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There’s a biblical blood moon omen hanging over September. Pure Satanism has conquered the culture of the West, to the posthumous laughter of the Mad Marquis. The Chinese economy is scaring people (a lot), and Tianjin just exploded. American “Recession Imminent.” Straight Outta Compton. Trump. Oil. Brazil’s economy is crashing even harder, and Russia is like a scene out of the Book of Revelation, with NATO and Russia rehearsing for war. (Still awaiting the India crisis news for the full BRIC meltdown). Germany is expecting 700,000 asylum seekers this year. “The international system as we know it is unravelling.” Googling ‘Middle East’ mostly turns up End Time prophecies, for understandable reasons (here‘s one secular story). Japan: “Be Afraid.” “The future of humanity is increasingly African.” There’s been a bomb blast in Bangkok, earth tremors in California. American race relations are falling off a cliff, probably because whites haven’t apologized enough yet, though some are trying. The UK has gone fascist (or something). Bitcoin is (needlessly) forking into the unknown. (Exotic and longer-term threats are a whole other story.) But the funny thing is …

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