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Chaos Patch (#85)

(Open thread + links)

On functioning nations and Urbit (also). Brain damage. Sin. Jews. The weekly round.

Dry-run for dictatorship. The multi-cultural defense against socialism (and the feminist one). White power. Asians in the age of microaggression (note). Revolution comes around (also, and also). “We cannot apologize enough.” The IRS @ work. What are British values? Idiocracy watch. Still closing. Correcting the Net. Who wants equality? Caplan being Caplan. Pagan revival (with a Girard twist). Ideology on the big screen.

“… rational people simply ignore their reports. […] This is a sad state of affairs, but it is, of course, the equality-theorists who are chiefly to blame for bringing it about. For they have created in recent years a climate of feeling in which many men are afraid to deny the equality-theory openly, and even ashamed to doubt it inwardly. Hence the phenomena which are now so observable, of hypocrisy, self-deception, and pious fraud: those invariable concomitants of a militant religion. … our contemporary equality-theorists are in fact (as I have hinted several times), religious rather than rational in their attitude to evidence.” Some data. A tale of two sisters.

Canada veers left. European hate maps. Sweden’s agony. Those awful Saudis on the road to bankruptcy (bonus). Decolonization continues. ‘Creepy‘ China and its problems.

“And, yes, I realize that by shining a light on this nonsense, I’m contributing to the very amplification I’m talking about here.” (It’s upsetting.)

A Carlota Perez walk-through. A unified theory of crime. A unified theory of social machine logic.

The quantum stack. Fermi paradox intensification in space and time. Cometary alcohol. The anatomy of intelligence and the Internet. The intractable brain. Contesting the gap. For all your periodic tables needs. “Ebola was a warning we have yet to heed.” Puppy-sized spiders. Paramecium video.

“… it became clear that like the environmental movement itself, climate change had been hijacked and turned into the usual revenge-against-the-more-competent agenda of the left, involving first-world nations limiting themselves so that more numerous third world nations could pollute.” Trustless climatology.

Tumbling paywalls.

Gottfried (on Mehring) on Schmitt. Roosh on Kaczynski (plus). Antinatalism. The BuzzFeed monster. Stoicism.

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A statement to be preserved for the fascinated scrutiny of generations yet unborn:

I am experimentally tabooing the words “neoreaction”, “neoreactionary”, and “NRx” in this blog’s comments effective immediately. It’s emotionally charged and politicized in a way that I think potential substitutes aren’t. I got my first exposure to far-right ideas from the neoreactionaries and so historically I’ve viewed rightism through their lens and spread that to my readers, but I think that this emphasis was a mistake. Also, nobody agrees on what “neoreactionary” means, least of all self-identified neoreactionaries. If you want to talk about monarchists, call them monarchists. If you want to talk about traditionalists, call them traditionalists. If you want to talk about the far right, call it the far right. If you want to talk about HBD, call it HBD. If you want to talk about Mencius Moldbug, call him Mencius Moldbug. First infraction will be punished with a warning, second with burning eternally in the caldera of the Volcano God.

(If I followed SA’s comment threads more diligently, I’d have a better sense of the context for this. Seems like an interesting experiment in any case. It also says something about triggers — or memetic virulence — although that’s still a little blurry …)

I have to add the ‘mind-control’ tag — but it works both ways.

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