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Twitter cuts (#26)

This is here for the AoS links.

I’ve been meaning to do a house-keeping post on commenting, and these remarks say most of what’s necessary. It obviously applies mostly to people who are the least likely to read it, so it’s necessary to be emphatic about the extreme appreciation I have for the core commentariat here, as well as many irregular commentators who make the blog what it is. That said, I’ve been acutely aware of my tendency to excessive liberalism in blog management recently, and also killing / gibbeting more abusive idiots than usual. That’s not going to stop, and will quite probably intensify.

As Ace remarks:

Your problems are your problems, and your problems alone; your emotional problems and angry outbursts will no longer be acceptable blog fodder here. […] If this blog is too fast for you — if people making arguments you might disagree with is just too painful for your mind to take — well, there’s lots of other blogs on the web; I suggest you try one that’s more your speed. […] We here are pretty good commenters, and pretty good at discussion and at repartee; we’re not going to be dragged down to a sub-moron level simply because that’s the only level at which a sub-moron feels he can participate … […] These are the rules, and they will be enforced. Adjust your behavior accordingly.

Disneyland with the death penalty” is the administrative model.

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Sentences (#22)

Three clotted together is stretching the category, but still. Here‘s Laird Barron:

Lovecraft’s vision interests me more than the particulars of that vision. In the sense that he looked past mythological horrors, and the modern horrors of writers such as Dunsany, I try to look past Lovecraft and into the essence of what provokes our fascination with cosmic horror. We’re all gazing into the same abyss. As it pertains to fiction, the biggest, constantly repeated mistake in contemporary horror is that most writers fixate on Lovecraft, or CA Smith, or Ligotti, and so on, instead of examining that radioactive core at the heart of everything.

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