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This looks like a plan:


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Quote note (#190)

Luciano Pellicani (remember him?) on the ideological peregrinations of early Reform Christianity (among the immediate predecessors to the Puritans):

“Antagonism between the feudal system and the capitalist system” was at the origin of the Reformation. In other words: “capitalism, being constituted on commercial bases, tries to dominate the labour market; a fledgling proletariat no longer disposes, or can dispose, of the tools of its labour; between them, something that already resembles a class war.”

The social and psychological consequences were particularly acute in “areas where the population was rapidly increasing . . . [and] the areas of rapid social change.” The “growing importance of capital, of the market and of competition rendered insecure, isolated and full of anxiety” not only the existence of the proletarized working masses, but also that of the marginal strata of the intelligentsia who found themselves as if thrown into a hostile, incomprehensible world, governed by impersonal forces beyond their control. It is not surprising that the declassed intellectuals should have “constituted the avant-garde of the Reform.” Contrary to an interpretation that is as widespread as it is arbitrary, the Reformation was an anticapitalist movement.

For the entrepreneurs, the practice of indulgences had transformed relations with the church into a reassuring kind of bookkeeping exercise: “If you can buy paradise, then God must tolerate and encourage wealth and not be hostile to profit.” In criticizing this attitude, the Protestant preachers laid the foundations “for a new critique of capitalism as the work of the Devil, a critique that went deep, because the accusation was against capitalism itself and not the abuses indicated by Catholicism.” It brought the mercatores before the court of the Holy Scripture and condemned them as men who had surrendered to mammon, corrupting Christianity with their lust for wealth and profit.

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Meanwhile, in Venezuela …

A mineral-rich socialist diet:

The governor of the Venezuelan state of Bolívar has some advice for dealing with the widespread shortage of food across the country. Can’t find eggs at your local Venezuelan grocery store? Why not try fried rocks instead? […] Governor Francisco Rangel said during his radio show on Tuesday, September 29, that the Venezuelan people should not “yield to temptation” or worry about not being able to find a pack of flour or sardines to buy amid the shortages. […] “Let them take away whatever they want. We are capable of eating a stick, or instead of frying two eggs, fry two rocks, and we will eat fried rocks, ” he said, “but no one can beat us.” […] Rangel referred to the so-called economic war and the “induced inflation” that he and other ruling-party leaders claim is being caused by the opposition. “Now that prices are sky high, we need to fight against this together. Let them not feel like they have beaten us,” he said.

A functional world order should always have a few socialist regimes hanging on, to do the teaching job the education system can’t.

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Chaos Patch (#83)

(Open thread + links)

Division of power. On theonomy (relevant?). Hitler proliferation. Existentialist hell (+ if you need another reason to read Amerika). Getting Dampier into trouble (1, 2, 3). Origin of pro-social institutions. Time preference. Neocolonial on exile and fealty. Credibility problems. Strange loops. The weekly round, and doom.

Scruton interviewed. Unpopular libertarians. Demo-politics of ZIRP.

Too big to fail. The politics of immigration catastrophe (1, 2). Hitting the buffers. Extrastatecraft (is happening). Jews and modernism. The end of empire.

Diversity in tech is a nonstory. Irritable Asians in America. You can’t say that!

The absolute mathematics of life. The future of human evolution. Ethics of human intelligence enhancement. Cosmic reproduction strategies. Synthetic biology. Water, an appreciation.

Milo being Milo.

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Twitter cuts (#31)

Passing the ideological Turing Test integrally (or Schrödinger-style), and in less than 140 characters:

Arguments that work equally well for both sides of an intensely-contested political controversy have to be extremely rare. (There should be a competition, or something.)

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Sentences (#26)

Not only stereotypes, but inferential processes terminating in stereotypes:

I’ve never been so disgusted with my own data,” said lead author Colin Holbrook, an anthropologist at UCLA.


During the next round of discussion on ‘The Cathedral’ substitutes, it might be worth throwing in (or up) ‘The Vomitorium’. (Although the word is bound to an unreliable legend, it turns out.)

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White Dindus

“Our entire history is something that’s been done to us by tricky outsiders — especially the bad stuff!”

When anybody else sounds like this, it’s rightfully categorized as pathetic whining.

ADDED: “Can we criticize (the extraordinarily large number of) Jewish Leftist freaks without going completely insane about it?”
“No! Go completely insane about it!”

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Quote note (#189)

“[C]apitalism in the ribbonfarm sense”:

Capitalism is not an ideology pursued deliberately by some to “defeat” those who live by other ideologies. It is a condition imperfectly closed societies default to in the presence of increasing choice in the environment, usually created either through the actions of outsiders or natural changes.

From a consistently thought-provoking slab of Venkatesh Rao insight porn.

(XS will try its best to get back to it.)

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Sounds like a plan …

If Putin was facing down Fernandez he’d have something to worry about.

ADDED: (In a spirit of scrupulous nihilistic detachment.)

ADDED: “Whether the administration was, as The Washington Post reported, “blindsided” by Russian military operations, or whether it quietly welcomed the bombing as some kind of macabre burden-sharing, Moscow’s Syrian initiative makes matters worse. As Nancy Youssef of the Daily Beast recently tweeted that she ‘overheard’ at the Pentagon, ‘Right now, we are Putin’s prison bitch.'”

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Do try to keep up:

German authorities expect up to 1.5 million asylum seekers to arrive in Germany this year, the Bild daily said in a report to be published on Monday, up from a previous estimate of 800,000 to 1 million.

Whatever it is that’s happening here should be over fairly quickly.

Also worth noting: “The authorities’ report also cited concerns that those who are granted asylum will bring their families over to Germany too, Bild said. […] Given family structures in the Middle East, this would mean each individual from that region who is granted asylum bringing an average of four to eight family members over to Germany in due course, Bild quoted the report as saying.” (So we can crank the binary exponent up by another 2-3 notches straight away.)

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