Chaos Patch (#121)

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Scrappy out-of-Shanghai-HQ edition.

Neocameral meditations. “Why I am not a Neocameralist.” “When men vote you get the free market, when women vote you get socialism.” The weekly round, plus outliers.

Faux cosmopolitanism. Reactionary royalism reaches the center-left. The democratic agony (1, 2, 3, 4). “I think when many Leftists realize that we as nationalists are the true socialists, the true anti-globalists and the true anti-capitalists I believe they will come to our side.” Repatriation without tears (plus, baby steps).

Brexit reflections (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), and background. The coming cascade (1, 2, 3, 4). “I love the EU.”

The unmentionable war. Crisis in an age of (political) dimness. Round two in Austria (1, 2). Keystone sailors.

Diversity training doesn’t work. The next Gawker will be darker. Tarzan cannot be redeemed.

The days of human combat pilots are numbered. Digital vandalism. Hybrid VR.

Parasite pressure. The search for alien refrigeration.

Gödel’s legacy. Unending ‘iron harvest’ on the Somme. War on drugs.

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  • Erebus Says:

    Popular science reporting is terrible.

    The “Freon in space” hypothesis is so stupid that it’s contemptible. Stupid even by the low standards of The Atlantic. Among other reasons, chemical space is almost as vast as real space — and it is certain to contain untold numbers of coolants that are comparable to, or superior to, Freon.
    (…To say nothing of how difficult it would be to detect Freon in space, etc.)

    The “war on drugs” article is almost as bad. The hypothesis that Berserkers ran into battle whilst under the effects of Amanita muscaria intoxication is sure to be false. It is not “almost certain,” as the article proclaims. Reason being that A.muscaria is a depressant at low intake levels, and an extremely unpleasant depressant if large quantities are consumed. It has no recreational potential at any dose, would not enhance physical performance at any dose, and it is unlikely to put anybody in a fighting mood. Precisely the contrary on all accounts!
    …If they used any herbs at all, it’s likely something similar to securinega suffruticosa — a northern plant which contains a CNS stimulant which is quite similar to strychnine in some respects, can enhance skeletal muscle contractility, and has mild recreational potential.

    That aside, DARPA has been looking into some interesting things with respect to drugs and chemical enhancement. “Enhanced warfighters” (PDF).

    >”The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), for example, supports a host of research projects designed to build a warfighter that can learn better, eat grass, have super-vision, operate without sleep or food, swim like a dolphin, smell with the sensitivity of a dog’s nose, and climb walls like a lizard, among other capabilities. (See section 2.4 for a more detailed survey of these projects.)

    The enhancement goal of creating a super-soldier is not unusual: that is essentially what we are doing with military robots, but from an engineering or mechanical starting point rather than a biological one.”


    admin Reply:

    “Popular science reporting is terrible.” — I don’t disagree. These pieces are generally Chaos Patched more in the spirit of ‘this is what science media is talking about’ than ‘wow, look at this!’


    Erebus Reply:

    I do hope you keep it up. It’s always interesting, even when — sometimes especially when — the articles are nonsensical, misleading, or just plain dumb. (Science journalists write the damndest things sometimes…)


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  • Hurlock Says:

    “Why elections are bad for democracy”

    We are reaching levels of irony that shouldn’t be possible.

    “Our voting system worked well for decades, but now it is broken. There is a better way to give voice to the people.”

    I’ve been wondering when The Guardian and all the leftist media and academia will start openly lobbying for Brezhnevism.
    This is just like communist propaganda in pre-1989 Eastern Europe, where there were no elections whatsoever, but everyone was taught that they live in the most democratic place on the planet. Moldbug’s contention that when people say they “love democracy” what they really mean is they love “rule by experts”, is not only being vindicated, but even explicitly confirmed by the establishment’s reaction to Brexit.

    “Democracy is a religion that has failed the poor”
    Which is why we should abolish and replace it with single-party rule.
    North Korea, best Korea!


    Erebus Reply:

    The Fusion article makes sense if, and only if, you read it under the assumption that the author is using a novel definition of the word “democracy.” That his usage does not fit the classical or traditional definition of the word is immediately apparent. For instance: “If you move from a democracy of the elites to a pure democracy of the will of the people, you will pay a very, very heavy price.” Isn’t “oligarchy” a better fit for the former? The term “democracy of the elites” makes very little sense.

    But I couldn’t find any sense at all in the Giles Fraser article. It made no points; it was a long complaint… A whine. There is nothing meaningful behind questions like: “But is it worth belonging to a country that has become little more than an aggregation of self-interest?”
    …By the way, the man bears an absolutely startling physical resemblance to Squealer.

    >”Moldbug’s contention that when people say they “love democracy” what they really mean is they love “rule by experts”, is not only being vindicated, but even explicitly confirmed by the establishment’s reaction to Brexit.”

    Yes. It becomes more apparent every day.


    Grotesque Body Reply:

    Rule by experts vs rule by exports


    kzl Reply:

    Rule by expats vs rule by axe pets.

    wu-wei Reply:

    The Cathedral, 2016: “Democracy is only good and sweet and true when the peasants actually vote how we tell them too. Otherwise, it is our obligation to protect them from themselves.”


    Johan Schmidt Reply:

    Just in case anyone missed it, that article is a year old. He’s kvetching about the election of a Tory majority last year. It’s not an article about Brexit.

    Ryan Reply:

    You know what they used to call democracy a hundred years ago?



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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    Ideally, nationalists are neither Left nor Right, but pre-democratic conservatives.

    And yet, how do you explain that to a modern person? You will get blank stares and fetal position of the brain.


    Gothic Axial Acceleration Reply:

    Isn´t that more properly called Patriotism? I think many associate Nationalism with the French Revolution & following fervor.


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  • wu-wei Says:

    >Faux cosmopolitanism.

    I’ve been noticing this for a while now, but it’s blatantly obvious that Douthat has been trawling through actual, unfiltered Moldbug. That article essentially consolidates some of Moldbug’s very early work, back when he was still forming an operating definition of what would become “Universalism”; and the whole Brahmin/caste framework.

    I’m firmly convinced Douthat will become a fully fledged Jacobite within the end of the year. :^)


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  • Lucian Says:

    ‘Puzzled? Russell admitted the same. He wondered, “Are we to think that 2+2 is not 4, but 4.001?”’

    Not even Yudkowsky can match Russell’s colossal autism.


    Alrenous Reply:

    Every time I see neoreaction tolerate the insulting of betters, I lose a little more respect for it.


    Lucian Reply:

    Likewise when I see it failing to handle the banter.


    Alrenous Reply:

    I see you’ve misunderstood. Experience tells me this is irremediable.

    Lucian Reply:

    Not at all. I’m waiting on your explanation of how Bertrand “pacifism is totally awesome” Russell’s shitposting is any “better” than my own. At least I keep it concise.

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  • grey enlightenment Says:

    >Faux cosmopolitanism.
    I’ve been noticing this for a while now, but it’s blatantly obvious that Douthat has been trawling through actual, unfiltered Moldbug. That article essentially consolidates some of Moldbug’s very early work, back when he was still forming an operating definition of what would become “Universalism”; and the whole Brahmin/caste framework.
    I’m firmly convinced Douthat will become a fully fledged Jacobite within the end of the year. :^)

    He’s pretty much the closest thing to a mainstream NRx writer. Ross is obv. aware of NRx ..


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  • anonyme Says:

    “The unmentionable war”

    “Get out and declare victory” used to be the way it was handled. Now the US just stays in and declares it a new “different” war.

    Thus the war in Afghanistan, brought to you by your favorite false flag, 9/11, lasted 13 years, longer than the US participation in WW I, WW II, Korea and the Spanish American War combined.

    The longest running war in US history was finally ended by the great President Peace Prize.

    And a new war began immediately. This was done by simply re-branding the flawed product everyone was sick of, and calling it: “Operation Freedom’s Sentinel”

    What “Operation Freedom’s Sentinel” mostly consists of is the CIA using Hell-fire missile strikes to target civilians (who’ve never even heard of 9/11) in their homes, workplaces, weddings, funerals, parades, parties, sleepovers, etc

    The CIA are the real terrorists. They always have been since their inception. Before, they used to have to fund and arm the death-squads of the brutal dictators who helped oversee the brutal economic regimes installed by Washington for the benefit of various corporations and banks. However that’s no longer necessary as the CIA itself has become the death squad which Americans are paying for.

    Of course Shitlibs ignore all of this completely, ever since Obama and Hillary have been in charge, they’re much more concerned that Trump might have said (or tweeted) something racist. Or xenophobic, god forbid…

    It’s okay to use Hell-fire missiles and slaughter a wedding party with 49 Afghani women and children, but just don’t say anything bad about muslims….


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  • Grotesque Body Says:

    NRx needs to have a conversation about Debord.


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  • anonyme Says:

    After a 1936 trip to Soviet Russia, however, Louis Ferdinand Céline denounced the Reds as just another gang of swindlers:

    “The program of communism? In spite of all assertions to the contrary: completely materialistic. The claims of the brute for the usage of brutes…to stuff the belly. Take a look at the mug of fat Marx, his belly full.”


    Brett Stevens Reply:

    At what point do people realize that deviation from the successful civilization model, in any degree, leads to the same place (Communism and third worldism)?


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  • anonyme Says:

    Good riddance to Elie Wiesel.

    The fraud has already been awarded a Nobel Peace Prize and received a standing ovation during a joint meeting of Congress

    At latest count there are six versions of his “masterpiece” Night, the foundation of Wiesel’s lucrative career.

    All that’s missing now is for Pope Francis to name him Saint Elie


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  • The Imperial Imp Says:

    @Grotesque Body
    Do elaborate.


    Grotesque Body Reply:

    You best start believing in spectacles.


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  • anonyme Says:

    Imperialism = Diversity = Dysfunction (esp with lots of niggers & Mohammedans)


    admin Reply:

    Raise the tone, or face the ax. This isn’t the place to repeat something that’s been said ten million times before, but with added vulgarity. Take that garbage to the Chans.

    “Tone policing!”


    Brett Stevens Reply:

    The important point about diversity is that it does not matter what groups are involved; it always fails because it is paradoxical in every instance. Even mixing up Japanese with Swedes would result in a broken civilization.


    admin Reply:

    You’re taking this point to the edge of fanaticism. To say “it does not matter what groups are involved” is Cathedral-tier non-discrimination, and I can’t believe you really think Sweden would be in the state it’s in now if it had been importing Japanese rather than MENA Muslims.

    Even if you think (which I don’t FWIW) that all distinct human populations are essentially incompatible, some are evidently vastly more incompatible than others.


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  • mkmks Says:

    > When men vote you get the free market, when women vote you get socialism.

    That’s confusion between means/cause and cause/effect. When it is free market that will keep you in power, “give” “votes” “to” “men”. When it is socialism, “give” “votes” “to” “women”.


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  • anonyme Says:

    Toute l’écriture est de la cochonnerie


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  • Mark Warburton Says:

    I’ll just leave this here. Rammstein’s comedic reminder of Germany going full cathedral.


    Gothic Axial Acceleration Reply:

    This isn´t even «Rammstein».


    Mark Warburton Reply:



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  • Tentative Joiner Says:

    A morphological analogue of the HRx/NRx split in architecture? (Emphasis mine.)

    While some examples are more invisible, or at least intangible, other hostile architectural interventions are more physical and overt. Concrete or metal spikes are used to keep people from urinating in dark city corners, while others are aimed at stopping people from sleeping on the streets.

    One major problem of the spikes (and all the unpleasant designs that curb undesired behavior) is that, unlike interactions with security guards or police officers, these physical features are non-negotiable. Their permanence is definitive and uncompromising, baked into the built environment in a way that is hard to argue against or reverse.


    Tentative Joiner Reply:

    That was meant to be a blockquote.


    holipopiloh Reply:

    >When design solutions address the symptoms of a problem (like sleeping outside in public) rather than the cause of the problem (like the myriad societal shortcomings that lead to homelessness), that problem is simply pushed down the street.

    No emphasis needed since it’s all true (although not necessarily for the reasons stated by the original author).


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  • Barnabas Says:

    “The important point about diversity is that it does not matter what groups are involved; it always fails because it is paradoxical in every instance. Even mixing up Japanese with Swedes would result in a broken civilization.”
    Jayman claims that the problems associated with diversity are due to the populations we’ve been using to mix such diversity. A Swede/Japanese fail mode would likely be another case of demographic decline and importation of a less functional populace.


    wu-wei Reply:

    This is definitely true. Look at Singapore; it is one of the most well-run sovereign states on the planet (or so I have come to believe, as I have not actually traveled there to confirm). The Singaporean constitution virtually deifies immigration. They just do so intelligently, ie. by being extremely selective about who they let in to their welfare net, and maintaining a (comparatively) zero-tolerance penal code.

    I saw a comment thread on MR a while back, detailing the current immigration crisis in Europe. People were doing the typical prog-dance, pointing out that during the 19th century and before, Irish immigrants were considered equivalent to blacks (which is not actually true, but close enough that it does not belie the point.) One commenter responded to this progressive circle-jerk with something to the effect of, “When my Irish ancestors came to America 150 years ago, the welfare net consisted of ‘get busy working or starve to death’, and the penal code was essentially ’cause any trouble and we will hang you'”.

    As someone who firmly believes in the aphorism, “an idle mind is the devil’s playground”, that comment really drives the point home succinctly.


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  • anonyme Says:

    US Election Day brings Civil War

    It’s November 8th and the choice is between Trump and Hillary.

    For weeks, there have been violent protests around the country, battle lines are drawn, everyone is on edge….Early in the afternoon dozens of fake bombs are found in crowded polling locations, resulting in panic and evacuations. Hundreds of robocalls flood into police departments and crowded polling locations with bomb & terrorist threats.

    Hillary is helped by the threats and the electoral college swings to her. Hillary declares victory. She starts cackling and dancing on stage.

    Trump accuses her of stealing the election. Protests go national, resulting in violence and looting. Pleas for calm are ignored, Martial law is declared in major cities….

    Finally all hell breaks loose…

    Half naked men with swastika tattoos on their chests are seen spearing and clubbing Hillary supporters as they celebrate in Times Square.

    The Internet is shut down after men with shaved heads and swastika tattoos are shown passing their long knives about the skulls of living and dead SJWs alike…. holding up the bloody wigs, then hacking and chopping at the naked bodies, ripping off limbs, heads, gutting torsos and holding up great handfuls of viscera and genitals.

    Neonazis are slathered with gore as they fall upon dying Hillary fans and sodomize them with loud cries to their fellows…the naked heads of scalped Hillary supporters are everywhere as they lie maimed in the blood-soaked dust and dying SJWs lie groaning, gibbering and screaming.

    Violence spreads and the global economy collapses due to uncertainty over US economy (ill conceived financial derivatives ensure that virulent US contagion spreads to every nook and cranny of the global financial and economic system).

    The US, suddenly impoverished, extremely angry, mortally betrayed stumbles into all out Civil War.


    Quint Essential Reply:

    Scalping is a cheap Apache trick.


    Quint Essential Reply:

    Or was it the Iroquis who did it first? I can never remember.

    No, Comanche, I think. Seems like it was more frequent in the West than the NE.


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  • Gothic Axial Acceleration Says:

    Appear! O catastrophe god
    For thee only shall I breathe again
    Thou beast and angel, intimate foe of all
    Forgive me not for I have sinned
    Angel of adversity, burden of the world
    For thee only shall I drink from myself
    Thou pride and anger, demon and god
    Forgive me not for I am life… Dirt!

    Cleanse me now, bind the flesh,
    So that I can receive thy punishment with dignity, with dignity
    Make use of me! Make use of this flame,
    So that I can receive thy ineffable splendour with dignity, with dignity

    Breathing wounds
    Living worship

    Observe! O catastrophe god
    For thee only shall I spare this flesh
    Infected tongue of the faceless
    Forgive my judge for he is clean
    Anti-soul, anti-soul
    Receiver’s sight reversed and reborn
    Anti-flesh, anti-flesh

    Imbue me now, let the spirit take form,
    So that I can receive thy punishment with dignity, with dignity
    Make use of me! Make use of this flame,
    So that I can receive thy ineffable splendour with dignity, with dignity


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  • anonyme Says:

    Consider the story of the soldier who meets Death at a crossing in the marketplace, and believes he saw him make a menacing gesture in his direction.

    He rushes to the king’s palace and asks the king for his best horse in order that he might flee during the night far from Death, as far as Samarkand.

    Upon which the king summons Death to the palace and reproaches him for having frightened one of his best servants. But Death, astonished, replies:

    “I didn’t mean to frighten him. It was just that I was surprised to see this soldier here, when we had a rendez-vous tomorrow, in Samarkand.”


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  • GC Says:


    holding up the bloody wigs

    It’s not blood, it’s the hair dye.


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  • Outliers (#13) Says:

    […] Clades. Shove the dove. Communist violence. Third worldism. Obama failure. Nigel. Ask Martha. “Liberal intellectual life is a scam, a goof, a fraud, a hoax.” Historical progress. Space awaits. Hatred. Weekly round: […]

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  • anonyme Says:

    SJW anti-racist Protest turns ugly

    In a city in the southwest, SJW students & BLM activists are protesting racism, white privilege and
    discrimination, waving signs like: “End White Supremacy…. “Pigs in a Blanket, Fry’em like Bacon” ….”Muslim refugees before Racists”….”Syrian Refugees before Homeless White Veterans”….

    The western sky is the color of blood. Somewhere in the distance a group of neonazi white supremacist riders dismount and drink jaw to jaw with their horses then remount and ride on.

    Later that day these horrible riders suddenly appear before the Protest…. hundreds of half naked men clothed in animal skins…. pieces of uniform still dripping with the blood of prior owners, shirts ripped from the dead, many of them have their braids spliced up with the hair of dead beasts, braids so long they trail on the ground and their horse’s ears and tails have bits of brightly colored cloth

    One horse’s entire head was painted crimson red

    All howling in a barbarous Nazi tongue and riding down upon the SJWs like a horde from a hell more horrible than the fire & brimstone of christian hell, screeching and yammering…

    Oh my god, it’s fucking white males & racists!!! scream Carl the Cuck, Aid Skrillex & Triggly Puff

    A few hours later….the SJWs lie nameless among the stones with their terrible wounds, the viscera spilled from their sides and the naked torsos bristling with arrowshafts.

    Judging by their beards some of the dead were men yet they now have strange menstrual wounds between their legs and no man’s parts for those have been cut away and hung dark and strange from out their grinning mouths.

    In their wigs of dried blood they lay gazing up with ape’s eyes at brother sun now rising in the east.

    One SJW who hasn’t finished dying yet, barely has the strength left to whisper….”rayciss”…


    storm of the aeons Reply:



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  • anonyme Says:

    Heidegger and the Jews

    Some remarks on Heidegger’s Überlegungen (AKA the “Black Notebooks”)

    Every few years, somebody notices that Heidegger was a Nazi, and it starts all over again…

    At a recent conference on “Heidegger et les juifs”, Bernard Henri Levy said (more or less): “Heidegger’s philosophical pursuits are directly linked with his anti-Semitism…”

    Taking Heidegger’s defense, Francois Fedier argued that there is nothing directly correlating his immense contribution to modern thinking with his political ties to the National Socialist Party.

    Baudrillard foresaw this kind of portrayal in his “Necrospective around Martin Heidegger”, where he said, “All this is a desperate emotional response to the realization that the events in question are currently eluding us at the level of reality.

    The Heidegger affair, the Barbie trial etc. are the pathetic little convulsions produced by the loss of reality that afflicts us today.”

    Here are some of the passages in question:

    “One of the most secret forms of the gigantic, and perhaps the oldest, is the tenacious skillfulness in calculating, hustling, and intermingling through which the worldlessness of Jewry is grounded” GA 95: 97 (Überlegungen VIII, 5).

    “To appropriate ‘culture’ as a means of power and thus to assert oneself and affect a superiority is at bottom Jewish behavior. What follows from this for cultural politics as such?” GA 95: 326 (Überlegungen X, 48)

    For Heidegger, being-in-the-world (In-der-Welt-sein) is the basic activity of human existing, so to say that the Jews are “worldless,” is his way of de-Dasein-ing (so to speak) the Jewish people.

    Machination is ….”a fundamental trait of modernity” (Polt’s translation?) The problem Heidegger has with this is best exemplified in The Question Concerning Technology (1977). What happens to beings under modernity, natural scientific inquiry, and technological machinery, reduces the human to the calculable, the manipulatable, or what he liked to call: standing reserve. In this vein, perhaps Heidegger sees Jews as propagating the ‘machinational unessence’ of beings, destroying the “wondrousness” of being.

    In the second paragraph, once again, Heidegger is alluding to the Jew’s anti-Dasein. Jews are not being, but merely “calculate with beings,” likely another symptom of their anti-historical modernity.

    Richard Polt, one of the translators of the “Black Notebooks” said not to take his translations as holy writ, because the German is awkward and I’m not 100% sure what he meant.

    According to Baudrillard, it’s probable that no one is 100% sure what Heidegger meant, so the “Black Notebooks” are still open to interpretation…


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  • Neon Gene Sys Eva Angel Lion Says:


    this is such mumbo-jumbo, yet it was said by one of the big names of the last century: Heidegger.

    firstly, Aryans have always appropriated things. such as the Aryans in India, or the Romans appropriating things from non-Aryan peoples (such as the Etruscan, whom they appropriated architecture and other material things from, which Rome became famous for: simply, material craft; Science).

    i know how the obsession with ‘the Jew’ works because I had it for many years.

    some go as far as tracing all Scientific development to Afro-Asiatic, or Semitic origin.

    the administrator of the web-portal Evola_as_he_is has relayed much of information for that case; with his very high standard for documentation.

    but jesus christ. what is it that is desired or presented as optimal with such work?

    that naked beautiful sun-worshiping Aryans run around green fields and wonderlands, on earth, forever and forever? mating with blond girls in perfect natural lifestyle.

    actually that could be the most enjoyable way of life for an organism on this planet (or world).

    dno. but I know that I´m going to boot up id Software´s excellent 2004 FPS release, «Doom 3». i got hooked on electricity to early in life. so it´s gonna take one hell of a cataclysm to get me to a back-to-nature (nomadism) lifestyle.

    until then naught to do but to embrace global technology, and the new theology: the technontology of cyber-theos.


    Neon Gene Sys Eva Angel Lion Reply:

    amusing thing is, that after this i noticed that it was the first sunny day now for some time. so i went out, and it was sunny enough that i took off my shirt and sunbathed.
    i am blond after all. heard the mating sounds of birds and thought
    did Heidegger sense anything deeper on his normal
    day in nature? Not that i don´t see god in
    nature. i have. but always re-
    turn to tech, i do. id
    doom, fired


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  • anonyme Says:

    @ Neon Gene Sys Eva Angel Lion

    Let’s forget about Heidegger for now, maybe you’ll like this one:

    Homeless Veteran confronts SJW

    An SJW is out “protesting” for the status quo in a sign that says: “Syrian Refugees before Homeless Veterans”.

    Nearby, a homeless veteran is searching through garbage cans for food, when he spots the protestor’s sign and walks over to confront him.

    With a single kick, he pushes the SJW out of his way. Then with a rapid movement such as women use to gouge out the rotten spots while peeling potatoes, he plunges a spoon into one of SJW’s eyes and twists it.
    The eye springs out of his face like a yolk from a broken egg and rolls down onto the street. The SJW howls and shrieks but the veteran keeps him pinned against a wall.

    Next the blood-covered spoon plunges into the other eye, which springs out even faster. For a moment the eye rests on the SJW’s cheek as if uncertain what to do next; then it finally tumbles down his shirt onto the ground.

    The last thing the SJW remembers seeing is swastika tattoos all over the veterans half-naked chest, and he screams out: ”Nazi!”

    The veteran doesn’t say anything, so the SJW asks: “Did you hear what I just called you?”


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  • anonyme Says:

    As for the Heidegger quotes above being mumbo-jumbo, he had this to say:

    “Making itself intelligible is suicide for philosophy. Those who idolize “facts” never notice that their idols only shine in a borrowed light. They are also meant not to notice this; for thereupon they would have to be at a loss and therefore useless. But idolizers and idols are used wherever gods are in flight and so announce their nearness.”

    So yes, he sensed something deeper….I think….


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  • Neon Gene sis Evangelion Says:

    are you the #AcidRight dude on twitter?


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  • Arian Machinechrist Says:

    Nietzsche said that before. “Those who know that they are profound strive for clarity. Those who would like to seem profound to the crowd strive for obscurity.”

    anyway, that wasn´t the point. you mistook my point. my point was not that Heidegger´s writing is ‘philosophic mumbojumbo’ — not at all. but that it is mumbo-jumbo that the Jews were, as if, absolutely ‘worldless’ or machinic.

    the esoteric Hitlerist M. Serrano also makes the absurd anti-Semitic case that the Jews are robots. that theirs is only an Artificial intelligence.

    the Americans promoted that Japanese are insectoid, in WW2, no?

    being threatened brings out some caricaturizing tendencies in people, it sure does.

    as for depths, i´ve seen it ‘all’.

    been it ‘all’.



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  • anonyme Says:

    “I am all the names in history”

    But I’ve never heard of the AcidRight dude, and yeah, I mistook your point…

    Continuing with Nietzsche, but moving on to Zarathustra, and aphorism 337 from the Gay Science (some of his best writing)

    concerning the ugliest man, one of the superior men to whom the fourth part is devoted…

    The ugliest man understands how terrible history is and how unbearable the repetition of endless meaningless massacres and vain hopes are

    The highest degree of historical sense implies the greatest difficulty in accepting the eternal return and this is precisely the task that Nietzsche appoints to the “feeling of humanity” in the superb aphorism 337:

    “The “humaneness” of the future. […] Anyone who manages to experience the history of humanity as a whole as his own history will feel in an enormously generalized way all the grief of an invalid who thinks of health, of an old man who thinks of the dreams of his youth, of a lover deprived of his beloved, of the martyr whose ideal is perishing, of the hero on the evening after the battle who had decided nothing but brought him wounds and the loss of his friends.

    But if one endured, if one could endure this immense sum of grief of all kinds while yet being the hero who, as the second day of battle breaks, welcomes the dawn and its fortune, being a person whose horizon encompasses thousands of years past and future, being then heir of all the nobility of all past spirit –

    an heir with a sense of obligation, the most aristocratic of all nobles and at the same time the first of a new nobility – the like of which no age has yet seen or dreamed of;

    if one could burden one’s soul with all of this –

    the oldest, the newest, losses, hopes, conquests, and the victories of humanity; if one could finally contain all this in one soul and crowd it into a single feeling –

    this would surely have to result in a happiness that humanity has not known so far:

    the happiness of a god full of power and love, full of tears and laughter, a happiness that, like the sun in the evening, continually bestows its inexhaustible riches, pouring them into the sea, feeling richest,

    as the sun does only when even the poorest fisherman is still rowing with golden oars! This godlike feeling would then be called – humaneness

    Overhumanity, Zarathustra exclaims.

    “I am all the names in history”

    Nietzsche declares at the end of his conscious life, absorbed in the exaltation that will lead him towards MADNESS


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  • Salger Says:

    >Reads Vox’s article on the American Revolution being a mistake

    >Sees talk about Evul White Men keeping down Noble Savage Siberian Americans, Blacks, and women

    >America not succeeding from Britain would have stopped all that

    >Canada gets shilled

    Even when Leftoids try to sing the praises of monarchy they can’t pipe down on victimology for Non-Whites and women. Or avoid talk of how a monarchy’s aid comes from how “progressive” it is.


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