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The NRx Presidency

Dateline, December 2016. (A modest extrapolation.)

Informed Neoconservative Opinion: So, NRx, you’ve finally done it. This is all on you. The electoral victory you were aiming for from the start is now in the bag. The reactionary populist uprising has succeeded. Enjoy your shiny new Neocameral State. We’ll be watching from our Canadian refuges, and smiling grimly as your authoritarian racial Utopia runs into the buffers of autarkic economic crisis. Then the public backlash will begin from a citizenry bowed in deep shame, but rediscovering their American virtues. It will be back to color revolution, and our neglected warnings will be once again appreciated. This was your one shot. Celebrate it while you can.

NRx: ??? [*Are they on drugs?*]

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