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Meanwhile, in Paris

How could any society not want this type of enrichment to happen in its urban centers?


Uber-Chaos, apparently. [Or not.]

ADDED: Given the likelihood of time-pwnage here, ‘meanwhile’ should probably be read as ‘sometime in the 21st century’. It says Sept. 1 on the Youtube video, but that probably means less than I’d assumed. See (brief) comment by ‘Ano nymous’ in the thread below.

ADDED (from The New Yorker): To add a little gravitas.

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Guilt Projection

This machine breeds fascists.”

Given Jesse Benn’s repulsive indulgence in self-criticism on other people’s behalf, the riposte almost writes itself. It’s hard to see anything in the push-back that seems uncalled for.

Just to be clear: Speaking as a self-appointed representative for people you feel free to disassociate from at will is as annoying as hell. It’s hard for me to believe Benn is too stupid to see that, which leaves the malignant devious evil option.

If the West sees another mass outbreak of antisemitism, a plaintive “Why?” is going to look laughable. Benn’s ilk are why.

(You might want the other half of the proxy-masochism cognitive dissonance machinery. This (entirely non-obnoxious piece) is also well-worth a read.)

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