Chaos Patch (#22)

(Open thread, and stuff.)

Another take on the democracy problem: “Ideology is the death of good government. Democracy requires ideology. Therefore democracy is the death of good government.”

Democracy is one of the more potent weapons that the USA can yield to destroy enemies, and the Chinese are clearly aware of what is in store.”

Leftism needs nationalism.

Selection pressure for modernity resistance.

An epic post on the Westernization of Hinduism.

There‘s a Matrioshka Brain Home Page.

Varieties of futurism.

The new mediascape as a festival of trolls.

Asking the important questions: “Is there any way to keep white people from using computers, before this whole planet is ruined?”

In case anyone was unaware, libertarians eat each other too. It’s especially worth underscoring this friction factor:

This is the second approach to a new definition of libertarianism: People wish to analyze society not according to whether it is voluntary but in order to ferret out signs of power and privilege which they self-righteously condemn. Consider open source software. It has been castigated as a realm of privilege because it predominantly consists of white men. Open source software is source code that is thrown into the public realm so that anyone can modify and enhance it. It is a pure expression of free speech; the product is available to everyone for free; there are no entry barriers or requirements other than caring enough to learn code. Learning code is also available and free to all.

My misanthropy takes a hit.

ADDED: Creep-out troll terror.

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  • Harold Says:

    The first one needs Chineseification.

    Where the people elect their govenors the governors deal in ideologies.
    Where the governors deal in ideologies the state is not well governed.
    Therefore, where the people elect their governors the state is not well governed.

    Maybe simeone else can do better.


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  • William Newman Says:

    Given how common it is for nondemocratic forms of governments to wrap themselves in heavy ideology — state religion being a particularly common form — and how moderate the state ideology seems to have been for extended periods in modern successful representative governments (Swiss, Dutch, British, US) I find this unconvincing. It is a stretch to consider the SDBU nations as dysfunctional and/or as irrelevant outliers when they came to control such a large fraction of world GDP, trade, territory, science, naval and air power, and probably some other interesting measures too.

    I do see an increasing suppression and marginalization of dissent under modern representative governments, but it looks to me as though quite a lot of that is the natural consequence of Hayek-style analysis. Hayek overstated the strength and speed of the effect, but it sure looks as though he got the general tendency correct. And that tendency for freedom to be reduced by discretionary rule by huge intrusive government doesn’t seem to be significantly worse under democracy than alternative forms. Also, limiting ourselves to the subcategory of public education systems (to finesse away reasonable disagreements about e.g. exactly how hard it is to run an unapproved broadcaster or publisher, or how strongly and/or consistently discretionary rule suppresses informal dissent), it appears to me that when a democratic government takes control of education, the expected level of indoctrination is typical for government education, rather than stronger indoctrination in democracies than in autocracies or other alternatives.


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  • Kwisatz Haderach Says:

    Re: Sketch Factor

    News crew gets robbed while reporting on Sketch Factor by going to a sketchy neighborhood that had been flagged by the app:


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  • spandrell Says:

    Gay Dad Kuznicki got a thorough smashdown by your dear Ms. Castillo; I guess this is his way of declaring defeat.


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  • Chaos Patch (#22) | Reaction Times Says:

    […] Source: Outside In […]

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  • Erik Says:

    You expressed shock at Fred Reed the other day over his column on Darwin. But I say that Progressives have turned “science” into a cheerleading chant and “evolution” into a stick to beat the Church with. I expect Fred is questioning the stick, and rightly so. Whenever the stick is questioned, the sophists (paging Alrenous) quickly switch back to “evolution” as theory of differential reproductive patterns, wave the science flag, and jeer “he’s questioning evolution! durr backwards flyover country stupid redneck.” Please don’t join in that chorus.

    So I wrote a post at More Right answering Fred’s questions instead of jeering about motivated cognition, and for good measure as a sanity check, ran the post by a biology major who knew about Mendel’s role in the neo-Darwinian synthesis and the blending problem with Darwin’s unmodified theory of evolution. I would like to write another post about the science stick. (Is it the progressive counterpart to the Stick of Jim?) Progressives gather around “science” and “evolution” to assert their superiority but recoil like vampires from holy water when presented with the implications of their asserted position, and I want to call them on it a bit more.


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  • Bill Says:

    OT: This request is for anyone reading. What are the best descriptions of the limits of reason? I’m interested in books, but will be happy with anything that uses logic to talk about the limits of reason. Another related topic that counts is the limits of knowledge.


    j. ont. Reply:

    This is about as shallow a recommendation as can be given, but Kant’s first critique is a solid text on this subject (though some people find it overwhelming and obscure—to which I say, “read some Deleuze”). In many ways philosophy has barely moved past it—to the point where a lot of philosophers seem to have just ignored Kant, because he makes things less fun. If you have less time, try his Prolegomena to Any Future Metaphysics, which is a cursory of the first critique.

    No doubt our host will have more to say on this subject…


    Bill Reply:

    Thanks j. ont. I have read a biography of Kant, and essays in college. I will find the Prolegomena. I was wondering about limits because I think if you understand limits you make better claims and arguments.


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  • Kgaard Says:

    Glad I read that Roosh forum piece just for the insights on internet marketing. Lately I’ve come to the view that internet marketing is the master skill that arches above all others in the current economy (physical and intellectual). Anything a person might do, it’s gotta be sold. And that means web traffic. And that means figuring out how to generate it. And that’s by it’s very nature a slippery endeavor. I suppose you could spend $20 million and blanket every NFL stadium with your logo on Sundays, but only the entrenched oligarchic concerns have that kind of dough. For everybody else there’s guerrilla web marketing.

    Even tech companies frequently don’t get this. A buddy of mine does marketing for tech firms and told me one outfit got $100m in VC financing, sold just $4m worth of stuff and only THEN decided they needed some marketing. Seems to me web marketing is mostly a young person’s game, but even the 40+ set has to at least recognize that this is where the action is …


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  • Antisthenes Says:

    That futurism link is fedoratastic.


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  • Izak Says:

    Thanks for bringing this Videshi Sutra guy to my attention, his blog is pretty fascinating.


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  • Chris B Says:

    *IF* we want more NRx exposure,then everyone should chip in and start trolling strategic left wing mongs. The only reason NRx got mentioned by Chu is because people were trolling him. The Xo bang link shows the proof of concept.


    Izak Reply:

    Don’t you think the level of exposure is right around where it should be?


    Chris B Reply:

    That’s a question that needs discussion.


    nyan_sandwich Reply:

    Less exposure. The right people will find their way here. We need to focus on being more serious and conducive to the right people.

    bbq beast Reply:

    ^ this
    chip out truth as best as you possibly can. those that seek for it will find and recognize it. anything else is meaningless.

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