Chaos Patch (#122)

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Still deterritorialized and distracted edition.

Future things (1, 2). Struggle sessions. The riddle of RF. Nationalism and security. The weekly round, plus outliers.

Separation of Church and State has failed. The musical way to die. Breaking point. In defense of equilibrium. Free association (or else). Rights, gifts, and migration (via). Rage wave. European attitudes to Muslims (darkening).

The EU rift. Death by robot.

Trumpenführer panic report. Belated ethno-politics.

Philosophy and biochemical order. Systems. Words on the brain. A warning for wireheads. “Anthro-pessimism” and robot apocalypse. Pokemon Go Apocalypse.

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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    It’s fortunate I just lit up a cigar (a knockoff of a famous brand — an example of the market working wonders) so that I can thoroughly enjoy reading these carefully curated links.


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  • Arian Machinechrist Says:

    “Anthro-pessimism”. curiosity, a bit of a synch, i was just listening to «The Curse of Anthropological Pessimism» yesterday

    while playing «Bioshock», which is about a mutant apocalypse (& cataclysm) and does have hostile robots.

    coincidentally this survivalist is playing now:

    the synchromystic


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  • wu-wei Says:

    >European attitudes to Muslims (darkening).

    Interesting how there is a general trend of decreasing tolerance as one navigates to lesser latitude. Or, perhaps it has more to do with geographical proximity toward the “refugees” in question.

    In the United States, I believe there is also a southern-based correlation of hostility toward our darker-skinned brethren, no? Perhaps for similar reasons, I wonder…?


    michael Reply:

    Well certainly Libs experience of talking apes is only of the talented tenth they met in grad school.While places like the south that are heavily blacked are well acquainted with whats needed to merely survive. But i think this operates on a biological as well as social level.This northern euro outbreeding has caused excessive faggotry


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  • Alrenous Says:

    Pokemon Go is dangerous! Subjects are much easier to manage if they never go outside or talk to anyone else.


    the Dark Elf faction that actually maintains the human Imperium Reply:

    Fair enough.

    Why go out when there´s a Pokémon demonology within?


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  • Walter Oleg Says:

    Best your readers know about the Globalist Occupation Army in The West (GOATW).


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  • Chris P. Michael Says:

    Admin, how do you feel about the use of a bomb disposal robot by authorities to kill the Dallas shooter? Is this a sign of future trends in law enforcement? It’s the first time this has ever happened.


    michael Reply:

    Although I generally have no problem disposing of killer apes expediantly it did occur that this will likely be used on humans and the purported need was weak if you can explode the ape with a robot why not gas or tranquilize it. In the specific instance its clear why not of course.No I dont think this is the first time something similar has happened.remember in baltimore in the 70s or early 80s they dropped bombs on a black power headquarter when they refused to surrender the cops ended up burning down the whole neighborhood.And pretty sure Ive seen several instances of basically executing a perp they couldnt get to.


    Chris P. Michael Reply:

    I meant the first time law enforcement has used a robot to kill a suspect. The focus is on the technological implications rather than the ethical ones.


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  • michael Says:

    Id mention it seems this Japanese election was conspiracy of far right reactionaries that intend to re diefy the emperor, re arm and abolish feminism. This is huge if true if we are all turning japanese and they are turning back perhaps we will too.


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  • SVErshov Says:

    #Philosophy and biochemical order.

    “The potential of a given cell to differentiate into a particular part of the body depends on its position within the embryo. Thus, Driesch introduced the concept of ‘positional information’ ”

    this is good example how easy to get wrong when you are going to directly extrapolate from ‘current’ scientific opinion. Opinions change, at present we know that embryonic cells can trans-differentiate. gut cells can become neural linage progenitors and bone marrow cells can become almost everything including germinal cells.

    Kant was more careful in his argumentation then Driesch and based on teleological principles Kant’s analysis still holds, but vitalistic stance of Driesch become problematic.

    We can do better now rather then engaging in theoretical trans derivations. we can reduce theory to its singular limit and use it as phenomenological connection point between different theories. mathematise it, run, on supercomputer and most likely what we get at the end would be 200 terrabite proof. which we cannot read or comprehend. Thing in it self 🙁 Then why to start with it at first place. ‘Graham Harman said in one lecture, – “Problem with Kant’s thing in itself that he did not pushed it far enough.” How thing in itself can be pushed. By giving it interactions and by parametrising dynamics of these interactions via transformation operators. Nothing exist without interactions. By carefully choosing type of operators we can design theory what would be arbitrary to classical dynamics and provide analytic continuity and that way never arrive at the point where there  is no interactions. Most definitely that will be theory which do not integrate well with our previous theories and perhaps opening new domain of uncertainties.’


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  • SVErshov Says:


    Sarah’s writings is great as always. At the end she wrote – ‘ But we are not playing in the future; we are playing right now.’

    then as it is based on buddism’ why not to add so clarity:

    Look at your body—
    A painted puppet, a poor toy
    Of jointed parts ready to collapse,
    A diseased and suffering thing
    With a head full of false imaginings.
    —The Dhammapada


    the Dark Elf faction that actually maintains the human Imperium Reply:

    million images won´t be enough
    for i know where you hide


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  • grey enlightenment Says:

    Brahminism cannot be avoided. Just as a sufficient density of dust congeals into a star, so to will concentrations of influence emerge among sufficiently large groupings of people


    wu-wei Reply:

    I feel there is some sort of metaphor to be made here of the process eventually going Supernova


    the Dark Elf faction that actually maintains the human Imperium Reply:

    metaformations into meta-informations


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  • Mild Troll Says:

    As a non-Neoreactionary (sort of – its complicated. I’m not so convinced Neoreactionary is an identity to begin with.) who has spent a large amount of time reading Neoreactionary blogs, I have to ask why no one ever seems to talk about military coups.

    Military generals are already worthy and hopefully have the loyalty of their troops, have risen through the ranks by successive appointments based on merit, and generally have a results focused view of systems rather than a politicizing view, more like a CEO than a President. So wouldn’t a military coup be an NRx path to power?

    Of course, historically juntas don’t seem to last, even though they would seem to have some of the right characteristics. This could be because most historical juntas were third world puppet governments installed by the Cathedral when necessary and then uninstalled when necessary, or it could be because there’s a flaw in general with the idea of a junta.

    At least theoretically, a junta is a good model, and can be distinguished from fascism, the demotic counterpart which relies on mass mobilization and personality cults in order to rise. With a junta, there is an undemocratic force wielding position from which someone can restore order. You can be in a country experiencing socialist chaos, and then whoosh, the military storms the palace and restores order, you hear about it on TV the next day, and then life goes on with the average man never lifting a ballot at any point in the process.

    And yet, the South American juntas receded. Would it be different if a military coup took place in the USA? There’d certainly be no party able to engineer the return to democracy from the outside if that were so, but would that be sufficient? A junta taking power in the heartland of the Cathedral, and a junta driven by NRx thinking (probably ideology matters) would be a different case to the installed juntas of South America.


    wu-wei Reply:

    I think there is sort of a tacit agreement (?) among *-reactionary types, that a full-blown coup-to-junta, while certainly the most obvious and direct path to “reset”, is also among the most undesirable of realistic strategic options available, largely for the reasons you have implied (they tend not be particularly stable). Divided (or at least informalized) sovereign authority, as in a junta, tends to fragment ever more rapidly – the end product being back to where we are now.

    Of course, any true sovereign must ultimately have control over the security forces (that’s what makes them the sovereign!), but perhaps one could summarize NRx thought in totality as the quest to produce a formalized, secure power structure, which is organized in any fashion OTHER than a brute junta (or equivalent structure). Indeed, junta-like tribal-political organization is probably older than history itself, so breaking free of that trap is perhaps what the “Neo” in Neoreactionary symbolizes most, at least to me.


    Mild Troll Reply:

    The most secure thing I can imagine from the standpoint of sovereignty is one man (or one AI for that matter) in command of a perfectly loyal robot army. The problem for human subjects is that they are highly disposable, not that they can do anything about it.


    Henk Reply:

    Good question! This may be the most obvious solution to all those principal-agent problems vexing the designers of utopian sovcorp patchworks. The problem? It would be regime change. New people in power.

    In one of Moldbug’s formalist posts on UR (his very first post, if I remember correctly) he is clear that he’d want sovcorp shares given to those who are powerful right now. We know from everything else he wrote that he’s not talking about the military.

    Moldbug’s sovcorp patchwork is not a regime change. It’s a reorg.

    But it’s the current year and Moldbug is so 2007. What about admin?

    Tightly packed, military junta is human (bad), crypto bitcoin’d patchwork of sovcorps is techno-capital (good).


    the Dark Elf faction that actually maintains the human Imperium Reply:

    juntas, no.



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  • anonyme Says:

    “When you meet the Buddha, kill the Buddha”

    Yukio Mishima, considered of the most important Japanese authors of the 20th century, was active as a nationalist and founded his own right-wing militia.

    He is remembered for his ritual suicide by seppuku after a failed coup d’ etat, known as the “Mishima Incident”

    Mishima’s Temple of the Golden Pavilion concerns a young, stuttering and introverted Zen priest who becomes obssessed with a six hundred year old temple to the exclusion of everything else in his life…. and then decides it has to be burned down to the ground.

    An excerpt:

    “If I burn down the Golden Temple, I told myself, I shall be doing something that will have great educational value.
    For it will teach people that it is meaningless to infer indestructibility by analogy. They will learn that the mere fact of the Golden Temple’s having continued to exist, of its having continued to stand for five hundred and fifty years by the Kyoto Pond, confers no guaranty upon it whatsoever.

    They will be imbued with a sense of uneasiness as they realize that the self-evident axiom which our survival has predicated on the temple can collapse from one day to another.

    The continuity of our lives is preserved by being surrounded by the solidified substance of time. Take, for example, a small drawer, which the carpenter has made for the convenience of some household. With the passage of time, the actual form of this drawer is surpassed by time itself, and after the decades and centuries have elapsed, it is as though time had become solidified and had assumed that form. A given small space, which was at first occupied by the object is now occupied by solidified time. It has in fact become the incarnation of a certain form of spirit.

    It is written that after a hundred years have passed and objects have been transformed into spirits, the hearts of men are deceived, and this is given the name of Tsukumogami, the year of the mournful spirit. It is the custom of the world to remove one’s old household utensils each year before the advent of Spring and to throw them into the alley and this is known as house-sweeping.

    Thus my deed would open the eyes of men to the disasters of the Tsukumogami and save them from those disasters.

    By my deed I should thrust the world in which the Golden Temple existed into a world where it did not exist.

    The meaning of the world would surely change.”


    the Dark Elf faction that actually maintains the human Imperium Reply:

    Sentimentali(s)t mumbo-jumbo.


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  • Anon Says:

    >Military generals are already worthy and hopefully have the loyalty of their troops, have risen through the ranks by successive appointments based on merit, and generally have a results focused view of systems rather than a politicizing view, more like a CEO than a President.

    The only way anyone could ever utter this even half seriously is if they have never been within a hundred mile radius of any kind of first-world, organized military.


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  • Outliers (#14) Says:

    […] Nords. Femi-Communism. Darwin. Radicalize. Death. BlackLivesShatter. Science!. Race = War. Digest: here, there and […]

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  • anonyme Says:

    A stretch of starry sky without any landscape

    apparently seen from a point in outer space

    and giving an impression of the infinite


    the Dark Elf faction that actually maintains the human Imperium Reply:

    infinite infinites


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  • anonyme Says:

    The Winter Solstice of 4000 B.C.

    Idleness at the North Pole

    False theorems and grand mistakes.

    Deluging the deluge

    Put everything into doubt. Cold storage.

    Different types of sameness.


    the Dark Elf faction that actually maintains the human Imperium Reply:

    What is crystallized projects.

    What burns enlightens.

    Indra, breaker

    of forts.


    the Dark Elf faction that actually maintains the human Imperium Reply:

    agni, enlight


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  • anonyme Says:

    Aluminum cities on a lead planet

    Any declaration of unity results in two things

    Sinking back into echoes

    Extinguished by reflections

    Obsolete ideas to be promulgated


    the Dark Elf faction that actually maintains the human Imperium Reply:

    What is dead may never die.


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  • anonyme Says:

    “The past is never dead. It’s not even past.”


    the Dark Elf faction that actually maintains the human Imperium Reply:

    The past is alive.


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