Chaos Patch (#125)

(Open thread + links)

NRx and the Alt-Right (1, 2).
Exit as white flight. The submission option. Organizational intelligence. An epic NRx discussion (starts here). New blogs. Nihilism (the book). The (most recent) weekly round, plus outliers.

What Hillary did (1, 2, 3, 4). Some of the best Alt-Right commentary (1, 2, 3), and some of the most dismal (1, 2, 3, 4). Some additional primers (1, 2, 3, 4). The Amerika take (1, 2, 3). The SPLC does its thing. The Alt-Right discussed by Stefan Molyneux and Vox Day (video). Taylor and Spencer profiles. In the lion’s den. Pepe is the GOP now. Scraps (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7). WN distress by the numbers.

Trumpenführer panic report (1, 2, 3, 4). This one is actually well done. A death rattle from mainstream media. Trumpism transcends Trump. Who are these people? The baby-eating story was exaggerated. Deep history of the Muslim thing. A Trump miscellany (1, 2, 3).

Distinguishing the left from progressivism. (From the Left) “There is no such thing as neoliberalism.” How libertarians lost it. Wisconsin goes to shit.

Death by pooling (plus).

How democracy dies in France, taking the EU with it. Germany’s agony. An open letter to the Ukraine. Project Fear was bullshit (1, 2). The Islamic nightmare (1, 2, 3).

Death by Facebook. Soc-media Islamophobia is awful. Troll terror at Time (1, 2). My sides (plus). News management. Survival through anonymity (plus). The Cuck (seriously). Haidt is always worth listening to.

Leftist Race Politics never stops. Edgy. “If [HR departments] really cared, they would take a leaf from agricultural geneticists.” The campus race-revolution marches on. Quaklity liberal torture on race (1, 2). The dysgenic motor. This is more interesting than it looks. Patrilineages. Deep bias. Race realism (1, 2). Cargo cult pedagogy. Why HBD?

Going Sicilian on Zika. Fun with DNA.

Caesium clocks. Physics is broken (?).

China pushes the limits (relevant). Cryptic. This couldn’t possibly be dangerous. Bad bots.

Limits of falsifiability.

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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    Glorious list of links! Thank you for including us. This has been the most exciting news week in my lifetime, with the altright rising and the mainstream in full WTF.


    Mark Warburton Reply:

    Do you know who that 1 star review is of your book? Sounds like a jilted lover!


    SVErshov Reply:

    this ‘negative’ comment By Noahon, worth more then all positive ones

    “-Amazon seems to not allow one to post links in the review. I have to rephrase this-
    I read this guy’s blog, though not his book, and it is appalling. Blatant contempt for most of humanity, based on confirmation bias, circular reasoning, false information sources, changing the definition of words, bulls***, bulls***, and more bulls***. If this seems irrelevant, I did speak to him briefly on the subject of nihilism, and he advocates for it in a very selective way. Values (such as human rights) that don’t fit his agenda get hand waved away with the word nihilism, while values that promote his agenda are necessary to avoid the collapse of civilization.”

    this is definitely Right kind of book, hard to deny, when even such antagonistic remarks, sound quite familiar. Congratulations!


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  • Anon Says:

    >”Do you feel in charge?” Wealthy Elites, you send bitcoins, you bid in auction, maybe big advantage for you?

    Hilarious. The fire rises.


    frank Reply:

    Ahahaha, hadn’t read the message. Absolute mad men.


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  • Henk Says:

    Recent discussion drove home the cross-species altruism aspect of XS-style NRx. Hmmm, like a cat lady, I thought. Ever since, I can’t get rid of the thought.

    NRx is a cat lady movement.

    And it’s a whole category. Cat lady movements.


    (N) G. Eiríksson Reply:

    >cross-species altruism aspect of XS-style NRx.

    What do you mean?


    Xoth Reply:

    NRx stares unflinchingly in the face of toxoplasmosis.


    SVErshov Reply:

    right, kill all cats and rats


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  • Anon. Says:

    Some further links on dysgenics that might be of interest:

    “A negative Flynn Effect in France, 1999 to 2008–9”

    “Genetic evidence for natural selection in humans in the contemporary United States”

    “Assortative mating and differential fertility by phenotype and genotype across the 20th century”


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  • Lawrence Murray Says:

    “WN distress” will be your distress in a few decades unless you guys are planning on evacuating to Mars.


    (N) G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Is there non anti-Jewish White Nationalism?

    Because I think we can have a Right without believing that “de Jooz” did it.

    It´s not that a proportionally great many Jews do not have a pro-genocidal influence, but that they don´t all do. I don´t want too many brown people in Europe nor in North America, and I don´t want that women are not made to take care of families anymore (which they did for the past 5.000 years, until it stopped recently), and there are Jews that agree with me on these things.

    Nobody of us is against that whites should be able to form their own ethnostates.

    Yes, the distress is ours too. But why should we call ourselves WN when the majority of those who do are quite unlike us in important regards and we disagree with them on important issues? (This is a rhetorical question.)

    I predict that the more gigantic this thing (our ‘R’ thing) becomes, you´ll start seeing (or not seeing for that matter) more advanced contradistinction systems in work.


    John Hannon Reply:

    One right-thinking Jew who comes to mind is Melanie Phillips. Her excellent article in The Times this week criticizing Theresa May’s “equality audit” was like a mainstream print equivalent of a Stefan Molyneux video.
    Can’t think of any others right now though.


    Kwisatz Haderach Reply:

    Most allied Jews, like NRx allies, are apolitical. NRx is a philosophical movement against politics. The fundamentally most reactionary politics is the politics of disinterest. “What is your position on X?” “That’s above my pay grade”. So look for the hard-to-see research scientists, engineers, lawyers, carpenters, HVAC technicians, hot-dog car drivers, who are Jewish and who don’t enjoy shouting into megaphones at crowds of PoCs while holding a clipboard in the other hand. Most Jews honestly fit that description.

    Still, there are prominent, contemporary Jewish intellectuals that are or were “on our side.”

    (((von Mises)))
    (((David Cole)))

    Even some kekocrats such as (((Cernovich))).

    Reaching a short way back in time, how about (((von Neumann))) and all the other prominent Jews who worked for the military industrial complex in a suit and bowtie and abhorred the cultural revolution of 60’s?

    Then my personal favorite is (((Bert Rein))), the lawyer who’s been trying and sometimes winning pro-right Supreme Court cases, such as Fisher vs UT Austin, Shelby County v Holder, and others. [].

    And this is just focusing on U.S. Jews. It’s mostly based shitlords in Israel, and they are and will continue to be steadfast allies in the civilizational war with Islam which has become inevitable due to European pusillanimity and ennui. Israeli was the last ally to give up on white South Africa and endorse the end of apartheid. They know what’s up over there and don’t mind taking some flak for that.

    I think the Jewish politics of anti-white activism came about in a path-dependent manner, nothing essential about the genotype, and it’s basically all down to the Holocaust. A lot of Jews just decided the bathwater was so bad that they could do without the baby, or that maybe if they squinted hard enough there might not really a baby in that bathtub at all.

    Disclosure – as most here know, I’m half Jewish by blood.

    oh_really Reply:

    The good jews don’t feel bothered by the anti-semitism, just like the good women don’t feel bothered by the anti-feminism. It’s healthy and necessary.

    (N) G. Eiríksson Reply:

    I´ll disclose too, that I used to be an extreme anti-Semite, I thought it was strange that Jews could even argue among themselves and altho I´ve become quite philosemitic there still lingers a feeling of strangeness when I see e.g. news of a homicide in Israel, as if they are all “on the same team.” I was a full on Occult Nazi and was influenced by views like that Jews were aliens, ruled by the demiurgic demon Yahwe, were similar to a poisonous mushroom, parasites, vampires, devil worshipers, anti-human, were the anti-Race, what have you. At the same time I had some fascination with Israel. Eventually, as I grew older and met more Jews and so on, I obviously could not maintain these theories. I even fell in love with a Jewish descended Icelandic girl, in my early twenties. She´d meet me even though I´d be constantly writing anti-Zionist posts at the music scene forum´s political section that was sort of the place for people into heavy music Iceland to hang out. Also, learning of the 6 day war got me really impressed, and that they manufactured the Desert Eagle handgun, e.g.
    By the time I met her though I had already seen that “all the Jews are X or Y” was not much more sustainable than with any category of people with whatever ancestry. These were just normal individuals. So much for the “group evolutionary strategy genes” and all that.

    The weirdest of these theories influenced me the most when I was the youngest. Remarkably, there are people commenting even on this site today influenced by these kinds of views. “da Jooz”, eh.

    I have a contact from these earlier days, he´s still stuck with that idée fixe. It´s amazing, to talk to him and he´s still at the same exact place, while I´ve gone through so much. He´s a good guy underneath, but this is psychopathological — so he´s an asshole as well, which I am frequently on the verge of relocating to my spam folder. Getting to 30 and having these antiscientific theories rule how you think is purely pathetic. He´s anonymous, even after a decade of correspondence, actually his behavior is very similar to the commentator Dick Wagner here, if some of you have been reading that. When asked a question which would break his theory, he either ignores it or goes on the attack. Of course, this is the same as that which psychoanalysts have to work with, to free people from an idée fixe — so it is interesting as practice in that regards.

    His own theory (which is amorphous) of why I have changed has most commonly been that “drugs have altered my personality”, or that I´ve given into some alien occult influence or succumbed to pity & wishywashy.

    His psyche is almost exactly the same as it was a decade ago. No development. That is not so strange, because a lot of people are like that. They stop maturing, some of then, in their teens, as per some mental areas or mannerisms.

    They´ve invested so much in some belief that it´s become hardglued as their personality.

    SVErshov Reply:

    @(N) G. Eiríksson

    “They stop maturing, some of then, in their teens, as per some mental areas or mannerisms.”

    can you describe him as hysterical as well? I’m researching this kind, kind of PI movie hero. right drugs is all what is really matter when someone going to explore remote menral frontiers. I’m 100% sure if PI boy knows about cjc – 1295 he would not opt for drilling his brain.

    Dick Wagner Reply:

    “Don’t start a pogrom. That is, not an old style killing of small Jews. That system is no good, whatever. Of course, if some man had a stroke of genius, and could start a [pogrom] up at the top, I repeat that, if some man had a stroke of genius, and could start a pogrom up at the top, there might be something to say for it. But on the whole, legal measures are preferable. The 60 kikes who started this war might be sent to St. Helena, as a measure of world [prophylaxis], and some hyper-kikes or non-Jewish kikes along with them.”

    Ezra Pound, March 30, 1942

    What’s that he’s saying? If Land had a stroke of genius…

    (N) G. Eiríksson Reply:

    ▬ “Hysteria, in the colloquial use of the term, means ungovernable emotional excess.”

    Yes, that would describe him. Underneath the veneer of “order” & “superiority.” I think this is underneath anyone who has a libido dominandi to a great extent. Lust.

    Blame is huge in their operation. The line of thought: “If it wasn´t for these … I´d/we´d …”

    I see these Anime Nazis on Twitter today, and it´s strange for me to observe them going through the exact same things as I was 12 years ago. Literally the exact same things. It´s uncanny. “Aryan” girls in wheat fields got me, and all that weaboo stuff, Nazi uniforms, panzer-blabla, perturbated by Negroes & hating modern pop music, chads and normies. And just the ways they think and communicate. It took place on MSN and forums then, sharing all those images and video links.

    I´ve always been ahead of the curve in some ways, so it´s not strange that way for me to see some current I picked up on in the past growing larger later.

    Chads are hardly my highest ranked type of human still today, but my view on them is a bit more nuanced now. They´re monkeys with a specific language, which can be learnt. Overcoming that surging pathos and angst was the best thing that happened me except it was a great motivator, a drive, but in that state your reality tunnel is just really alienated and strange, altho I did find homes in various subcultures it closes off so much of the world.

    Dick Wagner Reply:

    I appreciate hearing an elder reminisce but what you say rubs me in a way similar to the new atheists from a few years ago. Aryanism was your Christianity and now you’re in a phase of youthful rebellion against it, which you will eventually reform and regret once you realize that Aryanism mostly had it right except for a few kinks that are the consequence of any Ism. In your preoccupation with explaining and validating your new Ism to yourself you completely (solipsistically) skipped over the point I was making above regarding Land becoming dictator of the world.

    “Why are philosophers unwilling to rule? Being dominated by the desire, the eros, for knowledge as the most pleasant and blessed possession, the philosophers have no leisure for looking down at human affairs, let alone for taking care of them… The philosophers believe that while still alive they are already firmly settled in the ‘islands of the blessed’. Hence only compulsion could induce them to take part in the public life in the just city… Having perceived the truly grand, the philosophers regard the human things as paltry. Their very justice – their abstaining from wronging their fellow human beings – flows from the contempt for the things for which the non-philosophers hotly contest. They know that the life not dedicated to philosophy and therefore even political life at its best is like life in a cave …”

    (N) G. Eiríksson Reply:

    I was replying to SVErshov.

    (N) G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Ariya is a cult of truth. As for “Aryanism”, I mostly only see liars use that word.
    Their defense mechanisms are so active that they don´t know when they lie. These are people that are so used to being excluded that you can´t really say anything to them, or at least it takes expert level to reach behind their deployment of all those mechanisms.

    It´s teenagelike behavior (altho not all teenagers are like this), obscenities, hormones, “cool” or angry judgments, thinking they know how things are re everything, and “this and that person [so] deserves to die.”

    If you know the Vedas and the Buddhic scriptures, these people are an inversion of that. A Counter-Tradition.

    Exactly like “Christians” who´d exactly beat Jesus up if the met him in modern garb.
    “Catholics” who live every day against the theological virtues.

    Simply, the turds that Satan flushes down the toilet.

    Both Evola and Nietzsche rejected Wagner.

    Romanticism. Fascists are failed

    romantics. Elliot Rodger

    was a failed romantic.

    Dick Wagner Reply:

    Buddhism is flawed, hence it’s not the Top Ape in the world right now.

    “The day [the 13th Dalai Lama] arrived in Lhasa he had at his heels a Chinese army, instructed to kill his ministers and lock him up in a temple. He resumed the road of exile, this time toward the south. In the dead of winter, passing through snowstorms on horseback, exhausted, he and his party reached a border post and requested the protection of two British telegraph operators whom he had directed to be awakened in the night. In this way he demonstrated that the most firmly established religious power is at the mercy of a real power based on armed force.” Georges Bataille, The Accursed Share

    Who cares about Rodger? You can tell by his last name alone that he’s one of the NPC’s God sends us as the necessary loser what-not-to-do’s. Mitchell Heisman on the other hand! There’s another good Right Jew. One who will get his own holiday once the New Nietzschean Religion (NNR) gets off the ground [Grund]. I tell you, Genealogy is the most effective way of dissipating entrenched thought-patterns. “Knowledge isn’t for knowing, knowledge is for cutting” (Foucault).

    Don’t put the name Evola before Nietzsche’s again or I will unleash the hounds of Hell on you and your children.

    (N) G. Eiríksson Reply:

    I don´t know how much wissenmacht (knowledge-power) the Dalai Lama had retained.

    ▬ “Tradition has it that his person appeared as “a form adorned with all the signs of beauty and surrounded by a radiant aureole.” To a sovereign who meets him and does not know who he is, he immediately gives the impression of an equal: “Thou hast a perfect body, thou art resplendent, well born, of noble aspect, thou hast a golden colour and white teeth, thou art strong. All the signs that thou art of noble birfh are in thy form, all the marks of a superior man.” The most fearsome bandit, meeting him, asks himself in amaze­ment who might be “this ascetic who comes alone with no companions, like a conqueror.”

    I can report that through fasting one can achieve a charisma of an Aryan king, but it has been 7 years since I achieved my peak in that regards, having since been unable to reproduce it to that degree. I knew that it wasn´t obviously the ultimate peak, but the responses from people towards it are beyond their control. They simply submit to the aura. People who´d give me somekind of trouble typically would be like kittens, under it. And women would hit on you tenfold. More than that, they´d all turn their head when you enter a room, even if they didn´t hear you coming or anything.

    It took months of experimenting with fasting to get to that state. I am the ascetic type of body, so I got there. Also my voice and mind were far clearer and exact. Indeed, there was a power of command in the voice. It really feels like you have opened yourself up to a sun-god, akin to what the god-kings of Egypt did.

    I felt so disgusted by the normies, I fully realized that they just responded to whatever dominant vibration, and even though I had achieved such dominance, I thought it was ridiculous to start ordering them around or to get into their hierarchies, even if I knew things better than they.

    Fuck Hitler´s animal hierarchy.

    Who is worthy to save?

    Teenage blondes?

    Autists? Mutters?

    Why should I exert myself for these creatures?

    Dick Wagner Reply:

    Thrasymachus makes a compelling point. I think that’s where all fascism begins, either instinctively or intellectually. The religious Life of the Mind, purity, third-eye squeegeeing, all that, is higher, but there is a material head in which that third-eye rests in, and that head can be chopped off.

    “Why should I exert myself for these creatures?”

    This is a Nietzschean point. But 3/4 of the time you strike me as a Mahayana, or in Euro-slang, a progressive.

    Admin is right about this: “When contemplating the vast superiority of Chinese religious traditions over those dominant in the West, it’s shocking to me that they’re only reflecting an IQ difference of about 5 points. Clearly, raw intelligence isn’t everything… The Daoist classics are the most intellectually exquisite texts in the entire global canon of religious writing, and Buddhist psychology reaches a level of sophistication so far beyond the ‘eternal soul’ crudities of the Abrahamic faiths that the mind reels.”

    Even if it may to some extent stem from that nasty white-hate complex we’ve fatefully inherited.

    Lol I just realized that this circle would be viewed as K. K. K. from any prog swine or swineherd and I’m saying just push that impulse a little farther, why are you compromising with the Marxist worldview?

    Don’t need to fast when there’s meditation, sensory deprivation tanks, shrooms.

    (N) G. Eiríksson Reply:

    You really are a rotten person. Altho I mentioned fasting and world-class success in that field, who says I haven´t done the other things? I already told e.g. of my ayahuasca.

    There´s nothing more to say. I could recount dozens and dozens of things that you and the others like you read about in books and probably never experience. You´re interpersonally fucked up, and you´re certainly not one I would exert myself for. I think the world would be a better place if you killed yourself, and I´m not saying that out of emotion (you will think I do, because that´s the environment you are used to), you´re a stranger and its a rational look at your behavior but because you objectively are a malignant shitbag.

    What do you even mean by that me and Land have a “Marxist” worldview?

    Dick Wagner Reply:

    ““this and that person [so] deserves to die.””

    “I think the world would be a better place if you killed yourself”

    Forget about that contradiction though. What’s important is whether you are able to make effable what happened to you on ayahuasca.

    The only reason I’ve been challenging you, son of Erik, is because you’re the only one I saw posting here who wasn’t a pussy. (Besides Land but that’s a given).

    You boys want to be nihilists but you won’t take it ALL THE WAY.

    I won’t either. There are a couple truths on the tip of my tongue that, if I uttered, could get me literally thrown in prison. That’s the line I won’t cross. IS surveillance heavy in Iceland? Btw I wanted to tell you, I was in China with an Icelandic girl earlier this Summer and she had one of the most beautiful faces I’ve ever witnessed, your people has good taste. Hence Michael is right that Fuck Niggers is the best policy. Aesthetics is objective.

    So what was your mystical experience like? I have had a few myself but I am too embarrassed to try to put them into words because I know all the People of the World would write me off as a quack/obscurantist/new-ager, etc. But like Mike says, Fuck Niggers.

    First thing that comes to mind for me is Oneness is the Ultimate Truth. You can take it from there…

    (N) G. Eiríksson Reply:

    >Buddhism is flawed, hence it’s not the Top Ape in the world right now.

    By this logic the Anglo-Semitic Complex is non-flawed.

    You´re a retard, I feel sympathy for you

    because I was so like you.

    (N) G. Eiríksson Reply:

    ““this and that person [so] deserves to die.””
    “I think the world would be a better place if you killed yourself”
    >Forget about that contradiction though.

    You missed the distinction that the former is out of teenage angst, while the latter is the declaration of an adult judge.

    In Germanic societies it was legal to kill people who mishandled truth.

    Certainly if teenagers were wise if they did not mouth at elders.

    Be not proud in “never being wrong” but in always being truthful (this takes admitting what is uncomfortable).

    Dick Wagner Reply:

    If it will give you more confidence, the master censored me for a moment. So he shares the same reservation about me that you do. But then he let me go to say whatever I want, so riddle me that.

    “the Anglo-Semitic Complex”

    Interesting, Eriksson! Are you anti-anglosemitic? Is that what the Cathedral is to you? Wasn’t it more of an “unconscious” system for Mildbug?

    You skipped the most important thing I brought up once again. What happened to you on Ayahuasca?

    (N) G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Aspie, it is no fun if you ignore my questions and ask 5 in return.

    >You boys want to be nihilists

    You think everything is an existential stance that you “try to be.”
    I´ve never said I want to be a nihilist.

    You speak of “Aryanism” trolling anonymously?

    Dick Wagner Reply:

    I hate to be a jerk but some people have something to lose. The lesson of Plato and Nietzsche is the philosopher wears a mask.

    I am impervious to the aspie/autism anti-meme memes. That is Jew propaganda. Good job being on the side of history that advocates feminine pity and simian piety.

    (N) G. Eiríksson Reply:

    It doesn´t matter how many flaws in your drawing of logic are pointed out, you just keep making more.

    If you had nothing to lose, then why even hide? If you are aryan, would you feel a need to hide?

    Wearing a mask and hiding is not necessarily the same thing.

    Also, Nietzsche got many things wrong about the aryan. The Vedas are a more original source, as well as societies purer than the Greek which you tend to cite.

    These are not mere memes, you could say that about anything. “It´s just a meme.” You ignore social cues and other cues, even aryan standards, with nihilism, like a maldeveloped soul. It means you are dead where you should be living. You blame a dismal world for it, but the world is quite your reflection. I´ve experienced that.

    Like skinheads would be the first to be put to the gaschamber, so to speak, guys like you, who mistake arya for nihilism, would be beheaded by any just man.

    Dick Wagner Reply:

    If you’re an advocate of de-concealment share your Ayahuasca experience/s.

    “Like skinheads would be the first to be put to the gaschamber, so to speak”

    You really don’t think skinheads are a reaction against something just as bad as skinheads?

    Dick Wagner Reply:

    My mind changes about the Jew-an-sich too right after a shejew sucks my balls dry. Do a few personal anecdotes discredit scientific findings? Perhaps to some extent. But I’m genuinely confused as to why MacDonald’s Culture of Critique isn’t considered canonical by many NRx HBD enthusiasts. “The Jew Thing” as Derbyshire referred to it, and to which Land alluded to once in a manner that strikes me as conspicuous to say the least, comes in vulgar and refined forms. I admit that I am a dumb scumbag compared to the man whose name my Name on here points to, but he is one example of a deeply refined anti-semite. Schopenhauer, too, in his “On Philosophy in the Universities” also has intellectual critiques of Jewishness.

    Admin dips his toes into the water here, in case anyone forgot:

    Scroll down to the hyperlink on this comment:
    “John Derbyshire basically speaks for me on MacDonald — but that VDare piece was remarkably interesting.”

    “(Feel free to be evil, but be civil — or else.)”

    Be civil, folks. That is to say, Don’t get the Jew Thing! Your reputation will be ruined!

    And so you know I’m somewhat temperate, when I am discoursing with someone with The Jew Thing, I usually try to bring up how the pre-eminent Nazi philosopher Carl Schmitt said of Jew Leo Strauss, “He saw through me and X-rayed me as nobody else has.”


    SVErshov Reply:

    I went today to observatory to watch solar eclipse and while walking in park stumble on sign on asphalt E = mc2, God, do that really matter, nationality of those who expalned this equation. for me it is just confirmation that I’m heading in right direction, no matter what.

    Erebus Reply:

    >“But I’m genuinely confused as to why MacDonald’s Culture of Critique isn’t considered canonical by many NRx HBD enthusiasts.”

    Oh, come on. There’s only one word to describe the “group evolutionary strategy” theory: Psuedoscience. It doesn’t make any testable hypotheses. It doesn’t put forth any proofs. It’s not even based on statistical analysis at all, but on anecdotes and observations.

    The position of the Jews in the West is, in very many respects, closely analogous to that of the Chinese in Indonesia. Is being Chinese in Indonesia a “group evolutionary strategy”?

    I find it funny that people on the alt-right keep saying that science is broken, that the social sciences are inane, that studies can’t be replicated and prove nothing, etc. And yet those same people latch on to a psuedoscientific theory that cannot even be tested, and accept it as truth. MacDonald’s theory represents the worst of the social sciences — it’s as soft and as vague as the poorest work in the field.

    Here’s your answer: It is because HBD is based solely on hard facts. On biological realism.

    Henk Reply:


    Let’s see.

    Lacking a suitable isolated island, how do you maintain an endogamous group over at least a millennium?

    Since NRx loves entropy: maintaining strict endogamy requires extra energy because entropy wants to dissolve your group into the host.

    Because you need extra energy to maintain your group as well separated as Ashkenazim had it over at least a millennium, and not being exactly the rural type yourself, you need a strategy that extracts more energy/person from the host than the host extracts from the soil. You know there must be a “group evolutionary strategy” at work from first principles; no fancy statistics, just basic NRx entropy talk.

    Is being Chinese in Indonesia a “group evolutionary strategy”?

    Absolutely… if they manage to maintain themselves endogamously until A.D. 3016.

    Erebus Reply:


    The scientific method doesn’t work that way. If one has a theory, one can only state it clearly and put it to a test. There’s no other way to scientific truth. If that cannot be done, then it is anecdote, philosophy, religion, or fiction. It is not science.

    In his books on the Jews, MacDonald presents observations and anecdotes, but that’s the whole extent of it — he has not formed a single testable hypotheses, nor has he offered any compelling proofs. Frankly, his theory is hardly worth the paper it’s printed on, from a scientific perspective. It cannot compare with HBD, which is firmly supported by a foundation of uncomfortable (for some!), but verified, scientific truths.

    Please spare me talk of entropy and islands. The matter is really very simple, and doesn’t call for abstraction. What you call a “group evolutionary strategy” is two things:

    The first is tribe, religion, culture. These are all, to some extent, “group evolutionary strategies.” And distinct groups can evidently remain distinct and endogamous for very long periods of time. Look at the Druze, who have lived as a heretical post-Islamic minority group in the Levant for 1000 years. Hell, look at the entire Arab world, with its sects and tribes. Look at the Gypsies in Europe. There are many other possible examples, particularly in Africa. (Pygmies are a striking and ancient example.) Endogamous minority groups abound.

    The second thing is the individual will. Jews and Gypsies in Old Europe, not being able to own farmland, needed to find other ways to sustain themselves. Wouldn’t you agree? One cannot reasonably expect them to lie down and starve to death. With sufficient ambition and intelligence, this obviously may result in “strategies that extract more energy/person from the host than the host extracts from the soil.” It doesn’t require mass coordination per se, nor does it require nefarious “group evolutionary strategy” genes which are designed to undermine their host populations. (Without proof, a downright absurd notion.)

    Dick Wagner Reply:

    Hard science is important and all but so is this

    (N) G. Eiríksson Reply:

    That´s a very successful people. Obviously groups employ strategies. How otherwise would they operate? Things operate through operational works. Successful Jews may be unusually good at long-term planning and following these plans. They don´t have the magical telepathic conspiracy ability that even “refined” anti-Semitism applies to them. They have to work for these things, every day. Industriousness. Patience. Resilience. Wit.

    If you look at ancient Rome, you´ll see a minority of families being in all the institutions. This isn´t exclusive to Jews. If you study the history of Europe you see a minority of families or lineages (Normans, e.g.) dominating important clusters of institutions/society. These are successful minorities, ruling over majorities.

    As Erebus said, “tribe, religion, culture. These are all, to some extent, “group evolutionary strategies.” I would add families to that, notable ones. Noble ones (‘noble’ originally means ‘notable’. It means that the family has a name that is transgenerationally known for having deployed ability).

    It´s anti-Semitism that makes Jews look like magical alien beasts, because it excludes comparison with similar structural behavioral units (groups, bloodlines, etc).

    Roman noble families, quite aryan, eh, engaged in trade, and had a genocidal effect on other peoples. Germanics and Romans ‘together’ had an extermination effect on “fellow” whites (even “fellow” aryans): the Celts.

    Like ‘ZOG’ we can call that GOR. They occupied, took over institutions, opened trade routes, whored the girls, enslaved the white fathers, what have you.

    >muh 19th century German theory

    Dick Wagner Reply:

    The question isn’t whether they’re successful, it’s what they’re successful at. They’re successful at being Cathedralists.

    Jim Donald repeatedly refers to them as virtuosos (btw Erikson you should go post at you’d be appreciated [insofar as gadflies are appreciated]). His metaphor is they’re the cape not the matador. I agree with these things, regardless of how densely you project your past-self and anime-nazism on me.

    I am speaking from the standpoint of Realpolitik. Machiavelli is another juggernaut that doesn’t make it on the newbreactionary reading lists. Again, Michael made the *actual* Right point when he indicated that he “finna” become a leader of the neonazis.

    NRx in its will to exit reminds me of shit. Bullshitters of yourselves mainly. You think you’re too intellectually superior to bother shepherding the alt-right. Hubristic chess-team losers.

    Here is the hole in your sit-around-and-wait plan:

    “As Plato’s Republic (415b-d) notes, children are far easier to indoctrinate than their parents and grandparents. The almost inevitable success of this indoctrination will remove the last obstacles to the global hegemony of modernity’s major sophistry.” (Harry Neumann, “What is Philosophy: an Interpretation of the Theological-Political Problem”)

    While you digest Moldbug’s redpill your kids will get Jewpilled.

    The options are flip the Jews and use their successfulness against the Cathedral or……. as Stevens has suggested, use force. Where is the force? In the multi-layer meatwall of pious brutes known as the AltRight.

    Dick Wagner Reply:

    People killin’, people dyin’
    Children hurt and you hear them cryin’
    Can you practice what you preach?
    Or would you turn the other cheek?

    Father, Father, Father help us
    Send some guidance from above
    ‘Cause people got me, got me questionin’
    Where is the force (Force)

    Where is the force (The force)
    Where is the force (The force)
    Where is the force, the force, the force

    (N) G. Eiríksson Reply:

    You have this tendency to over-apply the idea of group-think.

    I have never made any NRx readinglist, nor have the majority of commentators here. Nor was Moldbug any revelation to me, I´ve probably cited him once indirectly at most.

    The judgments you make on NRx are something I already made a year ago. I.e. its lack of many really European authors (such as Eliade, Dumézil, you know), its surfacelike “Regality” (they don´t even use that word), and the things that you have mentioned.

    But you again confuse the “movement” with the philosophical theorem.

    This isn´t even a movement. What do you want “us” to do?

    If you want to change things for the better then?

    Dick Wagner Reply:

    Flirt with the notion of substituting Exit for Entry.

    Instead of staying cooped up around NRx brains and personalities ‘go down to the Cave’ and try to help alt-right dumbies. Both groups are part of the same Ethos, it’s just one is smarter than the other (a lot smarter). I have been doing this on tumblr for instance, but there is also /pol/ and now /leftypol/. There shouldn’t be a detachment of the mind from the body. NRx is the mind, the alt-right is the body. They should stay in harmony. I appreciate Admin’s inclination to prevent the conflation of the two, that is in the nature of the mind to do; it’s also in the nature of the mind to pool all resources into itself at the expense of the body, as seen in the proverbial nerd.

    (N) G. Eiríksson Reply:

    >There shouldn’t be a detachment of the mind from the body.

    Why not? The seems to me like a wish for palingenesis into the “perfect ancestral human.”

    I agree that the Greek statues look good, but are you sure they enjoyed life more then?

    What is the optimal life, to fight bloody battles, survive and become a sun-bathing teacher like Platón?

    These are not rhetorical questions.

    Dick Wagner Reply:

    To be is to be incarnated.

    To be is to be incarnated.

    There is no bodiless mind. Spirit exists because the opposite of spirit provides it with sustenance.

    I did not go through this “ancestral” thing you speak of. I am a Platonist and a Nietzschean. The perfect human for those two men involves a reconciliation between mind and body. Plato over-emphasizes mind, Nietzsche over-emphasizes body. It’s our duty in the present as their inheritors to SYNTHESIZE them. aDMiN is anti-dialectics, so this won’t happen here. The trick is to pose dialectics against his anti-dialectics. Then the dialectic transmorphs.

    (N) G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Yes, but say we reestablish white dominion, and we put down all those who do not fit this balanced ideal of spirit & body. — What next?

    Dick Wagner Reply:

    It’s always a work-in-progress (unless one believes in Moksha) but suffice it to say that ideally there won’t be a Nick Land who has to make Chaos Patches; he will be making Order Patches, and occupying his time singing hymns to the gods of beauty and goodness.

    Posted on August 31st, 2016 at 9:52 pm Reply | Quote
  • wu-wei Says:

    > “There is no such thing as neoliberalism.”

    What a fascinating and concise insight into the mind of twenty-first century progressivism. On the flip side, bloggers like Freddie deBoer must be tearing their hair out right about now.


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  • vxxc2014 Says:

    Great links.

    I love that the Guardian comes right out and says “conservatism’s mission is to patrol the lines of acceptable thought on the right.”


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  • Alrenous Says:

    Unusually, it seems you can indeed tell what’s going on in physics by what shows up in the news, as long as you remember the journalists know literally less than nothing about physics and get all the details wrong, and that it’s a bit slow, maybe a couple years behind. They’re on the right subjects though.


    SVErshov Reply:

    physics in disastrous mess at the moment, it was anticipated, but not the discovery of dark photons, though. Proper frontiers of science after that. About 85% of universe mass is in dark photons, and we do not have any clue about this particles just few months ago. That is really funny as hell.


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  • (N) G. Eiríksson Says:

    (The following as a whole is from Poseidon Awoke. I will link to the piece too, on differentations betwixt AltR and ‘NRx’. …”emanations are intelligence.”)

    The working class (and the lower classes) are the first to feel the affects of diversity. They are not nearly as insulated from it as the middle and upper classes. For this reason, they were the first to grant themselves moral license. This is the AltRight: the working class which has declared war on the Left and on those who pretend to be our leaders (the cucks) who refuse to grant us moral license to self-defense.

    Their weapon is (currently) mockery, ridicule, libel and slander. This weapon is off the table for the middle class for normative reasons, thus it was unavailable to NRx, which instead uses Continental and Cosmopolitan philosophy, using myth and critique, respectively. Priests use myth and teachers use critique.

    We are in the process of granting full moral license to ourselves for the purpose of defending our civilization. NRx will become an integral part in granting this moral license, or it will fade into irrelevancy. They will use narrative, myth and critique to justify our Holy War for the survival of our people, or they will become nothing.

    I’m currently working on ideas for reforming Christianity. NRx is full of the religious, but they have neglected this topic, possibly because they do not understand that this is an essential step, and that only we on the right will undertake it. Does that sound ambitious enough for you?

    There are many excellent religious scholars among NRx. Their job is to re-invigorate the Germanic Initiatic Oath within Christianity: Don’t lie, Don’t steal, and protect the commons (every man a sheriff, reciprocal insurance). They must also understand clearly the Morality of Transcendence: man is directing his own evolution, ‘transcending out of savagery to become closer to God and to live in God’s will’ (I am speaking in your voice here, NRx). They should create the narrative, using the Bible, that our new era of truthful scientific language is demanded by God (don’t lie)(Testimonialism), and our prohibition of parasitism (don’t steal)(no welfare state) is God’s law, and that we must become closer to God by promoting the best of our species, and limiting the worst (transcendence/domestication).

    If NRx has a place in this movement, it is to reform the Church and grant ourselves moral license to defend Western Civilization, by any means necessary. The AltRight and the working class are preparing to march.


    Anonymous Reply:



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  • s(R) Says:

    “To whom is this demand for a fully automated economy being made? And, on whose behalf?”

    Jehu, like Admin, sees that the nostalgic rhetorical tics of left acceleration (‘Landian neoliberalism’, ‘we demand’) are more than just manifestocore cliches – they compromise the intellectual integrity of the program itself.


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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    2016: Altruism vs. Autism


    Harold Reply:

    (Personally I score very high on Baron-Cohen’s empathiser test.)


    michael Reply:

    are you jewish?


    (N) G. Eiríksson Reply:

    I am a total freak. I can turn empathy on or off. I´d say I have benefits of autism, minus the impediments. Or as Nietzsche called it: übermensch. I see that correlate with Mr. Land too, and quite probably a number of his readers. I´ve always mixed (em)pathei mathos with a below freezing outlook.

    Unlike Dick Wagner here who has Asperger´s Syndrome*, with the impediments.

    And has the para-Nazi conception of ‘blonde beast’ & ‘übermensch’ (utter macho libido dominandi). Which is not Nietzsche´s version.

    * „Qualitative impairment in social interaction, by stereotyped and restricted patterns of behavior, activities and interests, and by no clinically significant delay in cognitive development or general delay in language. Intense preoccupation with a narrow subject, one-sided verbosity …”

    Altho, if he is so young he might be excused. (Advice: try empathogenic substances — e.g. THC & CBD, Methylenedioxymethamphetamine, et cetera. A few dozen times at least over a few years. It might get those disconnected pathways communicating. Mix it with tantric & devotional practice. I had a kundalini awakening two separate times when watching music videos, aided by empathogens and probably years of sober experimentation with spirituality practices, & way of thinking).


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  • SVErshov Says:

    blogs rare kind


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  • Tybalt Says:

    Atlantis Sunk? – Bugmen Triumphant?

    ‘How much is being more culturally liberal a factor that overwhelms their economic perspective?

    Well, so there’s two things. So one is, I can’t stress this enough, they are not fans of libertarians.

    I think that’s what you’re getting at when you talk about how the Silicon Valley folks are pro-market, but they don’t believe in atomistic individualism.

    Yeah, and to give your readers a little flavor of how they differ from Democrats, equality is also not a value. So if you look at traditional Democrats, most of what they do on social justice or whatever is they try to make people more equal and give them stable lives.

    Liberty is not a value. They are highly, highly, collectivist… equality is also not a value. Silicon Valley is all about inequity and unpredictability.

    Let me ask you a question from Twitter from Richard Reeves over at Brookings. He writes, ”Is there support for basic income, the idea that everybody would get a check from the government that might replace all the other welfare programs, is there support for basic incomes based on guilt about the job loss potential of technology?”

    What they want to do is they basically want everyone to live like they lived in college, where you get to play all day long, discover new things, you don’t have to work much, maybe you have a part time job and you just get to chill. The working phrase for this is automated luxury communism. And the way for automated luxury communism to work, and this is a real thing that could be happening within our lifetimes, is that robots replace most work and you just get a check from the government every month that allows you to spend as you want. And it comes from a very, very high tax on the relatively few workers who do have economic value.’


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  • frank Says:

    NRx vs Alt-Right debate at Alt-Right central, right now. Comments are very amusing.


    (N) G. Eiríksson Reply:

    White Nationalism gets a boost from NEET meme-makers, because of that and a Cathedral election, it thinks it´s on the verge of taking over the world.

    Doesn´t realize that if the other whites are forced to wake up because of a collapse scenario, you know, the whites that create things other than memes and rhetoric, these whites will still be the creative & gracile whites, and intra-white hierarchy reasserts itself. (Quick-to-draw sheriff in the wild west, vs. 5 brutes.)

    The typical thought of a brute (big guy, below average IQ) is that he can take on anyone. If that was the case, why aren´t they already running the mafias and not the slick guys?

    The art of killing is far more gracile than some movies and streetfights show it.

    The smart ones do not unnecessarily get into street-fights. These are the same ones that might stab you far faster than you can move your clunky hands.

    Even in the Wild West it was about a certain gracility. Who was the fastest to draw his gun.

    Since we got technology (spears, projectiles, sharp objects) it has not been about who can lift the heaviest rock.

    If you look at special forces soldiers, these are almost always more leptomorph than the typical marine, and look skinny compared to grunts.

    If it was all about brawls, Mike Tyson would be king.

    Orcs vs. Elves, is equal in fiction.


    (N) G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Say what you will about Varg, but he does have the physique of a white-killer chieftain class.

    Just look at any white civilization,

    it´s always the same


    Deep down, it is boiling in its blood (numinous, not emotive)

    It only awaits the time, be it years

    or centuries. Commies

    come. Let us


    (/Makes a fool of himsef yet again.)

    (/Pumped up by all the macho Alt-Reich comments.)

    Metamorphosphordus malformation
    your’s is the call I follow
    astride the wings of Death
    to the crossroads

    Malfeitor, the master and servant in unity
    at one with the Abyss when in your possession I am
    against the blindness of men
    thine eyes have been granted immunity
    so that my sight be clear when wielding the Sword of the Damned

    For I am begotten of the virgin whore
    as truth and torment, priest and warrior
    now behold as I pervert and destroy their law
    as the image of my philius moists the labia of Shekinah
    for dark are the desires that dwell within my heart
    and the Devil is in my kiss

    Yes he is

    in your possession I am
    twilight god of transformation
    at the crossroads we meet again
    I’ll pace the path of madness with your banner held high
    to the death’s head true
    yes, I am of my father the Devil and the lusts of my father I will do


    frank Reply:

    Judging by the comments at VP, alt-right is more self-unaware than I thought. Also, that comment section is a live demonstration in why esoteric prose is a requirement if you want to keep the high time preference and the mid-wit crowd away.


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  • michael Says:



    Posted on September 2nd, 2016 at 3:53 am Reply | Quote
  • michael Says:

    isnt vox day supposed to be an injun


    (N) G. Eiríksson Reply:



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  • (N) G. Eiríksson Says:

    This one is just for Dick Wagner


    Posted on September 2nd, 2016 at 5:34 am Reply | Quote
  • (N) G. Eiríksson Says:

    Soldiers already lost in a war that becomes
    Ever more total, ever more occult
    We bear at the very edges of this world
    The spiritual arms and the most enigmatic
    Destiny of military honours
    From the beyond: in the ranks both visible and invisible
    Of the Black Order to which we belong
    Those whom death has struck down
    March on side by side with those who are still standing

    — Jean Parvulesco, French author.

    How Evola said reincarnation is not in Tradition is beyond me. I´ve come to learn that not only did the Germanics and the Romans  (both descend from the same people, and their language from the same language, and their gods from the same proto-gods)  in reincarnation, but practiced it.

    Germanic patriarchs (men, with a family and a lineage) were buried in mounds that you could enter, with their most valuable belongings, so that as their grandson, or whenever it was, when they recognized themselves as having been reincarnated in the continuation of the bloodline, could walk into the mound and recognize and reclaim their valuables. If not also recognize their past skull (by it being essentially the same skull, cf. Roman deathmask).

    The Romans took deathmasks so that they could recognize their faces having been reborn as their direct descendants.

    Extreme patrilinearity [sic]. Absolute patriarchy.

    Biologically this makes sense in the way that we´re an organism that reproduces it-self. The blood is never cut. From a holistic, or aeternitatis perspective, it´s the same organism. Recreating itself. Re-producing. Gene ratio(n)s.

    This correlates, as it were, somewhat with modern biology (‘the ghost in your genes’).

    Perhaps it was Evola´s ‘absolute idealism’ that wanted to leave this out. He was mixed with non-Germanic & non-Roman blood after all, so he could not reincarnate in an Aryan lineage.


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  • Harold Says:

    When did the term ‘Alt-Right’ come to no longer encompass NRx?


    frank Reply:

    Alt-right and NRx are different contingents of the alternative right.


    michael Reply:

    about the time of the tweets tensions rose


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  • SVErshov Says:

    This couldn’t possibly be dangerous

    agree, no need to be too xenophobic, especially with such super cool alien staff: liquid metals circuits and bacterias manufacturing highly conductive, highly stable nano protein wires. hard even to belive it is real but if it coming from University of Massachusetts Amherst working with the U.S. Navy, then must be OK

    but this user manual, do not explain much, I think they need some better explanation and more details.


    take one single drop of a liquid which contains a highly conductive metallic core and an atomically thin semiconducting oxide skin — to create all necessary circuits.
    TDS for 7 days.

    after that

    take one single drop of military grade genetically modifed Geobacter tm, bacteria, which can thrive where organic life normally couldn’t to create all necessery wiring endogenously.
    TDS for 7 dyas.

    once completed call ….. from GPS anabled cell, go to open space and wait for drone pickup.

    do they have conducted safety testing and trials on animals. I was not able to find anyyhing on PubMed.


    Posted on September 2nd, 2016 at 6:28 pm Reply | Quote
  • SVErshov Says:

    (N) G. Eiríksson Says

    》“Hysteria, in the colloquial use of the term, means ungovernable emotional excess.”

    ‘ungovernable’ – kind of anarchistic, tribalistic. I think it is reliable truth marker, hysterical peope usually cannot lie. truth is important component of their internal drama. That drama is dominant. holding force for hysterical, melancholics personality. Remove drama and it all will fell apart, losing meaning and purpose. not a big problems, nowadays they can find some on line zomby factory and repurpose themselves.


    (N) G. Eiríksson Reply:

    You´re right to see the link to older sociobioloical modes. I´d compare with Wilber´s map of map of levels.


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  • Dick Wagner Says:

    @Erikson – thoughts on this?

    “I feel sorry for the neo-reactionaries with political inclinations; they just are the negation of The Cathedral. They are infertile. But they are a necessary evil because that antagonism strengthens the Cathedral infrastructure and facilitates criticism.”


    (N) G. Eiríksson Reply:

    I´m in the process of reading this pie-ace, but what first comes to mind is that ‘political’ here means ‘demotic’. It means guys standing and debating things.

    Altho the Roman senate was reported by an ancient Greek visitor to be as a ‘council of kings’, indeed, stoic, calm, cool, collected (perhaps like the better of corporate board meetings are, without the majesty or not, I´ve never been in one), that certainly did not last for the duration of the empire.

    Technology is without fault. It is pure. You will probably deny this as you define that differently than I. However, technology means the deployment of skill. That is pure. That is art. That is mechanics. That is machination. That is magic.

    That is what allowed the Romans to conquer. The technology of ethos and material.

    Their senate lasted while it was relatively anti-political.

    Technological. Lexis, regis.

    Regal. Tech.


    Dick Wagner Reply:

    Well, let me ask you this. Is it the way of things for the strong to come to power then seek out the smart for direction? Or is it rather the case that the strong come to power and gulag and kill anyone smarter that disagrees? “Intellectuals are not to be reasoned with. They are to be shot” (Napoleon).

    This is Jimbo Donald’s (at least exoteric) plan:

    “The Moldbuggian path is to be worthy of power, wait for leftism to self destruct, as it has so many times before, and then when the military come looking for a priesthood, we are available.”

    But I don’t see the military coming and looking for a priesthood, I see them being too dumb and power-lustful to look for an alien mind-control force outside of their own ranks. Hence why I think NRx should be keeping the alt-right close. If and when leftism self-implodes we need a military caste. No muscle, no one’s gonna listen to us.

    Crucial difference between Aristotle and Machiavelli is Aristotle passes over in silence how a regime is founded, he just talks about how it operates after it’s already in existence. Machiavelli explicitly states it’s built on blood.


    Dick Wagner Reply:

    “The essential feature of a good, healthy aristocracy is that it does not feel that it is a function (whether of the kingdom or of the community) but instead feels itself to be the meaning and highest justification (of the kingdom or community), – and, consequently, that it accepts in good conscience the sacrifice of countless people who have to be pushed down and shrunk into incomplete human beings, into slaves, into tools, all for the sake of the aristocracy. Its fundamental belief must always be that society cannot exist for the sake of society, but only as the substructure and framework for raising an exceptional type of being up to its higher duty and to a higher state of being. In the same way, the sun-seeking, Javanese climbing plant called the sipo matador will wrap its arms around an oak tree so often and for such a long time that finally, high above the oak, although still supported by it, the plant will be able to unfold its highest crown of foliage and show its happiness in the full, clear light.”

    Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil

    Land wants to preserve das Pathos der Distanz because intimacy with idiots results in leveling (lobotomy). But if you fly too high up in the clouds you go the way of Athens, you get clobbered by bumbling imbeciles.


    (N) G. Eiríksson Reply:

    When Leftism implodes the Alt-R will not be standing on a hilltop with arms of glory. It´s a hodgepodge. As I said in a recent comment, when Leftism implodes, say there is a collapse scenario, the other whites will be forced to wake up and go to their ancestral modes of behavior (atavism), so to speak. The normies which already rule this world are not going to listen to angry White Nationalists and whatever just because the WNs say “we´ve been predicting this for years.” The normies have control of society not because of some alien deus ex machina, but because they are living flesh and blood creatures with better functioning bodies, as it were. Sure, in bad times revolutionaries can get control over normies, such as the French revolutionaries, or the Russian ones, but say that a Alt-R crowd is gathered at a square. It will be someone with superior command abilities who can gain control of it, not some “I posted at MPC, and I was friend of weev´s when the Leftists still ran.” In other words, things change, conditions change. Napoleon himself hadn´t been a revolutionary, he, as it were, waited for the revolutionaries to kill each other. I´m sure there will be many intra-WN deaths over who gets to be the orc boss.


    Dick Wagner Reply:

    *rubs temples* I’m having a vision… your precious little girl Susie Erikson, getting her titties mouthed like strawberry ice cream cones by a half-man half-ape… and she clutches his shiny brown wiffle ball bat.- Ah it cuts out there.

    Only reason it’s a hodgepodge is because they don’t have leaders. They don’t have leaders because the only ones that could be their leaders are a bunch of apolitical misanthropes.

    “forced to wake up and go to their ancestral modes of behavior (atavism)”

    Dug you chrippin. Just as likely is they’ll team up wit da swaggest ass niggas since dey don’t trust whitie no mo. I saw that Wu-Hang Clan on your blog, whoops I meant Wu-Tang. Which indicates you tip your hat to swag as a veritable form of mana rather than as a spiritually adolescent force that needs to be either disciplined or channeled into some highfalutin’ version of cotton-picking.

    “superior command abilities”

    You are one sad, drooping petunia. As if we need to rely on oratory! If we could harness the bloodthirsty pigheaded spiritedness of the alt-right we could circle the liberal dopes with modern-day bayonets. What we need is a police state wherein dissenters are silenced. Within a couple generations no one will remember the Equalism Cathedral existed; better yet, they will remember it for it was: an atrocity of the most abysmal order.


    (N) G. Eiríksson Reply:

    I think it was the ‘The normies have control of society not because of some alien deus ex machina, but because they are living flesh and blood creatures with better functioning bodies’ that brought on such a psychopathological response from you.

    Yes, even in a collapse people with superior genes and sensibilities might also put a freak like you down. At least your sadomaso reign would only last decades like any other para-Leninist sicko reign.

    Like I said before, just men would behead a scoundrel like you, because they know you make trouble and are not good.

    Dick Wagner Reply:

    I don’t believe in Providence so no I don’t automatically assume the people in power are not Satanic. What is your avatar? Are you a Christian you scally-wag?

    “Solution: physically remove Leftists and their policies, then get back on track” (Stevens).

    Dick Wagner Reply:

    There is an old Zen saying that goes something like this… before enlightenment, mountains look like mountains and rivers look like rivers, when seeking enlightenment, mountains no longer look like mountains and rivers no longer look like rivers; on achieving enlightenment, mountains again look like mountains and rivers look like rivers. I thought of this pseudo profundity when I finished my self inflicted pro-life Nietzschean frisby fetish.
    You see, when I first read Friedrich Nietzsche, I thought “holy shit, this guy wants to liquidate my grandmother”! Then I read Walter Kaufmann’s lukewarm writings on herr Freddy and the subsequence ‘rehabilitated’ zeitgeist of todays academic, and I no longer thought that Friedrich Nietzsche wanted to liquidate my grandmother. But today, after reaching satori for myself, I again think “holy shit, this guy wants to liquidate my grandmother”

    Moesy Pittounikos

    Wasn’t that a chapter in Ecce Homo? “Why I Am So Willing to Liquidate Your Grandmother”?

    Daniel Horne

    (N) G. Eiríksson Reply:

    You are a Leftist, you think it´s about the words, but it´s about the behavior.

    The vile you spew in the name of “superiority” is more disgusting than a lot of blacks and Jews even think of in their daily lives. You belong in a real Arkham Asylum (since it´s real you can´t even make a cartoon escape, you will be so drugged by the normies, and no Wagner playing).

    Quote all the hotshots in the world, nihilist bravado.

    The Alt-R is a tiny fucking thing. It isn´t exploding in size or anything. And if there comes a scenario where there´s a re-distribution of power (i.e. the current politicians lose it) healthy whites are not gonna hand it over to insane bloggers.

    This Alt-R “army” you imagine is tiny. And it´s not an army. You´re in an illusory pseudo-Right wing fantasy world.

    You´re simply to stupid to continue this discussion with. Insane people often are this mix of stupidity and intellectuality (which together makes a psuedointellectual).

    This will be picked up on by healthy whites even if you try to hide it.

    Dick Wagner Reply:

    Whatever you want to tell yourself, twinkle-toes.

    (N) G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Likewise. “Dictatorship of the Wagneriat” Leninist-Maoist creep.

    Dick Wagner Reply:

    Go! You don’t want to be late for your ballet recital.

    What I tell myself is that the only reason this blog isn’t Dark is because of this:
    ““… we need to figure out how to flip the army and intelligence services …” — you know, that sounds like a plan, or at least the first step on the road to a plan, but it’s probably not something to be plotted in public” (Admin).

    A pirouetter like you I won’t give the benefit of the doubt anymore.

    (N) G. Eiríksson Reply:

    You aren´t even properly white.

    Which is always the case with the worst freaks in “White” Nationalism.

    Even if that´s not you in the picture (seeing the face and t-shirt, I´d think it is), there´s not doubt about your heterogeneity.

    From this degenerate crop comes the revolutionary proletariat, with its hatred born of grievances, and the drawing-room Bolshevism of the aesthetes and literary folk, who enjoy and advertise the attractiveness of such states of mind. — Oswald Spengler.

    I would enjoy killing you because you are evil, rotten, twisted, no good, a scoundrel, a lier, a slanderer, a malignant loudmouth.

    Dick Wagner Reply:

    That’s not me m8.

    If something beautiful is to exist on Earth 1/5 of the population is going to need to be cleaved off, that’s my humble estimate. Can’t we just probe this matter objectively, without losing our wits?

    (N) G. Eiríksson Reply:


    (N) G. Eiríksson Reply:

    You think everybody will excuse trolling, “maybe.” Have you seen weev´s nose?

    Only proles think race is about skin-colour.

    Prole in spirit, pseudointellectual in speech.

    Dick Wagner Reply:

    I am open to whites mixing with South East Asians. Tentatively. I don’t have a white skin fetish. I’m somewhere between you boys and alt-rightists, don’t really fit in in either place.

    Weev? You keep name-dropping these ephemeral meme-people. Have you seen Zeus’s nose?

    “White” Nationalists buy into the Hitler myth. Hitler was a failure, and furthermore a coward who blew his brains out. Even Heidegger thought blut und boden was despicable. He and I are more in line with a people being one in *spirit*, and the Germanic people being one in spirit with the Ancient Greeks.

    (N) G. Eiríksson Reply:

    One of your main problems is not even bravado or ego, but that the former does not match your actual intellect. You don´t have the smartness to act the way you do. Like a typical teenager, but if you are 30 yo you are one pathological case. You think I´m just saying this to offend. You think sane normal sound mind in a sound body is some Christian invention? You think actual nobles wrote the grievance fanfiction that you do?

    An example of your kneejerk way of thinking (which a pseudointellectual makes) is that you somehow concluded that “superior command abilities” must mean merely oratory.

    Even Wikipedia list this as auctoritas (different from Leninist bravado): Auctoritas was not merely political, however; it had a numinous content and symbolized the mysterious “power of command” of heroic Roman figures.

    I´ve been almost 15 years interacting with Right-wingers. I make the comparisons which you think are “random” or “projections” because there are similarities.

    Erik Ritter von Kuehnelt-Leddihn was right about people like you: Leftism: From De Sade and Marx to Hitler and Pol Pot.

    This applies to the majority of leftists under the name “Alt-‘Right'” who think they are now a new civilization waiting to happen.

    Your lust for bringing down is more Leninist than Right.

    Dick Wagner Reply:

    15 years interacting with Righties and some dumb kid is getting your goat and throwing you into tizzy fits, fizzy tits? You’re hiding something from yourself. Admin for example could’ve said a string of five words and I would have said “yes sir” and shut up, whereas your will to power is so near mine we keep going at it.

    (N) G. Eiríksson Reply:

    You again make the mistake of thinking you know behind-the-keyboard behavior, you 3rd rate thinker.

    You are so used to such things being said in fits that you think I must have been in a fit to say that.

    I was not. You disgusting half-white teenage faggot.

    Do you figure that executions are done for eugenic purposes and not emotional ones? A Germanic chieftain sentencing a troublemaker to death is just pure logic.

    (N) G. Eiríksson Reply:

    You probably don´t even figure either, that even if you are not in the teen-age, you have the retarded development of a male who never exceeded the development of the teenage in certain biosocial arenas of operation. You might have hair on your balls, but not all brains develop equally.

    Posted on September 3rd, 2016 at 4:12 pm Reply | Quote
  • (N) G. Eiríksson Says:

    «Meme Magic» an animated story.


    Posted on September 4th, 2016 at 12:31 am Reply | Quote
  • michael Says:

    @Dick Wagner

    my bet is we are actually the ones with children and grandchildren.
    waiting for gnon to anoint you while millions of niggers pour into your nation is all well and good at 22.
    At some point you realize theres no exit no collapse and soon no more hate blogs you can fight or die.Reaction that would rather die on principle is hardly distinguishable from conservative inc that feels the same way


    Dick Wagner Reply:

    What is “gnon” to you?


    Posted on September 4th, 2016 at 12:47 am Reply | Quote
  • (N) G. Eiríksson Says:

    Since it is being somehow dis(g)-cussed,

    is there anyone that would disagree with this?

    >I do not have an ideal political order but I would want an environment where fraud and lies are congruently as possible removed.

    How the leftist segment of the Alt-R, which we can call the Alt-Rot, is going to fraud and bully its way into power… is hardly going to be different from other such anarcho-tyrannies & Leftist dictatorships, is it?


    (N) G. Eiríksson Reply:

    >Yes, let´s have a Bulgaria except with sadistic totalitarianism (no Entartete Kunst) just so that we can all have a white skin colour within it


    Posted on September 4th, 2016 at 9:24 pm Reply | Quote
  • Outliers (#21) Says:

    […] Donald Trump cucks the establishment again. H-wood Nazis could dunce the alt right. Global economic collapse joins the convergence of catastrophes. America waking up to the fact that diversity does not work. Leftism is parasitism. Democracy creates secret and deceptive government. Clarifying the alt right through two pillars: ethnic survival and self-determination. Realizing that rock, blues, jazz and pop are a musical sham. Remember when you read the speeches that they are tearing down our future. Cultural evanescence. No, come back. Weekly round: here and here. […]

    Posted on September 5th, 2016 at 2:07 am Reply | Quote
  • (N) G. Eiríksson Says:

    This video got me sick to the stomach.

    Stop complaining about niggers and Jews, they are only a symptom. It´s Communist white people that let them in.

    There´s a Maoism on the rise in the West, someone is going to pump up the rabble like in Russia 1917 and France 1789, and the darkies might attack all whites.

    The question is, is it a real possibilities that darkies in the military and police will turn on their fellow whites?

    This can only be answered by historical examples. Not angry white guy opinions.


    Posted on September 7th, 2016 at 9:14 am Reply | Quote
  • (N) G. Eiríksson Says:

    Definite in the NRx playlist:


    Posted on September 9th, 2016 at 12:26 am Reply | Quote
  • Outliers (#22) Says:

    […] Weekly rounds: here, here and here. […]

    Posted on September 11th, 2016 at 7:18 am Reply | Quote
  • Dick Wagner Says:

    Admin’s “patch” allusion is brilliant. Every week he points out how the Cathedral is a chaotic Patch.


    Posted on September 18th, 2016 at 4:23 am Reply | Quote

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