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Politics is the Mindkiller

… That’s probably Yudkowsky greatest line. (It’s the adaptation of a Dune quote.)

Somewhat ironically (see previous post), this is one of the most significant ways it’s playing out right now:

Literally none of that happened. [You’ll have to at least scan the damn thing for context.] Or at least there is zero evidence that it did. These are smart, rational people falling for a scam. Why? It’s in part because Twitter fosters this group-think and lack of critical thought — you just click a button and, with little effort, you’ve spread whatever you want people to believe — but it’s also because they’re so convinced of the righteousness of their cause (electing Clinton/defeating Trump) that they have cast all limits and constraints to the side, believing that any narrative or accusation or smear, no matter how false or conspiratorial, is justified in pursuit of it.

Naked consequentialist cynicism doesn’t make a good foundation for a church. That’s part of the reason why it’s coming down.

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