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SP theory (1, 2, 3), nuance on the Norks, and an unwritten novel. Confucian heuristics. Parable of the termites. The neanderthal line on r/K. Anonymous letter to the French (in French). Universal values? Original Sin is to blame. Welfare doesn’t work. Propertarianism vs AnCap. The weekly round in doom.

Alinsky blow-back. Scale and scams. Commies in space. The nativists (i.e. ‘dumb hicks‘) are restless. Discreet charm of the bourgeoisie. Death spiral. SV politics. Free speech and its enemies. Against coddling (and, a little more vehemently).

Modern infertility (relevant). Hispanicization and secession. Europe’s least-liked minority. The Australian solution. Eugenic prospects.

European crisis, Islam, and migration policy are running together (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9). Oh hell, there’s more (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8), with still more to come. Speed Jihad. Jihad in power. Houellebecq, the optimist. Narrative disorder. Dugin’s take. Things that might work. Obamaworld in flames. Destroying the grayzone. Growth of global jihad. Rough triangles stuff. Meanwhile, in Mali. A sci-fi allegory (see also). God is dead all over again.

“Unlike the law enforcement paradigm, warfare allows the state to treat the enemy considerably differently from one’s own population.”

“I must admit to now being more nervous about allowing more impatient and stupid immigrants” (see also, and especially).

Dee’s library. Islamic calligraphy.

The statistical schism. Bostrom profiled (excellently). Machine Learning Algorithms. NYC Taxi Drop-offs mapped. Genetically customized animals. An accelerator on a chip. Touched by a death god.

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  • Chaos Patch (#89) | Neoreactive Says:

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  • peter Says:

    Ok so I’m new to this Neo-reaction thing and I had a question

    One of the main ideas of neoreaction is that the difference in performance between races is genetic, and not because of certain races being pushed to the bottom of the socio-economic ladder because of oppression or whatever.

    But I found this review of a number of studies (p338-343) that basically says that when you control for numerous socio-economic factors, that the difference in crime between blacks and whites disappears. Wouldn’t this seem to call in to question the neo-reactionary hypothesis of race?

    (The above paper is free to read online)

    I find many of the ideas of neoreaction interesting, especially right-accelerationism, but this is the concept I’m most iffy on.


    ivvenalis Reply:

    “After controlling for the effects of skull trauma, we found that being shot in the head had negligible long term negative health outcomes”

    (I can give a less glib answer after I get to a real keyboard, but it won’t be for a while. Someone else might beat me to it.)


    ivvenalis Reply:

    All right, beliefs about race vary somewhat across the NRx spectrum. However, I think it’s safe to say we all agree on one thing: the idea that the “races” are “equal” is bullshit, in fact it can’t be true. Take it away, Moldbug:

    [A believer in “Human Neurological Uniformity”] believes that modern human subpopulations are neurologically uniform. In other words, genetic differences between races (if the term is even acknowledged) are of no behavioral significance. Especially committed credulists may believe that genetic differences between individuals are of no behavioral significance, or even that human behavior has not been shaped at all by evolutionary history – both forms of the “Blank Slate” hypothesis. (If you are new to the issue, you could do a lot worse than starting with Pinker’s book.)


    As the authors of this new book put it: given the genetic history of the human species, global equality in any quantitative trait – physical or behavioral – is about as likely as dropping a handful of quarters and having them all land on edge. Of course, as reasonable thinkers, we are prepared to consider improbable propositions. If presented with extraordinary evidence.”

    Of course this agrees with what we see in the real world. Other popular tenets like “culture is downstream from biology” or “Arabs are really inbred, like a lot” require a little more reading, but I think you get the drift.

    On the specific subject of the Negro Question which so occupies the mind of modern Americans, they are, on average, less intellectually capable than Latinos, Whites, and Orientals (in that order). You shouldn’t even attempt to refute this until you’ve read La Griffe du Lion (

    This doesn’t mean you need to start cutting up bedsheets. It does mean you should stop taking racial agitation at face value.


    Alrenous Reply:

    Due to the Homestuck Principle of Scientific Governance, you can find a study to support just about anything. You know the replicability crisis in psychology? ProTip: it’s actually the replicability crisis in [x] for all x. Scientists routinely hack their p-values and anything else, and get away with all of it.

    The actual cause is low IQ. IQ causes: poverty, crime. It’s tightly correlated enough with poverty that correcting for poverty is effectively correcting for IQ. So yeah if black average IQ were the same as white average IQ, black poverty and crime would be very close to white poverty and crime.

    Even if the ‘oppression’ theory was true, it’s deeply racist. Blacks are apparently such fainting flowers that whites can oppress entirely-black nations by thinking unkind thoughts. 80% black Detroit, with all-black mayors and stuff, you’d think they would be able to block most of the oppression. Unless, that is, they’re being oppressed by physics, not whites.


    Grotesque Body Reply:

    Sociology: after controlling for how many good boys dindu nuffin, the authors of the study find das raycis.


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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    Re: will Houellebecq swing right, he has always stated himself as “anti-liberal” and not “conservative.” Not sure where he stands on free markets but my guess is that he aims for a cultural revolution, monarchy, strong religion and culture, as well as nationalism, which tend to mediate free markets into positive forces instead of McDonald’s.

    Great list of links as usual. Coffee, a pipe, and lots of reading.


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  • Chaos Patch (#89) | Reaction Times Says:

    […] Source: Outside In […]

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  • freihals Says:

    IS strategy may easily succeed here: destroying the grayzone. State actors in the West (let’s face it–the US )have screwed the dog so hard in ME foreign policy in the pursuit of (control of) black gold that undoing the damage is beyond practicality. It would be great if everyone just tried a little harder to love and get along but that isn’t gonna happen. We all are faced with millions of publicly educated dumb-founded dipshits, who can’t distinguish feelings from facts, deciding which psychopath will next be in charge of the nuclear football.
    Possible options for correction include: returning/turning back refugees( good luck with this ), assimilating ME people into current society and suffering the outcomes.
    What should be done( but won’t happen ): stop bombing the hell out of other people’s homes in order to make a buck, trade and exchange, build our own strong decentralized communities, Westerners lay down their precious Starbucks lifestyle and breed like rabbits.
    Alas, we’ll get Hillary, Europe will get 10mil ME refugees, and the Cayman Island bank account holders will continue to turn this crab bucket into ‘Metropolis’
    The faster it burns the better it is for my future.


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  • SVErshov Says:

    Genetically customized animals.

    it is quite worring that China adopting CRISPR in such a fast pace. this technology has huge doual use potential and can be used as for creating generations of superior people as well as generation of inferior people without last ones suspecting anything .


    Erebus Reply:

    You don’t need CRISPR to produce inferior people. They do just fine on their own. For example, as you’ve recently mentioned, the average Madagascan untermensch has something like five or six children…

    And it’s good that China is proceeding with this important work. I applaud it from the bottom of my heart. The Western obsession with “ethics” and “safety” has slowed scientific progress quite dramatically — and note that research-related safety concerns are typically hugely exaggerated, and ethical concerns are typically nonsensical and worthless at best, actively destructive at worst. What China is doing may give us all a shot in the arm. I merely hope that they disclose some of their findings and share their methods…

    Wouldn’t you say that China, in pushing past boundaries and pioneering research into the nature of human intelligence and genetic enhancement, is attempting to secure the future for itself? What do states exist for, if not for that? What could possibly be more rational?


    SVErshov Reply:

    In fresh memory still those case when US based researcher (who comited sucide later) was busy shipping letters with antrax. modern biotech tools simple to make and potent to the horror degree. I’m not over enthusiastic about it. it can do a lot of harm up to degree of eliminating of all fauna on earth (dont ask how 😉 I do not advocate anything, my point is that this side of new bio techs have to be considered too.


    Erebus Reply:

    I’m not entirely familiar with the story, but, as I recall it, the anthrax guy was trying to kill people, and by all accounts was a miserable failure. (At killing. Those anthrax packages were a brilliant and very effective psy-op.) Therefore, I don’t think that the anthrax case has much to do with the subject of scientific research, as I don’t believe that attempted murder can or should be compared to legitimate research done in good faith, even if said research is outside the bounds of mainstream ethical respectability.

    The Chinese are doing important work, and they’re not going about it in a terribly reckless way, so, at least in the near term, I don’t think that there’s anything to worry about. In the medium term, within the next 10-12 years, China might secure for itself a competitive advantage /w gene-enhanced plants and animals for agriculture, and with effective treatments for genetic diseases in adolescents and adults. In the longer term… well… it’s tough to say. Who dares wins, I suppose. If China does manage to secure a leadership position for itself in genetic engineering, the rest of the world will eventually want to catch up, which may invigorate the Western scientific community & loosen the shackles of bureaucracy, ethics reviews, and so forth.

    Loosely related, but very interesting: Red mercury — hoodwinking Arabs with alchemy.

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  • Alrenous Says:

    It is argued here that sexual selection produced different outcomes in different populations not because standards of beauty differed but because the intensity of sexual selection differed. In the tropical zone, sexual selection acted more on men than on women and was thus too weak to enhance desirable female characteristics. This situation reversed as ancestral humans spread northward into environments that tended to limit polygyny while increasing male mortality. Because fewer men were available for mating, women faced a more competitive mate market and were selected more severely.


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  • SVErshov Says:

    Dugin’s take

    … so against of everything else. in my assesment at best, russian efforts can move conflict to chronic state and just serve as a prelude to much bigger scale conflict. not to mension, unnecesssry complications of already bad relations with US.


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  • SVErshov Says:

    A sci-fi allegory (see also).

    in future there will be no refuges. who want to immigrate to a country which treats you as fertilisers, just because that chip in your brain is outdated and do compatible with their newest systems and your genome full of garbage.


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  • spandrell Says:

    It’s funny how my SP theory posts get no comments. It’s like most internet comments are just a way of seeking status by trying to sound edgy, and my saying it out front effectively activates the shame-evasion routine in the brain that blocks that behavior from manifesting itself.

    Perhaps I should go back to blogging about the heroic tribes of internet dissent, and how ethnats are dumber than trads, or techcomms should do this or that to achieve total victory.


    admin Reply:

    If you’re saying that you’re not needling your readers enough to get much push-back, my guess is that you’re right. The crushing silence you’re hearing is quiet head-nodding.


    SVErshov Reply:

    it’s also funny, when I comment on someones comment, they almost never comment on my comment. I think in this blog system it is not so easy to track comments. but no answer is also an answer

    for me this blog is like online university with embeded psychotheraty/de-biasing service and it is free. quite priceless. thanks admin.


    admin Reply:

    If you want more feedback, it helps if you’re extremely annoying.


    Exfernal Reply:

    Is there a need to comment, if there is nothing important to disagree with?

    Alternatively, the issue might be outside the scope of my interests or expertise.


    grey enlightenment Reply:

    I’m sure if you want a lot of comments you need to keep it simple and terse, something like ‘what do you think of Trump’s odds?’


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  • R. Says:


    You forgot to add the ‘idiocy’ tag which this post deserves for including that link to koanicsoul’s half-baked theories.

    Believing low parental investment makes men more ‘feminine’ is military-grade idiocy.No, if men are free of childcare, work, they’ll start keeping harems, which selects for big, mean and nasty. Frost has an article on that..


    Koanic Reply:


    It depends entirely on how the sexual competition is being done. Black American pimps compete on both peacocking and Game (feminine) and violence (masculine). But the former is mostly for gaining girls and the latter mostly for keeping them as part of Game; they don’t really fight each other. Thus more feminine, due to an r-selected resource abundant environment created by the welfare state.

    In a more K-selected, zero-welfare African state, presumably the males compete more by physical dominance, which is more masculine. The study you link shows that these polygamous males are bigger than their monogamous African farmer counterparts. That makes sense.

    Male lions are big, large and nasty, and only bother to fight other male lions for dominance and sometimes hyenas, otherwise living off lioness hunting. They are patriarchal polygamists. Hyenas live in the same environment yet are matriarchal, and females are larger and more aggressive than males. (Although one might argue that the hyenas’ environment is more r due to free carrion, whereas lions must bring down or killsteal their prey.)

    Thus r/K does not explain all sexual dimorphism – and I never claimed it did. However, the study you link does not refute, since it compares two populations under conditions of similar resource abundance. Thus no r/K shift occurs. Moreover, it is easily possible for a big trend like polygamous patriarchy vs monogamy to overwrite the effects of a small trend like r/K impact on sexual dimorphism.

    It is obviously true that patriarchal polygamy creates impressive males while matriarchy does not. This phenomenon is mostly orthogonal to r/K theory in cross-species applications. However, human societies often trend matriarchal under resource abundance, reverting to bonobo roots, and bonobo males are not impressive. For every projects buck alpha, there are 20 weak cowardly hoodrats.

    r/K theory is sort of like knowing where the continental divide is – it doesn’t tell you the exact course of the resulting rivers, but it is nonetheless quite real.


    R. Reply:

    However, human societies often trend matriarchal under resource abundance, reverting to bonobo roots, and bonobo males are not impressive. For every projects buck alpha, there are 20 weak cowardly hoodrats.

    What? Bonobo.. roots? You do know Bonobos are an entirely different species, and there is exactly 0 evidence to think our common ancestor those millions of years ago was anything like present day bonobos. Matriarchy is more or less a myth. Never happened, except in some people’s heads.

    Stop using whatever chemicals are making you swallow BS like say, the ‘Starchild’ skull.

    And as to human mind being capable of switching between r/K modes of thinking, as AC and you claim. That is an extraordinary claim. What evidence is there for that?

    But the former is mostly for gaining girls and the latter mostly for keeping them as part of Game; they don’t really fight each other.

    You’re saying pimps are NOT involved in gang violence, and are an entirely separate demographic from the thugs that are making sure homicide cops in big US cities are kept really busy. Riight.


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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    Independent of all HBD data, it is clear that diversity does not work. White-Asian societies fail just as much as White-Negro mixes.


    admin Reply:

    Do you have an example?


    Jefferson Reply:

    Probably thinking of the notorious failures, Hong Kong and Singapore?


    SanguineEmpiricist Reply:

    Ours are doing just fine, Brett is not exactly a non-partisan when it comes to this.


    michael Reply:

    well we have asians in the US voting with black lives matter now over the last decade they have made it clear they are going for the race card and against the whites, I would not have predicted that but thats where it lies.
    India comes to mind as well in fact none of the asian colonies were able to last,and while that may not be a clear example i dont think any of the mixed successes are really good examples either. But i think its fair to say humans are tribal and races are different and different outcomes will produce tribal conflict eventually.its not just IQ theres a bit of evidence asians have different moral compasses,The4 argument that all will be fine is thin jews by some metrics ought to be a better fit yet some blogs i read are constantly questioning the jewish effect and while the JQ remains open the interest in the JQ indicates theres some tension at least. I wouldnt even say this much except its likely if nothing intervenes we will see some unprecedented asian white experiments in the future and im not so sure its wise to assume all is going to be ok just because asians are relatively level headed and smaller than us.
    But honestly crime and economics aside does anybody still love their people and culture enough to want to preserve it anymore, this has nothing to do with disliking others.
    For a very long time i have been making the observation that the foundation of appreciation of others cultures is appreciation of your own multiculturalism is really monoculturalism which breeds contempt for culture.if the past 50 years has taught us anything its that even a tiny amount of multiculturalism seems to destroy western culture in a matter of decades and most of the destruction is done by ourselves. if that problem could be solved i would enjoy a small amount of multiculturalism. but not at the cost of western civilization.
    And what is the great advantage that we should consider the risk. do western countries desperately need foreign IQ any more than we need cheap foreign labor, I think in both cases we end up losing as much native talent as a result. we did quite well for a couple thousand years without foreign IQ since asian IQ is fairly high there is probably something about our culture and biological penumbra, this is the edge we are going to sacrifice to make our guests more comfortable-no thanks. but of course its too late


    SanguineEmpiricist Reply:

    How many asians are there in blacklivesmatter? There’s white people in blacklivesmatter too. Lol. Isn’t the leader white?

    grey enlightenment Reply:

    No one needs anything, but having a larger pool of labor helps if we consider a situation where a foreigner is qualified and there are no qualified Americans applying, or the foreigner is more qualified, or the foreigner is qualified and can do the work for less.But tech companies in America are still paying top dollar for top US talent .

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  • Koanic Says:



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  • michael Says:

    @grey enlightenment

    helps what, who Grey? mark zuckerberg to make more money to donate to leftist causes?Do you differentiate between a business and a nation. I can see how a a nation ought to be run kind of like a business. But its motive is not purely profit though its very important, its motive is the interest of its people. Obviously part of that is attracting business, but its also getting good value from the business that provide it goods and services. A nation like USG is a very valuable market to a prospective business its huge its got wealthy and talented people and a er world class infrastructure to deliver ones goods law enforcement courts etc if I were negotiating with facebook trust me Id get a better deal. businesses in the us are actually taking advantage. Thats not too say in some ways they are getting a bad deal its just negotiated to work for the cathedrals agenda not the peoples, not that we are a people anymore but hey this is NRX where we are all about dreams


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  • Koanic Says:

    Yes, I think the classic pimp is a solo operator with connections but not under a masculine hierarchy. To do otherwise would interfere with his alpha Game.

    This post by James LaFonde supports the idea that heavy two-parent investment leads to superior masculinity:


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