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Chaos Patch (#83)

(Open thread + links)

Division of power. On theonomy (relevant?). Hitler proliferation. Existentialist hell (+ if you need another reason to read Amerika). Getting Dampier into trouble (1, 2, 3). Origin of pro-social institutions. Time preference. Neocolonial on exile and fealty. Credibility problems. Strange loops. The weekly round, and doom.

Scruton interviewed. Unpopular libertarians. Demo-politics of ZIRP.

Too big to fail. The politics of immigration catastrophe (1, 2). Hitting the buffers. Extrastatecraft (is happening). Jews and modernism. The end of empire.

Diversity in tech is a nonstory. Irritable Asians in America. You can’t say that!

The absolute mathematics of life. The future of human evolution. Ethics of human intelligence enhancement. Cosmic reproduction strategies. Synthetic biology. Water, an appreciation.

Milo being Milo.

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