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In the age of Corbyn-style socialist fundamentalism, George Monbiot wants the Left to get (still more) religion:

Evangelical groups unite around a set of core convictions, overt, codified and non-negotiable. It would surely not be difficult to create a similar set, common to all progressive movements, built around empathy, kindness, forgiveness and self-worth [you know, redemption]. A set of immutable convictions might make our movements less capricious while reinforcing the commonality between the left’s many causes. […] Evangelism is positive and propositional (to evangelise is to bring good news). You cannot achieve lasting change unless you set the agenda, rather than responding to that of your opponents. […] They welcome everyone – but in particular the unconverted. Instead of anathematising difference, doubt and hesitation, they explain and normalise these responses as steps within a journey to belief.

The only reason this isn’t pure Left-Moldbuggianism is that it still seems to think it’s doing something new.

(The Guardian actually used that picture to illustrate the Monbiot piece, just in case you think I might be exaggerating what’s going on here.)

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  • Back to the Roots | Neoreactive Says:

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  • Dark Psy-Ops Says:

    If evangelical fervor were flammable you could burn down the entire Western world lighting a single match.


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  • Barnabas Says:

    Evangelicals exhausted their last bit of resistance to progressivism in the culture wars of the 80s and 90s. Under these circumstances other worship and altruism were just enough of a hack to allow them to get on board with the progressive movement. The Gospel Coalition Blog now regularly posts pieces on things like rape culture and white privilege. Any understanding of race not based in Marxism is seen as racist and evil. Evangelicals are celebrating the Islamic conquest of Europe and calling for open borders from Mexico to the Dominican Republic to Europe. Abortion and gay marriage are the only sticking points and provide Evangelicals with just enough to psychological cover to say “I’m not a leftist , I’m against abortion and gay marriage.” Thus they give themselves a pass to embrace other radically Marxist positions. Expect to see more convergence here.


    michael Reply:

    Beck just called the tea party racists for supporting trump,Im no beck fan but looked into him when he first came on the scene and was surprised to find a rather lucid deconstruction of cultural marxism, dont know if it was a fluke but his little rant this week shows even when thoroughly aware of the frankfurt school etc just a little Christianity will turn you cuck


    michael Reply:

    By the way -you guys think game of thrones is DE? started watching it ought to be called game of crones bitches rule the world while complaining about sexism. oh and fags gossiping and plotting in the background, freed dark slaves are the salvationarmy, climate change a sub plot, religion is false or evil,The people are victims of all this have i missed anything.


    Erik Reply:

    Game of Thrones is not and has never been DE. George “Rape Rape” Martin writes a drawn-out horror novel packed with death, rape, betrayal, and stupidity, and progs cry “finally someone being realistic about how bad the middle ages were!” when in fact the Game more resembles the terrors of the French Revolution if anything historical at all.

    prof. Challenger Reply:

    I don’t follow it — my fiancée does and sometimes I’m hanging out with her and catch odd moments — but GOT always appears to be dripping with sex.

    Some people argue that sex (as much as it benefits from the intimacy of real relationships) is more about power than love — that even in very non-kinky, reciprocate-favors sexuality, what gets people off is dominating or being dominated at one particular instance. The aesthetics of violence (let alone the frankly porn-y scenes like the “walk of shame”) in GOT seem to argue forcefully in this direction.

    This can be read either as an endorsement of the idea of natural hierarchies (then, Jesse Owens argued that his performance in the 1936 Berlin Olympics was an assertion of “natural aristocracy” over bogus claims of aryan superiority, but that’s not how progressive history remembers him), or as simple apology for the dissolutions of morals and so on.

    Laterally: I know a bunch of people who do the kinky kind of “dominance/submission” sex, and a common theme is that some people have submissive desires too but fall into a lifelong pattern of being “dominant” partners. This is awfully anecdotal, but goes in the direction of sex as expressing natural hierarchies. Even the archetypal high-powered executive that seeks pro-dominatrices that won’t even give him sex can be re-read as someone who loves bureaucracy and rose through bureaucracy (submission to a system) to the point where there’s nothing “above” to cling on to. Such is the burden of kings: they don’t get to be submissive to anyone.

    Then: sex is fundamentally human play, and it’s only natural that people will choose to playfully reenact the very real dominance and submission dynamics that are out there — which doesn’t imply automatically that those are the only things reenacted through sex. This would broaden the reach of GOT’s dripping sexuality.

    And as I’ve said, I don’t follow the show.

    an inanimate aluminum tube Reply:

    It’s not a fluke, he has gone full on proud cuckold, raising money to bring in Syrians and travelling to the border to help those unesecorted migrant children last year.

    Things aren’t looking good for Christianity’s right wing credentials.


    vxxc2014 Reply:

    Beck rode the wave exposing how radical the Left is and how radical Obama is, now he rides the evangelical wave….and all men are brothers….

    Evangelicals needed a Mohammed and they got Bible Thumping male Oprah’s.


    It’s nice to be Catholic. We can ignore the Church and the Pope on temporal matters. In fact Rome’s had some it’s worst sackings from Catholic rulers. We only have to obey on Faith and Morals [and nothing happens if you don’t].

    We also have 2000 years to look back on for perspective. Most of these poor people can’t go back farther than their attachment to that individual Church, perhaps that pastor.

    Emotion will only carry you a short way. No staying power.

    If you wish to gainsay me point to Christendom on a map. When we had it the world knew where we were, bloody borders or not.


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  • Ossipago Says:

    This is what a crowd looks like when it’s been taken by an egregoire.


    admin Reply:

    When thinking about progressives I was always seeing that picture, without realizing it.


    hyperstitious Reply:

    It’s that frenetic emotional overload. If you jump on tumblr, you’ll see it here and there. It’s a great way to let people brainwash themselves in the middle of an emotional orgy. Progressives haven’t quite mastered it yet, but Admin’s link certainly signals another step in that direction.


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  • Lesser Bull Says:

    #AAA, baby.


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  • Thales Says:

    2013: Uncompromising excoriation.

    2015: Unironic embracing.

    What Yarvin is thinking right now.


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  • John Hannon Says:

    Prog rock –


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  • SanguineEmpiricist Says:

    Erik you cannot take game of thrones from us! GoT is D.E. !


    Skilluminati Reply:

    Pretty sure the “E” doesn’t stand for “entertainment.” You might as well wonder if your sneakers are NRx.

    Watch whatever you want, though; popcorn justifies itself.


    Erik Reply:

    Here’s my case against it: GoT is about as darkly enlightened as the Swedish Royal Guard – a few disconnected trappings associated with the medieval period, used by someone who has almost no clue about the past except believing that it’s full of darkness and slavery. GoT started out modelled on the Wars of the Roses and then turned up the RAPE KILL MAIM BURN to the point where the story passed from althist via fantasy into horror, but cynicism is not wisdom. GRRM depicts the alternate past as an unrealistically horrible place to live even before one adds in the fantasy elements. This is not being darkly enlightened. This is closer to foolishly asserting that the Spanish Inquisition killed millions of people. It’s the Dung Ages view of history that there was only oppression and wickedness until approximately the American Civil War or Martin Luther King.

    What’s your case for it?

    (I’m not saying it’s bad to watch. As Skilluminati says, enjoy your popcorn entertainment. Just don’t mistake it for anything more.)


    Ossipago Reply:

    My case for it that it realistically depicts the difficulty of wielding sovereign power. All of the main players are above the law, and yet they are not free from constraints or consequences. It’s not called a “game” for nothing. Maybe should have been called “Game of Sovereigns.”

    I realize that sovereignty in GoT falls somewhat short of the Moldbuggian ideal. Real world sovereignty always does, though. This is why the show is so damned interesting.

    The show’s main flaw its unrealistic emphasis on “strong women.” The need to give those characters struggles is what keeps driving the narrative into uncomfortably “rapey” territory.


    Erebus Reply:

    The way I see it, the show, which is entertaining to watch, doesn’t genuinely depict anything realistically. The “sovereigns” are caricatures, shallow archetypes, avatars — there’s the Machiavellian adviser, the debauched king, the honorable man, the witch, the messiah, the evil queen, the barbarian chieftain, several versions of the ambitious power-seeker, and so forth — and realism has little to do with these utterly one-dimensional characters. There’s more truth, and more realism, in a single page of The Hobbit than there is in GRRM’s entire body of work. The Greek Pantheon, which is the gold standard of archetypes and avatars, has Gods which behave more human than the characters in Game of Thrones.

    …I’d add: Tolkien is a product of his times, and GRRM is a product of modernity. Compare and contrast, if you’ve got the stomach for it. It ought to horrify us that people can adapt to such a catastrophic downturn in the quality of our literature and art.

    vxxc2014 Reply:

    GOT is pornographic Machiavelli.

    Himself spurned by Lorenzo Di Magnifico. Some things should never be written down.

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  • Asher Says:

    I say we run with this metaphor. What’s the social justice version of the sinner’s prayer? Undoubtedly something involving white privilege.


    Nick B. Steves Reply:


    Some people argue that sex is more about power than love

    Well sure. But Power is about love.


    Nick B. Steves Reply:

    Well that didn’t thread well. Good thing I quoted…

    It’s no metaphor. SJW is a real, actual, honest-to-god tent revival.

    The sinner’s prayer? “I apologize for my white privilege”.


    admin Reply:

    “It’s no metaphor.” Agreed.

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