Age of Independence

Don’t be distracted if (like me) you find the PUA antics ridiculous. Clarey’s argument here is important — and even an essential jigsaw-puzzle piece.

Maximally compressed: Left Mind-Control strategies depend upon the persistence of certain socio-economic realities that they are themselves profoundly subverting. It’s impossible, at one and the same time, to threaten people with expulsion from the mainstream economy and also destroy this same economy. Yet that paradox is where the SJW army makes its home. The consequence: the perverse production of a type of “man who has nothing to lose, and therefore nothing the SJW’s can threaten.”

The SJWs aren’t doing this on their own. A range of technological and economic developments are converging on the creation of a new, collapse-phase rugged individualism. The Left call it the ‘precariat‘ and insist that ‘neoliberalism’ is to blame. It doesn’t really matter, as far as Clarey’s point is concerned. The essential thing is the the hostage-holding presumption of SJW activism is not a reliable social fixture, and their own activities are hastening its disappearance.

The final irony Clarey points to, is the creation of a new entrepreneurial sector that lives, precisely, from the depredations of the SJWs. Their attacks constitute the basic pipeline of cultural raw-materials off which this little group survives — at once a source of content and a publicity machine.

While those on the dissident right discuss the Exit question, SJWs are busy pushing us off the gangplank. There’s only one attitude that makes any sense to those already bobbing among the waves: “Come on in, the water’s fine.”

Note: ‘SJW’ is not being used here as a slur, but only in its technical sense. It means something like ‘a Red Guard of the Cathedral’.

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  • Shenpen Says:

    Clarey commits a really huge fallacy here and Nick seems to be buying in that too…

    Millions of men are affected by it. But only a handful are able to make a living doing what Roosh, Clarey or Donovan does. Can he seriously suggest millions of men can make a living selling contrarian ideas? No, these millions are the CUSTOMERS for that, are the market for that, and they need to make living vendoring, producing, providing something else. Which is more or less still a traditional job or career or business.

    They are your market. They pretty much by DEFINITION cannot do what you do for a living. If you make a living selling people shoes, you cannot seriously recommend they all should be selling shoes too and problem solved.

    This market will very quickly become saturated. Let’s offer a big number: another THOUSAND men can make a living this way. And the rest?

    The rest will suck it up, enter a corporate job and pander to HR keeping their mouths shut. Or maybe they will rebelliously not go to college and become plumbers. (Lowering your social class as a social and political strategy? Yeah, that is going to work. Not.)

    Of course it is part of a larger economic issue – if shoes are made in Asia, or by robots, what exactly would millions of Western men do even without the whole SJW problem? A transitition to a post-industrial service economy is generally hampered by regulation. Back then the number of men working in agriculture could drop from 60% to 2% and they went into industry, today regulation would prevent such a move to a post-industrial service economy. They jobs will just disappear with nothing to replace them. Besides, the trade with Asia is only sustainable if there is something of value to export as well.

    At any rate, let’s assume millions of men somehow still try to move into the service sector, as there is not much else left. Well, why exactly you think SJWs are so powerful? It is a classic service sector phenomenon! If you lay bricks, nobody cares if you are an asshole as long as the wall is straight. If you are a massage therapist, yoiur job is to make people happy thus being considered an asshole kills your job. People who control who is called an asshole (SJWs) control the service economy. This is EXACTLY why they are so powerful. Formerly they could call you an asshole, you would shrug and say the walls are build are still straight and my boss cares only about that. Today your boss wil ltell you “your tweets are scaring off our customers, they don’t want to be serviced by people like that” and you are gone.

    I seriously don’t know what these guys can do to earn a living. Perhaps move into dangerous, manly jobs like Norwegian oil rigs. But not millions.

    Maybe abroad. After all, being a white first worlder, native English speaker is a sellable asset in, say, Asia.

    Maybe software. If you can create a virtual, not necessarily physically located Asshole Silicon Valley, where only productivity is judged and not opions… but they would just boycott your products. You need to make ten times better products than the Silicion Valley to overcome that.

    If I was you (I am not from the US) I would argue Russia into setting up a charter city, a practically independent business city with low taxes, and staff the leadership with anti-SJWs and turn it into a Silicon Valley.


    admin Reply:

    Of course I’m not suggesting that SJW trolling is the Dissident Right New Economy (that’s why I left the point as an appendix). Hard-scrabble digital enterprise is the frontier that has to support people.


    Shenpen Reply:

    There would be certainly a competitive advantage in hiring competent but non-PC programmers who were more or less blacklisted by the Valley. The issue is of course that the product would get boycotted. Unless it is not even for a Western market mainly… (I think this WeChat stuff is just great).


    SVErshov Reply:

    with introduction of crypto currencies, money can be made just from home. currently arbitrage between crypto exchanges by using LTC as transfer medium can provide decent earnings for anyone with minimum programing skills. Or even without any such skills, just pay for trading bot. investment into bitcoin mining too still going well. I just tested latest most efficient chip. It provide ROI 12% in two months on solar set up. Where else at this economy it is possible?

    John Reply:

    Some interesting points, Shenpen, but I think you vastly overestimate the power of SJWs.

    > Well, why exactly you think SJWs are so powerful? It is a classic service sector phenomenon!

    This is more about the service sector than it is about SJWs — they don’t determine who is or isn’t an asshole. It’s just that men are more constitutionally inclined to be assholes than women. The economy shifts to more service sector jobs, men do worse. It’s as simple as that.

    Another phenomenon is the rise of the social media sparked PR shit storm. This is where SJWs swing the hammer. But I’d argue that you overestimate their power here as well. The episodes are certainly memorable, but how many careers have actually been destroyed by SJW activism? 1000 maybe? It’s significant only from the perspective of narrative — people not following as closely as us don’t even notice.

    My day to day experience leads me to believe there are many of crypto-reactionaries, neo and otherwise, among the general population. The vast majority are not politically aware, but among the majority of productive men, it’s widely understood that SJW views are patently ridiculous. It’s only within Cathedral enclaves that these types really have to hide. Most just keep their politics to themselves, as a matter of politeness.

    But the people that make the economy function never have and never will believe SJW dogmas. Just look at Trump! People love him because they hate PC and hate the influx of third worlders. Roosh is a mini-Trump. Sooner or later the media corps will be faced with scaling back the SJW messaging, or losing money, and money always wins.


    Kgaard Reply:

    John … You’re sort of right … but you under-estimate the chilling effect of the SJW THREAT. I’m reminded of the scene in the movie W in which Dick Cheney asks GWB, who is eating a cheeseburger, if he would eat that burger knowing there is a 1% chance it has e. coli. Bush looks at him funny and then says, “No … no I wouldn’t.”

    The SJW machine works the same way: Yes only 1000 guys have been hammered overtly in the media by SJW attacks — but you could VERY WELL be #1001 if you stick your neck out. And of course who knows how many HR-office beatdowns are occurring that go under the radar. Many, many more times.

    So dudes just shut up and take it.

    Unless/until they find a way out of the matrix.


    Orthodox Reply:

    New economies don’t spring up overnight. The first people to exit were the media personalities. Adam Carolla described his venture as a pirate ship, an apt analogy for the media types feeding off SJWs.Some of the people exiting now aren’t building pirate ships, they’re building new nodes. The industries that will rise up first will be things like media, publishing, finance, software, possibly industries such as manufacturing if there’s an ability to fend off state-backed SJW predation. Industries that either service a targeted slice of the economy (sell to anti-SJWs or abroad) or are SJW proof due to their necessity in the supply chain. SJWs are forcing everyone on the dissident right to think: what’s a business or job I can do, that I can never be fired from for my political views? Once a few key nodes are in place, the network effects will start working their magic.


    Kwisatz Haderach Reply:

    Hard-scrabble digital enterprise is the frontier that has to support people.

    There would be certainly a competitive advantage in hiring competent but non-PC programmers who were more or less blacklisted by the Valley.

    True, but those programmer are still incentivized to stay quiet and avoid blacklisting unless you can pay them as much or more than Amazon [1] and Google [2] [3].
    state-backed SJW predation.

    State backing is a real issue here in the USSJ. As Moldbug pointed out, it’s been de facto illegal to be a racist since the reforms of the 60’s made racism into a tort (if you are a manager or employer).

    But even without state backing, there’s a more fundamental obstacle to the formation of a parallel “gnonconomy”. It is what Whisky pointed out in the comments of a recent Sailer article about Ellen Pao’s Reddit ouster:

    There is a big problem with Reddit, its far deeper than Pao, perhaps Steve can give us his two cents based on his marketing expertise.

    Reddit made last year a laughable 8.3 million in ad revenues according to Tech Crunch. For an organization that is among the top ten most trafficked sites. Alexa rates at #10 in the US and #33 globally.

    The FT and LAT have both reported on the miserable ad revenue; the problem reading through the lines is advertisers don’t like it because its too male (and pale and stale too I suppose) and therefore un-PC. That advertisers flee like vampires from sunlight from anything that might make any female consumers upset.

    Stale-pales are hard to monetize. If you want to make money, you have no choice. You either have to get paid for being explicitly anti-PC, or you have to stay quiet and sell products to the SJW fools. When is it ever a lucrative decision to come out as a Sith?



    Orthodox Reply:

    If Reddit goes for ad revenue, then Reddit no longer exists. To cash out is to some extent to join the Progressives. If you have a low enough time preference, you don’t go chasing the quick bucks. Greed (and all the 7 deadly sins) make men slaves to the Cathedral.

    Kwisatz Haderach Reply:

    Sure, keep banging on about the seven deadly sins. Use your low time preference to see how far that gets you with Gnon.

    Xoth Reply:

    If they are wise, the Cathedralists want to avoid masses of formerly productive middle class men joining the black, that is informal, economy. It’s probably better to discreetly sponsor video game championships with some freshly printed dollars.


    Patri Friedman Reply:

    While this is a good point – only a tiny number of people can make a living in the anti-SJW industry – don’t underestimate the importance of that tiny number. Just having that 0.1% of sympathizers be able to openly speak their views and demonstrate that the dominant paradigm is not all-powerful is a big deal. And you’re also leaving out all of the jobs that cannot effectively be boycotted – I’m thinking things like “professional poker player”.


    Lucian of Samosata Reply:

    This doesn’t get at the problem at all. The aim is to create a new system, not become a barely significant part of the old system.


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  • Stirner (@heresiologist) Says:

    Clarey’s point about Roosh is a good one. Certainly everyone on the alt-right can’t monetize their opposition to the SJW types, but is important to note that the intellectual vanguard of the alt-right is beginning to do just that. That means that alt-right thought / propaganda / entertainment can all become increasingly self-sustaining and immune to SJW attacks. That may become increasingly important, since the left has become increasingly effective at targeting the support of “controversial” views by attacking donors, institutions, or reputations.

    Admin ties this in to the precariat, and the rise of the “Gig Economy” and this where things get interesting. Part of the power of the Cathedra has been it’s stranglehold on legitimacy and reputations. With the gig economy, new types of reputation markets are undermining that stranglehold. Uber driver ratings and infrastructure make it possible to for you to accept a ride from a perfect stranger – and eliminate the need for any sort of regulatory bureaucracy. As more white and blue collar jobs become more task-oriented and broken down into short term “gigs”, workers are increasingly going to be evaluated and rated by their customers in formalized reputation systems. Once you develop a quality reputation in a professional area, you will likely be quite insulated from SJW attacks. Their slanders are simply noise, while your documenting reputation for quality performance is signal.

    This is how everyone get insulated from SJW attacks. With new alternatives to the traditional job (and the traditional degree), that dangerous chokepoint can be increasingly routed around.


    Kwisatz Haderach Reply:

    This isn’t a compelling story.

    The question you need to ask is this:

    All else being equal, which is more profitable to a seller of goods or services?

    1. Being publicly progressive.
    2. Being publicly neutral.
    3. Being publicly reactionary.

    As long as the answer is (1), Cthulu will be swimming left. Simply being able to survive as (3) is not sufficient.

    The answer is still (1) in the gig economy. Uber itself is a perfect example. Corporate HQ was up with the rainbow flag parade after the SCOTUS gay marriage decision because it was free good PR for their PR-challenged enterprise.

    And the calculus of the individual drivers isn’t much different from the calculus of corporate HQ. What happens if Pieter from Siberia puts a #realfamily bumper sticker on the back of the 2001 Corolla that he drives while taking Uber fares? He will be getting bad stars and potentially complaints to HQ. Then someone posts a picture of his bumper sticker on twitter in comparison with HQ’s rainbow flag avatar and bashes Corporate for hypocrisy. It goes viral and guess what? Pieter “is no longer with Uber” anymore, “we wish him well in his future endeavors”.

    What happens if Pieter puts a rainbow flag sticker on the back of his Corolla? Nothing bad, and potentially something good.

    Mere survival is not enough. Which is most profitable is selected for, inescapably. If we want to win, we need to contrive a plan for reactionaries to win in the real economy.


    Kwisatz Haderach Reply:

    By the way, the best plan to date is accelerationism. One thing that can make Google and Uber less profitable is diversity shakedowns. When those shakedowns bite deep enough, becoming (3) as a strategy for avoiding Conquest’s Second Law becomes the locally optimal strategy. So don’t say we’re doing nothing over here, michael!


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  • ticket Says:

    The social justice outrage mob will send us the traffic with which we shall hang them.


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  • Ham Man Says:

    Definitely an essential piece of this puzzle today.

    It describes the phenomena well. It is true that people are being forced off of a plank into this new world. It’s irony and paradox all around really.

    We get what we want. The zany world of being completely on the edge. And it’s great fun for us. And they get to push us around and exert their will on us.

    It’s a win win. Without them we wouldn’t have anyone to know our own measure by. Without us they wouldn’t have anyone to blame for their own misery or something.

    Fuck. All I know is that when I look at Roosh I see someone willing to tell me the truth and that’s very inspiring. When I look at the left all I see is lies and phoniness. You’re all smarter than me though because you think it’s obvious that the notion of “improving women” or “improving the lives of women” is somehow inherently wrong or stupid. I find it interesting but am trying to find a way to find it interesting without doing so from within the psychotic structure of thought today. Maybe as a fashion statement. Who knows. All I know is that today’s Cathedral resembles very, very poor fashion sense.

    But it happens to be fashion sense that can also cost you your life, if we define life as the ability to do what makes you happy and to participate in a society of other humans in order to fulfill purpose and social needs. These things are not available to those who choose this new realism too early.

    But fashion plays a role. And I have really never given a shit about fashion. But I still understand it, or at least think I do. And call me crazy, but I sense that the fashion community knows exactly what I am talking about. What is more fashionable than subverting religious dogma? And if this SJW shit is dogma, then where does that send fashion?

    Anyway, it’s all really a bit mind bending. I hope that SOON the proper structure is sufficiently built to support those who commit thought crimes. I feel this is in development, though I also fear it is much too long in the future that it will have any substantial effect on the mainstream, or even the Small Mainstream.

    As cool as I think Roosh is, most people, even in company of relatively “cool” people will have difficulty admitting this or discussing it without inspiring the usual religious signaling.

    The washing goes exceptionally deep.

    Frankly I don’t think I have seen anyone come even remotely close to the magnitude of the beast we are facing. It is far more fundamental a force than I had personally realized. It still controls my mind. It’s axioms are always there, because they remain unexposed. The things we don’t know that we know.

    I would advocate in such times ruthless and completely offensive stream of consciousness political incorrectness. As a sort of mental cleansing mechanism. Sit and write or shout the most offensive things you can come up with. I won’t do so here because I don’t know the “rules.” But try this yourself. Take a chance. You don’t have to show anyone. Just sit and write the most hilariously racist and mean spirited things that come into your head without a censor of any sort. Do it poetically. I don’t believe or feel nearly anything I write. But in writing it it is as though my body releases this weird pressure that is on it from society to bend over like its bitch.

    This clears the brain of some of that deep washing.

    I also think that if these non-PC structures which will allow people like Moldbug to speak anywhere he wants and make the people who have robbed him of a life the ones who are “at risk” (though ideally the “patchwork” would prevent this, idk) must arise from this sort of free wheeling offensiveness.

    Step 1:
    Loosen up axioms by writing the most politically incorrect things you can possibly imagine as they come into your mind. They can be hateful, funny, or whatever. Just allow yourself to write them. This allows you to forcefully reject the bodily guilt and shame you feel when having thoughts you know the Cathedral has told you are wrong. Which is the phenomena which I am sure has lead so many good people to realizing how the Cathedral is truly wrong on a fundamental level.

    Step 2:
    Identify axioms which are incorrect. (Example below, please read)

    Step 3:
    Replace axioms with correct ones


    Wrong axiom:

    I should feel bad for wanting to avoid black people when walking back to my apartment at night, and I should have to keep this feeling I have secret because it is evil and I am a bad person for having it

    Correct axiom:

    It is normal that I feel this way. It is the result of my real experiences in life which are verifiable. It is not my responsibility or duty to the world to justify the verifiable experiences I have. The people who accuse me of being a bad person are evil and stupid. Since most of society is doing this today, most of society is stupid and evil.

    Here’s the most important axiom for everyone to remove and weed out in the population:

    Wrong axiom:
    It is understandable that some people believe BLM and movements like it are morally justified. There are racist people who are a real problem. Even if it’s stupid and evil, we have to recognize that there is good reason those perceptions exist. Even though they’re wrong in their method, racism is a real problem and ultimately this means that their actions are reasonable and for a good cause. They’re just stupid and ignorant and so it’s not really their fault.

    Correct axiom:
    It is inexcusable for anyone to support BLM, which is by all measures of reason completely insane. It is inexcusable for anyone to treat others unfairly or irrationally because of their “cause.” It is morally reprehensible and despicable. The way they are acting is disgusting and vile and they must be shamed and put in their place for their actions. Yes, they are stupid. But it is still wrong. Their actions remain evil on every level and must be treated as such. They have failed their duty to uphold the truth. They have failed their duty to reason and honesty with their fellow men. They do so at the costs of everyone else.

    Yet I still feel sorry for them. Maybe there is something wrong with me but I find it very difficult to bring myself to want to treat them like they are so completely and utterly willing to treat us.

    Saul Alinsky is the single worst influence today. His drones should be treated with the exact amount of sympathy as they are currently treating us. They should be fired from their jobs and removed from the academy. They should be publicly shamed on television. They should be removed from public life. Their careers should be permanently stopped short. The SJW should be treated mercilessly.

    There is no other way to deal with people who think that your life is dispensable for their own cause. They can’t be reasoned with. Stop trying. You’re the good guy. They’re the bad guy. That’s all there is to it. No “but racism is bad” or “we need equality.” Those things may be true. But that’s not what we’re really talking about, is it? Focus on this exact phenomenon and the people who embody it. They do not stand for or speak for equality. The degree to which they do is the degree to which you do not level them. But every other degree past that is to determine the extent of their leveling.

    DO IT


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  • spandrell Says:

    Yeah, meanwhile the main companies in Silicon Valley are competing with each other to see who hires more women and NAMs; basically ending technological progress as we know it. But hey, Roosh hasn’t been beaten up yet, he only got a beer poured on his head. Liberty will prevail!

    Won’t deny it’s entertaining; but please. Best case scenario he actually converts to Islam and leads a secluded life with a family.


    Kwisatz Haderach Reply:

    Hey did you hear the good news? Intel and Apple are already ahead of their respective five year plans for fully diverse representation!

    They’re going to be so enriched with all of that diversity; I don’t usually give stock tips, but really, how can you lose with these guys?


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