Death Rattle

“If you care about democracy in the world, we are in trouble.”

Savor the exquisite taste of Jacobin tears.

(“We should bet heavily on this battle of information and ideas. It is a battle we can win. … we need to promote the spirit of democracy.” Larry Diamond is quite clearly one of the most dangerous lunatics alive in the world today.)

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  • timothy Says:

    Democracy selects for behavior that make democracy impossible.


    Erebus Reply:

    This was common knowledge in Athens 2400 years ago, and has been glaringly obvious ever since. The Romans knew it well. But let’s not let that get in the way of the agenda these fanatics have to push.

    Aside: Larry Diamond mentions Thailand’s military coup as an example of democracy in retreat. He’s right about that, but it’s not a good example. The Yingluck government that the military displaced was deeply corrupt and extremely divisive. The military coup may have prevented a bloody civil war — and the military dictatorship presently enjoys extremely high public approval ratings. It’s important to note that the military has the support of the King — and, of course, King Rama IX is venerated as a living God.
    …All things considered, Thai society is certainly healthier and more stable now than it was a year ago. That Larry Diamond sees this as a bad thing… well… our host is correct: The man’s a dangerous lunatic.


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  • Big Bill Says:

    Diamond assumes that deep in their hearts most people in the world are nice, well-educated Jews who just need the freedom to cast their vote for Good Things.

    As Amy Chua noted (“Worlds on Fire”), most people are nationalist, tribalist, and bloodthirsty.

    Lee Kuan Yew also sees the truth and would laugh in this guy’s face.

    As Ginzberg (“The Fatal Embrace”) explained, it is sudden outbursts of street Democracy that kill Jews, time after time after time.

    What is it with these weird Jews like Diamond? It’s like they have a death wish.

    Heck, if he truly worships Democracy, let him move to his homeland, Israel, and fight to give the Israeli vote to the Arabs in the West Bank and Gaza after all, they have been cooped up and ruled by Israeli Jews for almost 50 years now … but even he isn’t that stupid.


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  • Death Rattle | Reaction Times Says:

    […] Source: Outside In […]

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  • Baron von Strucker Says:

    Listen to the liberal Zionist in effect call for meddling, social engineering and imposition of “universal liberal values” upon the entire world. In this guy’s world, imperialism is just fine as long as you wear the democracy-promoter good-guy badge. What he’s really saying is: “We know what’s good for you goyim, we live on the shining city on the hill; now adopt our democratic values and become just like us, or the bombs will start dropping.” Yet it’s all said in such moderate language, you’d never suspect how much disruption and violence it threatens!

    I personally think there’s a diabolical agenda at work here; that neocons in particular are cynically using this “democracy” meme as a weapon to justify attacking their old tribal enemies. Look at the places he lists: Russia, the Arab world, Iran, Venezuela, China — this is like a hit list of places the Zionists have old grudges against and/or haven’t yet gotten their fangs into. It’s unreal how this tribal agenda is being pursued on a global scale, and so few Westerners have any clue what’s going on. This is a testament to the power of Zionist/NWO cultural programming; what Diamond is talking about doing around the world, WAS DONE TO HERE FIRST!


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  • peter connor Says:

    @Baron von Strucker
    Not much doubt about it, the Diamonds of the world are essentially Judas goats for western civilization.


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  • Kgaard Says:

    It would be an interesting exercise to plot the changes in Freedom House’s freedom index (which he references), with Heritage Foundation’s changes in ECONOMIC freedom. My sense is the correlation would be opaque at best (though for all I know positive).

    Diamond’s whole schpiel strikes me less as diabolical than as fundamentally incoherent. (Though I am open to the view that it is, in fact, diabolical.) He’s trying to make correlations between things that aren’t correlated. The overall effect is … a mess.


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  • VXXC Says:

    How about Democracy in America Mr. Diamond?

    [BTW I love your cousin Debbie’s work, but that’s O/T].

    How about we go back to 1931 and instead of a Dutch Quadroon named Roosevelt saving the elites while quietly legally swindling away our Republic and it’s Jeffersonian Democracy extensions into the very town and village level [what we actually you know, were..and to an encouraging extent remain] …what say we go back to before 1933 and restore that country?

    Why we could go further, even to National Referendum Questions. Which would have some fascinating answers.

    That would you know pick up the wave of populist reaction that Roosevelt headed off.

    Thank God this government is more through than Hoovers Republicans and the Old [actual] Democrat party in co-opting or destroying any rivals. The problem being they’re competence shredders as well, and at this point even shred anyone who brings them bad news. Perhaps I should say thank Gnon.

    Don’t knock Democracy in America. Especially a short and virulent run of it. Hell it might even do England some good. A nice run of Democracy burning say a 102 degree fever for a few years could have wonderfully benevolent consequences for Western Civ.

    Democracy Guillotines this idiot Admin. Don’t knock it, not unless you’ve got something better handy.

    Truly you mistake the Estates for the Jacobin’s and the Sans Coullettes. One isn’t the other simply because they call themselves something they are not.

    This idiot for instance is First Estate, the Clergy.

    I would love to see Democracy run wild, for at least 28 Days Later.


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