It’s called the ‘canary’ in the coal mine, because everyone is waiting for it to be canned. After the Derbyshire whacking, Mark Steyn became the obvious follow up candidate. Are we approaching the final wheezy chirp? (What a truly repulsive piece of clotted cowardice that magazine is.)

ADDED: Not to forget the other prominent word crime story of the week (the Left eating its own).

ADDED: At NRO, a line in the sand? Also.

ADDED: Handle has some suggestions to make.

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  • Orthodox Says:

    This is mysterious because we know the canary doesn’t die. Where did it go? I assure you it is safe and sound flying under blue skies, its cage left behind in the narrow tunnels of the coal mine. My friend, if you want to see where the canary flies, if you want to walk under the same blue skies, take this red pill……..


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