Chaos Patch (#112)

(open thread + links)

From the reality of virtue to virtual reality. “Perfect monarchy, then, tends toward market perfection.” Spiritual security. Against WN and 1488. Parable of the Raft. Path-finders. Neoreaction a Basilisk (a view from outside). Douthat article responses from Spandrell, Nydrwracu, Bateman — and Douthat. Darwinian overlords. Stop the tech-comms. The weekly round, plus outliers.

Sean Gabb on Jews (recalling). The left/ right divide, neoliberals, libertarians, and transhumanists. Dalrymple on decay. Against the arc. Stuck in cartoons. The calamity in the Vatican.

Rain is good.” Cash in the cross-hairs. Internet-thrashed publishing. Fixing stuff. Entrepreneurial earnings. The origin of slavery, and Silicon Valley feudalism.

Austria lurches right (1, 2) (meanwhile, in Hungary). Portugal teeters. Belgium looks on the bright side. Venezuelan death rattles (1, 2, 3). Iraq crumbles. Killer submarines. Inscrutable signals from China (plus, and comment). Undead history. Hang on to hegemony (despite the heartache).

Trumpenführer panic report (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6). “… don’t be surprised if the election of Donald Trump turns out to be greatest coup in Zionism’s history” (wait, what?). The Left, hard times, and annoying celebrities play their part. Who, whom. Trump’s foreign policy (1, 2). Revivalism.

Popcorn catastrophe. Owned SJWs (video). Candace Owens bites back (1, 2, 3). Atheist privilege (and response), and, also. Hugo Hell-storm (also). Hatin‘ on Tyson. Holocaust meta-revisionism. Poe’s coup. Satanic rage.

Over the cliff. Magnetosphere collapse. Winter is coming. Hacker mayhem.

Human Varieties top ten. Delicate to a fault. Intelligence genomics update. Natural born killers. HBD on the Left. More mystic racism. Why is Westeros white?

Smashing the Standard Model. The cosmic web. Graphic solar system catalog. Feynman for free. Fertilization effect. Spark of life. Conservative concerns about gene editing. The hidden Antarctic.

Cybernetic supremacy. Chinese robots (1, 2). AI Angst. Faster. Bitcoin stuff (1, 2), military blockchains, and smart contracts. The Wikipedia oligarchy (see). Where to make trillions. Rocket pr0n (video).

Psychedelic weirdness. Solitary immersion. Super-myths. Cranked-up civets. Theo-cosmic meditations.

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  • Chaos Patch (#112) | Neoreactive Says:

    […] Chaos Patch (#112) […]

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  • Ahote Says:

    >A coddled population unable to orientate themselves without Google Maps can’t seek truth or discern lies.

    Unlike the not coddled population of late 18th century France (or 15th century Germany) which possessed superior intellect and reasoning ability? Niggers gonna nig (“nigger” should NOT be taken to be synonym for “black person” in this context), and in the earlier ages it took a lot of work to make them useful. Owing to unprecedented increase in productivity made possible by material technology, the inferior can now, not only survive, but thrive. So yes, technology is dysgenic, but not in a way that he thinks. User-friendly apps aren’t going to make anyone’s genes worse.


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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    “Perfect monarchy, then, tends toward market perfection.”

    Makes sense to me. Good leadership and market balance both reflect reality as optimized by thinking agents.

    Great group of links. Preparing today with a robusto, some green tea and a little Bruckner for reading all of this goodness…


    admin Reply:

    Stiff competition these days …


    Aaron Reply:

    @Brett Stevens

    Brett, your opinions on Batman v Superman are second hand. You are simply reiterating received opinion. I’m not saying that that BVS is a good or bad movie (I haven’t seen it either), but hear me out here. I know that the response is that it is unnecessary to distinguish between different sub types of feces, but I think there is another dynamic at play. Outside of a bit a highly qualified and predictable praise for a “strong womyn” character of wonder woman, the film was almost universally trashed in various shitlib media outlets. This is the same media that will approve of manbaby pleasing output like the Avengers, Hateful Eight, Django, etc. It is almost as if the movie were subliminally illiberal in some way (or perhaps that is wishful thinking on my part). You want to characterize BVS an example of how the public will lap up any sort of manchild slop in spite of elite opinion. I find that this characterization just doesn’t make any sense. Aside from a relatively few exceptions like BVS, elite opinion doesn’t match the profile that you seem to think it does. Certainly if Superman had been black or gay or a woman, the film would have been received much differently. The real interesting question is left unasked, is why would they take such exception to BVS I particular?


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  • SVErshov Says:

    I do not follow closely to all bitcoins politics. actual power distribution did not change much. all those clowns like Andersen and others so far succeded in making BicoinCore slow and trying to spread FUD about transactios dissapearance. They control a lot of full nodes and what they can do is to hold transaction which was sent without fee. I sent few weeks ago one transaction without fee, it was creadited to recepient about 10 day later. first it was on hold in UK, later rejected by node, then few days it was on hold in Nederlands, the went into Texas and was included in some block. NO transaction can be lost! it will be credited or it will return to your vallet.

    if you want fast transaction you can sent it with small fee and it will go trough in 30 minuts.

    info about block chain getting full because of increase in number of transaction is BS. I mined a lot of blocks in 2012 and 2013 all my blocks require small fee to be paid to me when some transaction included in my block. that way I know if some transaction been included. so far only ONE fee was received, that means all my blocks is empty.

    despite of all these propaganda mining difficulty keep rising, that means people investing in mining, because mining difficulty rise as result of increase in total hash power. to increase it some one have to bring new hardware to work on network. last significant increase was in February 33% up. that is some seriouse amount of hardware because at this time hashing power already was at astronomical 859,232,121 GH/s

    here is mining difficulty history charts

    those who control mining control bitcoins, here is who is who in bitcoins

    from atnpool to bitfury it is the same block of people who control 80% of hashing power. Nobody can hard fork them.


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  • useablecrania Says:

    The magnetosphere did not, in fact, collapse:


    admin Reply:



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  • Grotesque Body Says:

    I wonder how Feynman would feel about starving philosophy students being able to access his lectures, given that he hated philosophy.


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  • vimothy Says:

    Slavoj Zizek, shitlord:


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  • Erebus Says:

    The “transhumanist debate” is a joke. Two reasons:

    -There is no movement. Moreover, any popular Transhumanist movement would be utterly without merit. Transhumanism is a concept, solely, and not an inherently political or social one.

    -Hughes is not a transhumanist at all. He’s a bog-standard progressive academic — a bioethicist, of all things — who has been wasting his time writing about “transhumanism” (very narrowly defined, essentially “bluepilled”,) in a desperate bid for relevance. He has never written a single thing worth reading. This is representative. (…One can only laugh, I guess…)

    The other links are great, though. The “Hidden Antarctica” one, in particular. Fascinating.


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  • Tentative Joiner Says:

    Hey Admin, look at this.

    Epoch time would have been a natural default but, alas, prime numbers on the scale of 1462185001 are a little too much for an in-browser application to handle. Thus, the current default derives from Western civilization’s legacy mode of displaying the time. An alternative mode is enabled with a press of a hotkey. Perhaps is should be the default?


    Tentative Joiner Reply:

    Did Admin-senpai notice my comment?

    In all seriousness, I’d appreciate your feedback on the presentation and function of this little project. In particular, I’ve been wondering how 2 should be represented. I have seen it xenotated as :, 0 (most recently) and (). The last option has an elegance to it for reducing by one the number of distinct characters required to record Xenotation but makes the result rather less readable. On top of these options, you can approximate tic dots more closely with a Unicode character like ∙ or · .

    There is also the matter of what way of measuring time would be an appropriate fit for Xenotation — if any at all. When proximity means multiplication the “HH MM SS” format certainly is suspect.

    Relatedly, 333 in Xenotation — ((:)::)(:)(:) or (:)(:)(::(:)) or (:)(:(:):)(:) — would make a nice t-shirt “slogan”.

    (And perhaps converting decimal input to Xenotation would be the most useful feature.)


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  • Alan J. Perrick Says:

    Well, there is a lot going on in the world, not leastly coloured by the latest Virtual Reality technology. I have fond memories of it growing up, so must take a closer look. Thanks.



    John Hannon Reply:

    Here’s an articulate first person account of state of the art VR from the screenwriter of “Brainstorm” –


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  • Rasputin Says:


    Any thoughts:


    Quint Essential Reply:

    Did you see this?

    Maybe not definitive, but Wright could be him. Still odd that he wouldn’t send something to the mailing list.


    Hurlock Reply:

    Seems like another scam:

    Come on now, we all know it really is Szabo…


    admin Reply:



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  • vxxc2014 Says:

    Neoreaction a Basilisk…..”A Dear John letter to western civilization written from the garden of madman philosophers.” Hah.

    And it’s Radical not Reactionary because there’s nothing left to react to…RADIX


    The Vandals were right about the written word.


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  • Judean Says:

    Individual seasteading, individual exit


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  • michael Says:

    For and Against WN etc.
    Admittedly Im not overly familiar with this territory my impression is there is a neo nazi crowd and an intellectual WN crowd that that are very different.Im not clear which of the intelectuals are actually socialist or whether its really socialism rather than skepticism of capitalism as we experience it and an emphasis on culture over economy. That said. I find the dismissal of both groups as almost the same thing as wrong headed for a number of reasons. First nydwracu [and admins] argument that differences between European ethnicities makes an attempt at WN doomed.Rubbish look at the United States before multiculturalism. And its interesting that those who most push this problem are living in asia. The Hajinal line thing doesnt work either for many reasons. first because those elites peers and monarchs most admired by reactionaries were the least effected by the customs thought of to be hajinal, they married young had many children and were more inbred.Next the Church so admired obviously maintained its influence longest outside the line. Next The classical cultures we admire Greek Roman Byzantine [and Russian?] also outside the line. Next the cultural developments we use as evidence [lets face it of white supremacy] even without the classical contributions and foundation is not all clearly within the lines are the scotts really to be thought of as outside the line of clanishness lol. And spain within it?Are the inter european wars often used as evidence of WN doom in or outside the wall? No euros have fought each other for advantage so what thats how we chimps do in a time before air travel who the hell were we supposed to fight with.The list of successful european mixed ethnic culture is pretty impressive. another argument is the either or why cant nations like the anglosphere be white nationalist and countries like france be french its not too difficult a concept. The problems within the multi euro nations are not at all related to Teutons fighting Angles or Celts its niggers amerindians and frankly mostly that is a result of Jews stirring the pot. Personally i like Jews and can believe they got into this melting pot anti christmas meme thinking it was a good defense mechanism and sure they had help from wasps but lets not get side tracked on that fucking topic the point is euros can live together what doesnt work is multiculturalism because HBD its the fucking foundation of the dark enlightenment we evolve we compete and groups too disparate can not compete leads to war socialism etc euros are close enough we have proof of this niggers are not we have proof of this too. Jews you all decide i vote we fucking assimilate their asses once and for all fuck them till they dont even know their a jew which is whats happening at yale anyway. Asians yeah great people and our main competitor for world domination be nice to steer the world away from a big finale but multiculturalism isnt the way.Frankly they dont worry me we will do fine without them we have other things that make their slight IQ edge not important. Hers a few more BS arguments WN equals socialism BULLSHIT need not be, WN no longer possible BS You might as well say White survival not possible because thats the end game of multiculturalism and if you cant see that please go back to Salon and NRO.The euros could easily stop immigration deport the illegals and make life miserable until the sand niggers left how about no welfare same here you dont need ovens the mexicans will flee if a civil war started, and the blacks we can deal with after deporting the half of them trhat have recently come. Its no more actually far less far fetched tan a collapse and Davos calling MM to take over. The culture war problems NYDWRACU describes are a symptom of multiculturalism not a cause just go back to the way we were no the movie stupid is Redford a SJW no its Striesand and she looks like an idiot which is the point . when a country is not too diverse cultural confidence and hegemony can be enforced, maybe the Germans and irish took a bit of prodding to adopt english ways maybe they contributed a bit too maybe Italians and greeks were even a bit harder but it was fine until Jews started saying we really ought to get rid of christmas trees and school prayer thats how it started i know i was there i watched it progress, sure take it all the way back to Lincoln Jefferson Cromwell Jesus if you want but then what have you got nothing. Another argument is we wont have a rich culture and good chjinese food BS we can have guest workers even permanent residents lots of them as long as they understand they cant get involved in native culture and politics. What we cant have is slant chinks stealing our tech for chicom fuck that.


    Tentative Joiner Reply:

    You really should use paragraph breaks. At this length your comment is nigh unreadable without them.


    Posted on May 2nd, 2016 at 5:04 pm Reply | Quote
  • Mariani Says:

    Crowder’s rant is stupid for for reasons previously outlined by Scott Alexander.
    The problem of SJWs isn’t that they are babies who told they were special snowflakes, it’s that they are motivated by a psychotic ideology.


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  • Chris P Michael Says:

    My problem with the anti-1488rs is they’ll basically strawman anyone they disagree with as 1488 (a la anyone right of breitbart). By ramzpaul’s standards, the entirety of NRx and the majority of the alt-right may as well be “1488” whatever the hell that even means. They’re also too concerned with how the “movement” is perceived and gaining political recognition. Therefore they will purge everything to their right just as Buckley did before them.


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  • Mark Warburton Says:

    Not sure where this fits, Nick, but you might acknowledge the verse..

    The logic of globalisation is plutocracy – the destruction of the middle-class folds into a hyper-elite anarchy that – by its nature – centres capital and human ‘cunning’ (if we dare to suggest humans know their ‘way’). It will destroy ethnic and religious divide – because the monkey in us is becoming a distance parody. The enemy of my enemy will unlikely be my friend. You will all be filtered out to the doughnut edge of a future facing city. Unless you’re a shipping magnate’s daughter from Hong Kong, or some other loud exception, you will find yourself riding a wave of gentrification. The wave is inverse to the shore. It’s outward, to the end of the universe. To be more precise, a Lovecraftian abyss pears at you and lingers. There is nothing like a geographical delimitation that gets the mind racing. This all goes beyond the political spectrum. It is at the forefront of geopolitical anxiety, beyond the staid conflicts broadcast back to us, from deserted deserts, and the anomalies plaguing the liberal cannon.


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  • Outliers (#4) Says:

    […] Libertarian obsolescence. Leftism = Treason. Brave New Fail. Pipe & Tweed. Round-up: here and […]

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