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Chaos Patch (#114)

(Open thread + links (Vietnam distracted edition))

Neoreaction, the overview. Jungle law. Crushed in the culture wars (viz). Tiger rider. View from the (thoughtful) left. Breitbart raises bristles. The weekly round, plus outliers.

The world is going to Schiff (video). What is Marxism? The Committee to Abolish Outer Space (communist). Morality and nihilism. Sociologists are hacks. Uber upsets the right left people.

Duerte Harry (some background). Oil crisis round-up (Saudi, Venezuela (plus), Nigeria). 9/11 reverberations. Stubborn Suu Kyi. China’s demographic bust. Geopolitical tragedy (video).

Trumpenf├╝hrer panic report (1, 2, 3). Trump enthusiasm in China and India. Libertarians (plus) and neoconservatives crumble. Butlergate (or something). Comedy of errors (not unconnected). Principled conservatives. Opposition woes (and illusions).

Facebook Cathedralizes in public (1, 2). How to get banned from Twitter. Social media is breaking everything up. Media diplomacy fail.

Race realism in the UK (full). The stereotype factory. Model minority muddle.

Connecting the gene-IQ dots (noted). What Eysenck and Gottfredson share.

Motivated epigenetics. Missing mitochondria. Sub-basement of the monkey trap.

Illegal primes.

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