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Twitter cuts (#64)

Spandrell digs deeper (to glorious effect).

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Sentences (#54)

When he speaks simply and off the cuff, [UK Labour Party leader Jeremy] Corbyn can have the moral clarity of a priest.

Well … yes.

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The NRx Presidency

Dateline, December 2016. (A modest extrapolation.)

Informed Neoconservative Opinion: So, NRx, you’ve finally done it. This is all on you. The electoral victory you were aiming for from the start is now in the bag. The reactionary populist uprising has succeeded. Enjoy your shiny new Neocameral State. We’ll be watching from our Canadian refuges, and smiling grimly as your authoritarian racial Utopia runs into the buffers of autarkic economic crisis. Then the public backlash will begin from a citizenry bowed in deep shame, but rediscovering their American virtues. It will be back to color revolution, and our neglected warnings will be once again appreciated. This was your one shot. Celebrate it while you can.

NRx: ??? [*Are they on drugs?*]

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Quote note (#251)

From Niven and Pournelle’s The Mote in God’s Eye (end Chapter 3):

“They used to teach us that evolution of intelligent being wasn’t possible,” she said. “Societies protect their weaker members. Civilizations tend to make wheel chairs and spectacles and hearing aids as soon as they have the tools for them. When a society makes war, the men generally have to pass a fitness test before they’re allowed to risk their lives. I suppose it helps win the war.” She smiled. “But it leaves precious little room for the survival of the fittest.” […] …
“You were saying about evolution?”
“It — it ought to be pretty well closed off for an intelligent species,” she said. “Species evolve to meet the environment. An intelligent species changes the environment to suit itself. As soon as a species becomes intelligent, it should stop evolving.”

It makes you think (or rather, the opposite). The original sin of intelligence — falling back in blind homeostatic antipathy against its own conditions of emergence — isn’t so hard to see.

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Proposition Nations

Xenosystems likes proposition nations so much it wants to see a lot more of them.

America is a problem for the world for two main (and conflicting) reasons:

1) Its proposition contains enough productive innovation to be scary. Independence war, foundational liberalism, constitutionally-restricted government, and laissez-faire capitalism have been a memetic-cocktail-from-hell for those in thrall to competitively-inferior ideas. But, undoing all of this, is the legacy of the American Civil War (in particular) —

2) The suppression of the propositional principle — i.e. geopolitical ideological sorting — under an idealization of national unity. Upon this pyre the liberal tradition has been incinerated, until it exists only as a charred parody of itself. The Proposition is by now little more than the State of the Union. Mandatory agreement, within an undivided territory, is policed by the democratic mechanism. That we remain one is left as the only strictly axiomatic propositional content (as the Trump and Sanders presidential candidacies in their different ways illustrate).

Spatial Metapolitics recommends that America do both Trumpist ethno-nationalism, and Sanderista democratic socialism, and a large number of other (more interesting) things, even also more stupid ones, if such can be devised. The critical point is the precise inverse of the late-modern axiom: As long as mandatory unity is dissolved, ideological tolerance can be extended without definite limit — across a disintegrated territory.

First-order ideological preferences, elaborated under an assumption of dominant unity, are a trap entirely irrespective of their specific content.

Here’s a proposition: Abolish the Union. Only disintegration is worth doing.

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Quote note (#249)

Fernandez (reaching the reboot imperative around the back):

The computer revolution has given us the tools to understand why Communism has so much devastating power. We can now recognize it as history’s greatest and most dangerous piece of intellectual malware, whose only true rival is radical Islam. It tricks the social network into thinking you can get something for nothing; it promises freedom in exchange for enslavement. It presents a deceptive interface but its inner methods are all destructors. It subverts the operating system and like the computer viruses we are familiar with uses the host’s own processing power to spawn more copies of itself. The more powerful and resource-endowed a host is, the more powerfully the malware can attack it. In the end it trashes everything and only a complete reinstall and rebuild can fix it.

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Chaos Patch (#114)

(Open thread + links (Vietnam distracted edition))

Neoreaction, the overview. Jungle law. Crushed in the culture wars (viz). Tiger rider. View from the (thoughtful) left. Breitbart raises bristles. The weekly round, plus outliers.

The world is going to Schiff (video). What is Marxism? The Committee to Abolish Outer Space (communist). Morality and nihilism. Sociologists are hacks. Uber upsets the right left people.

Duerte Harry (some background). Oil crisis round-up (Saudi, Venezuela (plus), Nigeria). 9/11 reverberations. Stubborn Suu Kyi. China’s demographic bust. Geopolitical tragedy (video).

Trumpenführer panic report (1, 2, 3). Trump enthusiasm in China and India. Libertarians (plus) and neoconservatives crumble. Butlergate (or something). Comedy of errors (not unconnected). Principled conservatives. Opposition woes (and illusions).

Facebook Cathedralizes in public (1, 2). How to get banned from Twitter. Social media is breaking everything up. Media diplomacy fail.

Race realism in the UK (full). The stereotype factory. Model minority muddle.

Connecting the gene-IQ dots (noted). What Eysenck and Gottfredson share.

Motivated epigenetics. Missing mitochondria. Sub-basement of the monkey trap.

Illegal primes.

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Vietnam (scraps) II

Arrived in Hanoi a few hours ago (first time in the northern part of Vietnam). Will be here a couple of days, then down south to Hoi An, and Hue. I’ll try to ad some notes pics, in stages.

One less than massively-inspired snap so far, of the Hanoi Old Quarter, (near our hotel):


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Moron bites (#13)

Is Islamophobia Accelerating Global Warming? (Well, is it?)

This talk examines the relation between Islamophobia as the dominant form of racism today and the ecological crisis. It looks at the three common ways in which the two phenomena are seen to be linked: as an entanglement of two crises, metaphorically related with one being a source of imagery for the other and both originating in colonial forms of capitalist accumulation. The talk proposes a fourth way of linking the two: an argument that they are both emanating from a similar mode of being, or enmeshment, in the world, what is referred to as ‘generalised domestication.’


Actually, I think this is quite possibly truish — although approached with such utter leftoid twistedness that I’m not inclined to re-classify it more politely. Insofar as ‘global warming’ is the presently-accepted Cathedralist translation for ‘industrial vitality’, it’s more than likely that a completely triumphant Ummah would put the lid on it. If the talk had been titled Twin-Angled Anticapitalism the inner coherence would have been more obvious.

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Sentences (#53)


Yes, there is an enabling superpower that autists have through damage and accident, but non-autists like me have to cultivate: not giving a shit about monkey social rituals.

(Highly-relevant bonus link.)

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