see also). The oil man.

Calibrating the Kali Yuga.

Varieties of multiverse. Octopus genome sequenced. The provocation of Crispr. Sexed brains.

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