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Chaos Patch (#81)

(Open thread + links)

Dark to black. Cathedral maps (#1). Getting Buddhism right (viz). Cosmic cycles. Ego cults. Normalization. [Unauthorized information disclosure deleted.] The weekly round.

The crisis of Western authority. Re-industrializing America. Rules for cyberwar. Soros watch. Virtue signals. Hooked on crime. The monetary doom loop. The downward slide. Education proposals. Phase-change of the corporation. British military disgrace (1, 2).

Refugee catastrophe and opportunity. Europe’s crumbling elites. Chopping up Syria.

Left-side stories: Socialize the net (or in short). Bait-and-switch. “Let’s think in terms of Warm words and Cold words.” Read all about it.

Hoppe on Democracy, De Civilization, and Counterculture (video). The myth of market failure. Defending self-interest.

The Bitcoin computer. Quantum crypto-conundrums.

Hydro-theology. The Pope’s bargain (see also). Demystified beauty. “A general factor seems confirmed. I hereby dub it general religious factor (GRF).” Murder systems. Human turbulence. Why doesn’t Dawkins respect the Left’s human shields?

Techonomic tipping points.

Languages of the (near) future.

Genetics of empathy. Time-keeping proteins. Synbio update. The Mouse Utopia experiment. Visions of Pluto (and more). Climate of uncertainty (contra).

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