… stands for agree, amplify, and accelerate. Initiated here, and escalated here, it opens an unexplored horizon for strategic discussion within NRx. No analysis of cultural conflict on the Internet can bypass a reference to trolling, and no understanding of trolling is any longer complete without reference to AAA. It raises the discussion of parody to a new level. (If it isn’t already obvious, this blog is seriously impressed.)

AAA works if strategic complication has favorable consequences. Whichever cultural faction has the greater capacity for the tolerance of difficulty, identity confusion, irony, and humor, will tend to find advantage in it. I think that’s us. It’s inherently toxic to zealotry.

As a sub-theme — but one keenly appreciated here — it marks a critical evolution in the Cthulhu Wars. (Check out the graphics on the TNIO post for recognition of that.) Rather than arguing over whether “Cthulhu swims left” AAA proposes amphetaminizing the monster regardless. If a “holocaust of freedom” is what you want, let’s go there. Take this operation to the end of the river … and see what we find.

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  • Izak Says:

    The idea of the strategy seems particularly beneficial as an anaesthetic for those who work within a hostile, cathedral-oriented system that they don’t inwardly agree with. If you’re a private believer in AAA, whether or not you practice it, then you can easily rationalize your willingness to work with your ideological opponents and even feed them.

    I’m not really sure I’m capable of fully practicing AAA in earnest. Parody does not suffice, because almost always the satirist will try to make his satire known. To do this sort of thing while trying one’s best to leave no satirical clues — that’s just something that violates one of my (and probably most people’s) core ethics. It almost seems downright sociopathic.

    But then, perhaps one can put the idea into effect the way a poker player bluffs. Every poker player knows that a tell is unavoidable, so he figures out his tells and refines them. He molds and massages them to the point where they become impossible to perceive. This is how one might want to practice AAA: one creates and promotes absurd ideas, but inserts just enough hard-to-perceive satire so that he’s, effectively, creating a joke entirely for his own consumption — thereby alleviating himself of the psychological stress one undergoes when living a lie. Everyone else sees the chaff but the fruit remains elusive.


    admin Reply:

    On one level, AAA is ‘simply’ thermonuclear sarcasm. It’s an addition to the arsenal, in any case.


    scientism Reply:

    I think we want the ‘satirical’ aspect to be visible. AAA shouldn’t just be about accelerating The Cathedral’s methods but exposing them to the light: laicising them. In fact, why make it covert at all? Why not announce it, demonstrate it, show people how it works? Why not be straightforward about our intentions? The only thing that matters is that nobody knows whether they’re looking at ‘genuine’ Cathedral or AAA. Let’s say: Now everybody gets to be The Cathedral. AAA could be the equivalent of the Protestant Revolution. Hell, maybe someone can codify it and post it up at Harvard.

    In fact, why not take up the name of the most horrific outcome NRx has yet to imagine: the Left Singularity? The Left Singularity Working Group. Let’s just be honest: We have no idea what’s over the Horizon. We have no idea what will happen when we push things this far. But The Cathedral is old hat. They’re not getting there – wherever there is – fast enough. They’re not adapted to the Information Age. It’s time to let the People run this thing. It’s time to Democratize the Cathedral.

    Carry over all the NRx language. Don’t be shy about talking about its roots. Put Cthulhu right there in the logo. Are we for this outcome, against it? Be honest: We don’t even know what it is!


    Izak Reply:

    This is a good response. It actually reminds me quite a bit of my friend who very earnestly supported Bush and then readily went over to supporting Obama. I asked him, “Why not McCain?” He said, “Oh, I would never vote for McCain.” I said, “Why?” He said, “I always go for the president who seems most likely to destroy everything.”

    But he also conceded this: the night Obama won the election, my friend was in some place with a bunch of black dudes, and they all started getting excited and cheering, and he started to have these visions flash in his mind of his grandfather and the American eagle and the green berets and all this stuff, and he had a brief, fleeting moment of deep sorrow.


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  • Contemplationist Says:

    I believe a key effect of this is being overlooked. If some lefty is uncomfortable with this acceleration, he will be forced to make arguments against it. It’s likely, in 2014, that we have such people who have NEVER ONCE argued against a left position. This squirming itself is extremely valuable. Let them fight their own side.


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  • Wen Shuang Says:

    I love it. Democratize the Cathedral. I say democratize everything.

    I sometimes think this is what Latour was doing (perhaps on accident) when he advocated for a democracy of things and Bryant (surely on accident) with his democracy of objects. If you want democracy, fine you can have it, but why be anthropocentric about it? Extend it to objects. AAA. Problem is that flattened ontology + distribution of agency means that any given assemblage of humans and non-humans, an actor-network, is accounted for in terms of strength and efficacy. In other words, 5 humans may equal 1 human and four objects. 1million humans may equal 10 humans and 999,990 objects. It is destructive to utilitarianism. It also destroys the anthropocentric brand of equalism on the left. Time preference, time indifference, a chemical equation, a tank, a slide rule, an algorithm, a fence, etc. These are all objects that must have a voice in an accelerated democracy. Identity politics gets funny here as object alliances emerge as more or less robust indifferent of their quantitative composition relative to humans. If the mechanism of voting is inaccessible to objects, we, good democrats, cannot exclude objects but must develop a mechanism more amenable to measuring object voice. Perhaps command over physical entropy -capital (Moldbug’s formalism) or command over Shannon entropy- intelligence (LW AI). Maybe bit-coin.


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  • scientism Says:

    Here’s another interesting possibility: The Stormfront types have guides on how to put their message across (always capitalise “White”, etc). When you find this out, you can spot the Stormfronters. It’s quite a funny effect. But say AAA produces guides for social justice warriors, whether they’re ironic or genuine in their conviction, but these guides are presented as ‘democratising the methods of the mass media’. Then we produce a second effect: anyone who discovers the guide not only exposes the SJWs in their midst but gains an awareness of how The Cathedral operates. We make the propaganda personal. We relate the goofy people you know on Twitter and Facebook to the mass media machine. Suddenly everything becomes intertwined and impossible to separate.

    I agree with TNIO that the main goal should be to target the elites. Look at what’s happening in San Francisco with housing and the Google buses. That’s already running right up against Poe’s Law. The way The Cathedral has always worked is that the elites who support it are protected against it; democratising the Cathedral gives us the opportunity to turn its methods against itself. Why are so many politicians white heterosexual males? Why aren’t board of directors more diverse? Why do elites send their kids to private schools and live in gated communities? Why don’t old white professors give up their tenure so women and minorities can take more positions? Don’t they owe them at least that? These people speak of diversity but don’t practice it. So we give the people the means to attack them. Now they have to make a choice: live within diversity or openly reject it. Practice what you preach or quit the pretence and assume your role as nobility.

    So with one approach we can simultaneously undermine the Cathedral’s ability to control the fringes (by making its methods more transparent and making them more personal) and problematise its status among elites. One necessary element, I think, would be to ruthlessly attack moderates. Clear out the middle ground. Attack anyone who sounds too sensible and polarise the debate. Push everyone to the extremes. Again, we can be honest about this. We can be honest about the fact that it’s really a choice between having a formal nobility and moving towards a formless Left Singularity where ‘equality’ will take on ever more shifting meanings in the race to become holier than thou. You can keep all the language: the Cathedral, the Ratchet, etc, but just add Nietzschean affirmation.


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  • Ex-pat in Oz Says:

    Superb. And there’s already an historical precedent that demonstrates the left eating itself (Marat, you traitor to the people you!). I wholeheartedly support. The end of the river beckons. Maybe Justine can be our very own Col. Kurtz!


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  • Stirner (@heresiologist) Says:

    The self-cannibalism on the left is only going to accelerate, with DeBlasio curbing stop and frisk in NYC, and Rahm potentially losing the big chair in Chicago. The Dems have the zombie voters in the cities, and the zombie masters don’t need the white elites anymore. Whiskey explored this at length in his latest post, which is very much worth reading.

    The left is in the process of eating their own, and in their urban enclaves of feral voters, they have no motivation to curb their psychosis. It is Detroitification writ large, in many borderline urban areas.

    Exposing and documenting the memetics of Cathedralism is a nudge in the right direction. Crappy mayors and failing cities lead to liberal self-doubt – to the extent that they can be made to see the strings of the puppeteer that guides their beliefs, the more chances NRx has to start them down the road to the Red Pill.


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  • Ex-pat in Oz Says:

    oh yessssss


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  • Porcupine Eater Says:

    4Chan has been doing this for some time with their End Father’s Day, Whites Can’t Be Raped and Free Bleeding (women refusing to wear tampons) troll campaigns. A lot of leftists took the bait and most were horrified.


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  • SanguineEmpiricist Says:

    This is from HELLA days back.


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