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Chaos Patch (#117)

(Open thread + links)

Canonizing Citadel. Balkanization problems. Weaponized billionaires. Boomer fail. Free fall. Fish in a barrel. A response to Cowen. NRx feeds the Alt-Right. Cruelty. A Moldbug achive. The weekly round, plus outliers.

The edge of mob rule. Slur-positive. Neo-Weimar blues. The Dalai Lama goes off-message. Radio Rabbit. Bitbastion. Idiocracy advances. Echoes of hate (((watch))), plus.

Trumpenf├╝hrer panic report (1, 2, 3). King Trump. Minority, Sanderista, and anti-war Trumpists. Politically incorrect (referencing). Numbers games (plus). Troubling Thiel. A vote for survival. Brains and computability.

Thiel isn’t the problem. Replicant media.

Cali eugenics (video). Dysgenic relaxation. Cross-cultural smiles. A double origin for domestic dogs? Cancer vaccine prospects. HGP Write. Unsilenced science. Do species exist?

Deep physics. DNA data-storage. Big math. The ultimate catastrophe.

A DAO hole. The Bitcoin ecosystem (graphic). AI and Singularity lies. Human rights for robots?

Hyperloop math. Hyper-real math. The cyborg option.

Self-reference. Sex dolls today.

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Twitter cuts (#69)

(Sorry, couldn’t resist the comedy stack-effect.)

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