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Chaos Patch (#77)

(Open thread + links)

Fifty years hence. An NRx tribe, and its buried roots. The start of a conversation? The terrible herd (also). Thoughts on abortion. Traditional Britain. The week in reaction (and don’t forget this).

Chinese geostrategy. The cryptic dragon, and its historical echoes. Global commerce visualized. Cheap oil and global disorder. A Venezuela update. Wolves in Bangkok? Schism in the Yakuza. Laibach in North Korea.

Limits of quantitative easing. Decentralized planning. Statistical discretion. The communist legacy. The story of our time.

NRO’s Kevin Williamson against the Trumperistas: “In The Duel, his account of the confrontation between Adolf Hitler and Winston Churchill, the great historian John Lukacs explores one of modern history’s terrible ironies: that even as the national socialists were defeated in Germany, national socialism became the world’s predominant political philosophy, albeit stripped of the cruelty and hatred that animated its German expression. ‘We are all national socialists now,’ he writes. Some models are a little more nationalist (Trump) and some are a little more socialist (Sanders), but both reject laissez-faire categorically. ‘Hitler was not the founder of National Socialism, not even in Germany,’ Lukacs writes, ‘but he recognized the potential marriage of nationalism with socialism, and also the practical — and not merely rhetorical — primacy of nationalism within that marriage. … He also knew that old-fashioned capitalism was gone; that belonged to the 19th century.’ Lukacs relates an episode in which Hitler was asked whether he would nationalize German industry. Hitler insisted there was no need: ‘I shall nationalize the people.'” (Despite the Godwin Ragnarok, it gets the history basically right.) Trump’s inheritance (also), and New Yorker coverage, with pushback.

Rise of the cultural libertarians (and a response). Non-suicidal libertarianism. Bitcoin-fork commentary (1, 2, 3). The Columbia fainting couch.

Christianity’s early history. Toxic compassion. On teleology. A jealous god. Realism in religion. Faith in the future.

Mystic cognition, and delirium without acid. Entropy for Bayesians. Quantum weirdness looking resilient. An exascale computer. Biology of morals. Apocalypse Neanderthal. Psychology’s reproduction problem (see).

It begins. More computer racism. Literary dynamite. Slavery gets a bad rap. Black-on-black. When book clubs attack. The NYT’s noticing problem. Obama didn’t help. A modest proposal. Henry Harpending, hate criminal. Genophobia.

A gay “sub-culture of death“.

Trouble at the Hugos (1, 2, 3, 4), but at least this came out of them. Victorian Hugos. The CIA and the literati.

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